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About Sled Dog Central


To provide access to sled dog products and information for all levels of mushing experience, across the spectrum of mushing activities.

There has been an explosion of interest in sled dog sports in the last several years and we'd like to help new enthusiasts find reliable, time-tested products and information. A special effort will be made to provide current, reliable and usable information for newcomers and old timers alike.


Build a comprehensive site, providing essential resources for mushers world wide.

Down the trail I see Sled Dog Central becoming a sled dog "shopping mall," with hundreds of links to outlets providing online shopping for equipment, clothes, supplies and information. How about access not only to event schedules and results, but to online entry forms and online event registration? If we let our collective imaginations run, I'm sure we'll discover new and functional uses for the web as it relates to sled dog sports.


Richard was part of a mushing family from before he could see over the handle-bar of the sled. From the book 'This is the Siberian Husky' While growing up, the winters were filled with weekend trips from California to Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Montana for sled dog races.

Richard and Maud Hancock met early 2014 and were married on Valentines day 2015. While they dated Maud had the opportunity of experiencing the sport of sled dog racing, and she still said YES when Richard proposed on her birthday in late 2014.

A few months later we were offerred the opportunity to take over the reigns on Sled Dog Central. We appreciate this opportunity and look forward to continuing the work that has already been accomplished to enhance the sport with the use of technology.

We look forward to getting to know you and your dogs. Thank you for visiting Sled Dog Central and come back often. We will be adding more functionality and features as the months and years roll by.

Richard & Maud Hancock

Steve & Judy Bergemann

Steve & Judy began Sled Dog Central in 1997.
Their passion and love of the sport led to Sled Dog Central becoming the GOTO place to find credible and reliable information on the sport of Sled Dog Racing for both participants and spectators.

I've been involved with sled dogs since 1972. It's been a fascinating 40+ years and I wouldn't trade a minute of it-- Photo by Don Kiely Fall 2009 well, maybe a couple! smiley.gif (89 bytes)

One of the most important things I've learned is that there's no one right way to do things with sled dogs--there are hundreds of ways--the challenge is finding the way that works best for you.

In order to grow and develop as mushers, we all need to be exposed to new ideas and products being used by other mushers. That's the purpose of Sled Dog Central.

In the 1980's and 1990's my husband, Steve, and I established and managed several races in northwest Wisconsin. We also provided race management services to North Star Sled Dog Club. During that time our place became a "clearing house" for information, not only on races, but dogs, equipment and personal contacts. Sled Dog Central is a natural extension of our efforts to provide a variety of information to those seeking it.

Steve & Judy Bergemann

Sled Dog Central
10150 North Seminole Drive
Spokane, Washington 99208 USA
Phone: SDC Phone

~June, 1997~
~Updated March 2008~
~Updated March, 2011~
~Updated August, 2015~
~Updated February, 2016

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