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Links to Other Mushing Sites

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Other Mushing Sites
  • Austrian SledDog Blog [Gee Haw], Seibersdorf, Lower Austria, Austria - Blog about all things dogsledding. Site is in German.
  • British Mushers Association Sleddog Site, Mushing Resources, Race Results
  •, Seattle, Washington, USA - Bruce's Bikejoring and Skijoring web site.
  • Danly/Hall Kennel, Trapper Creek, Alaska, USA - Free Real Player Videos of sled dogs running - Summer & Winter Training
  • DaphneWorks, Seattle, Washington, USA - Dog Scootering and more
  • Dog'ged Juniors, Fairbanks, Alaska, USA - The community for junior mushers, handlers, parents, mentors, & former juniors to share perspectives on everything "dog."
  • Dude Dog Cartoons, Theresa Daily's hilarious cartoons about the misadventures of a sled dog named Dude
  • Everything Husky! Hundreds of links to information on all types of huskies
  • Pam Flowers, Wasilla, Alaska, USA - Solo dog sled expeditions. School visits across America.
  • Inuit Sled Dog International, history, information, newsletter and more on Inuit Sled Dogs
  • Jamaica Dogsled Team, St. Ann, Jamaica - A Jamaican dogsled team? Yes it's true! Meet our mixed breed muts, learn of our journey & our connection with Jimmy Buffett, Chukka Caribbean Adventures, the Yukon quest & more..
  • Malamute de Alaska - Alaskan Malamute in Spain, Tarragona, Spain - Portal web con la información más completa acerca del Malamute de alaska, y enfocada al malamute según sus orígenes: como perro de trabajo. / Web portal with the most complete information about the Alaskan Malamute as a working dog.
  • Musher Experience, France - Musher Experience est le blog français dédié au mushing. Musher Experience is the French blog dedicated to mushing.
  • New Zealand Mushing Resource Homepage
  • nordicCa, Spain - Mushing Information Service. [To access the page you  must play the game to reproduce the combination that appears upon entering.]
  • Online Sled Dog Chat, British Site
  •, Germany - site in English / German - updated with 2005 photos
  • Schlittenhunde in Deutschland, Germany - first german online-sleddog-portal (site is in German)
  • International Seppala Siberian Sleddog Club - dedicated to the preservation of the working Seppala Siberian Sleddog
  • The Sled Dogger Magazine, Lynn, MA, USA - By far the #1 Dog Sledding publication of it's kind based on Facebook Likes. Read worldwide and Official Sponsor of: The Yukon Quest, The Copper Basin 300, The Great North Woods Sled Dog Challenge, The Apostle Islands Sled Dog Challenge, The Can-Am, Plum Creek Wilderness and more. The Sled Dogger supports all forms of Mushing and every level from beginner to recreational to pro. Dryland and Snow, Bikejour, Rig Racing, Canicross - Whatever you do related to Mushing, The Sled Dogger covers it and supports you!
  • Sled Dog Podcast, Cadillac, Michigan, USA - Free audio shows on dogsledding with interviews of mushers.
  • SoHum Mushers Blogspot, Redway, California, USA - A loosely knit community of dog mushing enthusiasts. Topics revolve around dog powered sports including bikejoring, skijoring, carnicross, scooterjoring, dog carting & dog sledding.
  • Spirit Of The Wind, a web page of charm and beauty praising the sport we love...
  • Yukon-Land, Private Site about Siberian-Huskies in Germany

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