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Skijoring Information

So, how much fun can you have with a couple of dogs?


Scott Dahlquist skijoring at Mound, Minnesota
Scott Dahlquist skijoring at Mound, Minnesota

Skijoring is one of the fastest growing sled dog sports!

Although skijoring has been very popular in Scandinavia and Alaska for years, its popularity is rapidly spreading to other regions of the world. And well it should! As more races and tour companies feature skijoring, dog enthusiasts recognize it as an activity they can participate in with a couple of dogs and minimal equipment. (Most of the General Suppliers listed on our Equipment & Supplies page carry skijoring equipment.)

Skijor competitions associated with sprint races are often 3 to 10 miles in length, but in recent years there has been interest in longer, distance events.

You don't have to compete to enjoy skijoring with your dog--with minimal skijor equipment, an eager dog and a pair of cross country skis, you're on your way! Just be sure dogs are welcome are the trails you use. As with all sled dog sports, with a little digging you can probably find a mentor who will help you get started in this exciting sport. In the meantime, the following resources can help get you headed in the right direction!

If you are new to sled dog sports, I highly recommend that you review the Sled Dog Care Guidelines at the P.R.I.D.E. web site. The Exercise & Training section is particularly informative if you're new to conditioning a skijor team.

Just for fun: 16 Steps to prepare for the skijoring season


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Ski Spot Run
By Matt Haakenstad and John Thompson
Illustrated by Jack Lunde /
Paperback / 204 pages / Published November 2004

A complete guide for skijoring, canicross and bikejoring.
Smart, attractive, well organized with lots of humor, illustrations, photos and excellent information on how to get started in skijoring.

Lots of useful tips and suggestions mixed with sound knowledge of dog care, training and racing.  If you're thinking of taking up skijoring, do yourself a favor and start here.

Clicking on this book title will take you directly to where you can order online or browse for other books.

Skijor with Your Dog: Second Edition
Mari Hoe-Raitto and Carol Kaynor / Paperback / Published July 15, 2012

A new edition of the classic "Skijor With Your Dog" with lots of new material (including a new section on dryland training).

Extensive details on dog care and equipment. A must read if you're interested in learning more about skijoring or training your dog for a variety of dog powered sports.

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Many additional clubs offer skijoring classes at their organized events. Check the Race Schedule chart under Skijoring & Pulka for your area.

Alaska Skijor and Pulk Association
PO Box 82843, Fairbanks, AK 99708-2843
Jamie Marschner, President
Hotline for race & event updates: (907) 457-5456
The Alaska Skijoring and Pulk Association sponsors a full season of Skijoring events for teams of all skill levels!

Midwest Skijorers Club
President: Jim Benson
Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota
New Midwest skijor club!

Midwest Skijorers ListServer: To subscribe send a message to   Leave the subject blank and put the word "subscribe" in the body of the message. Once you have subscribed, you will receive copies of messages that you and others send to the listserver.

Snow Motion Winter Dog Sports Club of Manitoba
Club offering group runs and training in skijoring and kick sledding, in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

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Product Reviews

European Guard Harness - Reviewed by Ami Gjestson
New Ski Boot: The "Pilot" - Reviewed by Scott Dahlquist


Check the Training Trails Page for skijor trails in your area

Special thanks to Scott Dahlquist and Kevin Murphy for their informative articles, photos and tireless promotion of skijoring.

Thanks also to all who have paved the way in introducing skijoring to a larger audience. One special person, Carol Kaynor, opened the door to competitive skijoring in the USA Midwest and the ISDRA sanctioning program by sharing existing Skijoring Rules with us "greenhorns" in the Lower 48 back in the early 90's.

Submit your skijoring links, books, destinations and ideas here

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