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Please be sure to include an appropriate Subject line in your messages to SDC.
E-mails with "Hi" and other non-descriptive subjects are assumed to be junk mail or viruses.  If there is nothing in the subject line, the mail will automatically be deleted.

Any mail that appears the least bit suspicious--that is, without a subject line or with a subject that doesn't specifically refer to SDC or a dog topic, without a return address, unusually large size--is deleted without opening.

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Most of the current viruses "spoof" the senders address.  All that is necessary for the mail to look like it came from Sled Dog Central is for the infected computer to have our address in their email address book.

Nothing is impossible, but we run an AntiVirus 24/7 and our protection files are updated immediately upon release. As an additional precaution all of our outgoing email is scanned by our AntiVirus program before it is sent.

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