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The Musher41
The Sled Dog79
Young Photographer7


September 2016 Great Images Photo Contest

Contest Submission Steps

  1. To participate you must FIRST LOG IN.
  2. You may upload one photo per category.
  3. The same photo may be submitted for multiple categories, but may only win in one category.
  4. You may enter as many cateogries as you like, but you may only win in up to three different categories, assuming a different photo was used.

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Contest Entries

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Jacobite Racing 2015-2016 Kennel Location

Sunrise In The Dog Yard
Alix Crittenden, Wyoming USA
Best Overall Photo Winner

Vail Pass, CO

Max & Zorro "catching air" with great views skijoring atop Vail Pass, CO.
Nanc Perry, CO USA
Best Overall Runner Up Winner

Bear Valley Ca.

Sourdough race 1999, with 3 shelter dogs
Hugo Antonucci, CA United States
Best Overall Second Runner Up Winner

The Sled Dog
Trinity Lake at Red Willow Bible Camp north of Binford, ND

Whisper (on right) says "Kids, they never listen"
Helen Corlew, ND USA
Peoples Choice Winner

Boort Victoria

team kiABRana on the boardwalk in Boort - all our dogs are adopted from Arctic Breed Rescue
Ursi and Markus Israng, Western Australia Australia
Adventure Winner

Walking in downtown Medford Jackson met this "guy" playing chess. Jackson challenged him to a game. Now every time I walk Jackson past this statue he has to go up and visit him. Taken with my iPhone i

Your move!
Allyson Griffie, Oregon USA
Mobile Winner

Mushing in Cities
Warren NH

Ready to roll by Church & Rocket
Kimberly Berg, NH USA
Mushing in Cities Winner

The Fur Rondy World Championship Sled Dog Race in Anchorage, Alaska

The legendary George Attla on the way to becoming the greatest dog musher of all time with 10 World Championships.
Stephen Beals, Oregon United States
Nostalgia Winner

People & Dogs
Husky Power Dogsledding Tours in Western Maryland

"Gimme Five"... A young tour guest meets his first real sled dog.
Linda Herdering, MD United States
People & Dogs Winner

Team Photo
Diamond Lake Oregon training run with good dogs and good friends!

On-by. Good dogs!
Allyson Griffie, Oregon USA
Team Photo Winner

The Musher
Tug Hill Race

Matthew South, PA USA
The Musher Winner

The Sled Dog
Mountain Home AFB, ID

counterWULF pack: Kaze, Beowulf, Paw Paw, Nara
Kevin Counter, ID USA
The Sled Dog Winner

Frog lake

Thistle & the Robber Jay
Geneva Lyon, Oregon USA
Wildlife Winner

Young Photographer

in the rabbit hole
Angie Panczak, Alberta Canada
Young Photographer Winner

Prizes Awarded For - View The Prizes

  1. Overall Best Picture (1 winner): Best picture in Contest.
  2. Overall Best Picture First Runner-Up (1 winner): Second Best picture in Contest.
  3. Overall Best Picture Second Runner-Up (1 winner): Third Best picture in Contest.
  4. People & Dogs (1 winner): Illustrates above and beyond the hope that people and dogs can thrive together.
  5. The Musher (1 winner): Great photo of one or more mushers.
  6. The Sled Dog (1 winner): Great photo of one or more sled dogs.
  7. Team Photo (1 winner): Great photo of one or more sled dog teams.
  8. Mobile (1 winner): Best photo taken via a mobile device (phone or tablet).
  9. Young Photographer (1 winner): Best vibrant moment of living in a mushing world, taken by an 18 – 25 year old.
  10. Wildlife (1 winner): Best wildlife moment. Note that Images that involve the willful harassment of wildlife, or damage to the environment by the photographer will be ineligible.
  11. Adventure (1 winner): Best action/adventure moment.
  12. Mushing in Cities (1 winner): Best urban mushing moment.
  13. Nostalgia (1 winner): Best photo representing historical dog mushing.
  14. People's Choice (1 winner): Best photo as decided by you, the voters.

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