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Pick the Top 5 2018 Iditarod Teams

Time for a little Iditarod fun!

Entries Closed!
Thank you for your participation!

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Prizes to be announced.

Iditarod 2018 Race Top 5 Finishers:
1) Joar Leifseth Ulsom
2) Nicolas Petit
3) Mitch Seavey
4) Ray Redington Jr
5) Peter Kaiser

Winner First Second Third Fourth Fifth
Scott Huff Joar Leifseth Ulsom Nicolas Petit Aliy Zirkle Peter Kaiser Mitch Seavey

Most Correct Votes
2 Scott Huff
2 Christine Grabowski
1 Carlleen Brehmer
1 Matt Polcaro
1 Owen Huff
1 Sid Lucas

Steve BergemannAaron BurmeisterAllen MooreMatt HallMatthew FailorAliy Zirkle
Owen HuffAliy ZirkleMitch SeaveyJeff KingJoar Leifseth UlsomPeter Kaiser
Beth HenryAliy ZirkleMitch SeaveyRay Reddington Jr.Nicolas PetitJessie Royer
Christine Grabowski Aliy ZirkleNic PetitMitch Seavey Matt HallWade Mars
Jacqueline LaFreniereAliy ZirklePete KaiserRamey SmythNic PetitMitch Seavey
Scott HuffJoar Leifseth UlsomNicolas PetitAliy ZirklePeter KaiserMitch Seavey
Matteo GuerzoniMitch SeaveyJoar Leifseth UlsomAliy ZirkleNicolas PetitWade Marrs
Carlleen BrehmerMitch SeaveyNicolas PetitWade Mars Joar Leifseth UlsomAliy Zirkle
Sid LucasMitch SeaveyWade MarrsNicolas PetitJoar Leifseth UlsomPete Kaiser
Matt PolcaroNic PetitWade MarrsPete KaiserRay RedingtonMitch Seavey