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Pick the Top 5 2017 Iditarod Teams

Time for a little Iditarod fun!

Entries Closed!
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Number of Submission: 36

1) Mitch Seavey
2) Dallas Seavey
3) Nicolas Petit
4) Joar Leifseth Ulsom
5) Jessie Royer

Winner First Second Third Fourth Fifth
Benoit Lefebvre Mitch Seavey Dallas Seavey Aliy Zirkle Joar Leifseth Ulsom Nicolas Petit

Most Correct Votes
3 Benoit Lefebvre
2 Brady Richardson
2 Christine Grabowski
2 Ben Keller
1 Chris Fields
1 Matteo Rolla
1 Heather Dorsey
1 Jason Young
1 Steve Bergemann
1 Carlleen brehmer
1 Roy mclellan

Christine Grabowski Aliy ZirkleDallas Seavey Nicholas PetitMitch SeaveyPete Kaiser
Julie VerretteAliy ZirkleJeff KingDallas SeaveyWade Mars Nic Petit
Hugo AntonucciAliy ZirkleJessie RoyerDallas SeaveyPeter KaiserMartin Buser
April Cox Aliy ZirkleJessie RoyerDallas SeaveyWade MarrsJoar Leifseth Ulsom
Hugo AntonucciAliy Zirle Jessie RoyerDallas Seavey Peter KaiserMitch Seavey
Carlleen brehmerDallas SeaveyAily ZirkleWade MarrsMitch SeaveyJessie Royer
Angela FrizzleDallas SeaveyAliy ZirkleJeff KingMitch SeaveyJoar Ulsom
Stu StirrettDallas SeaveyAliy ZirkleJeff KingMitch SeaveyRalph Johannessen
Roy mclellanDallas SeaveyAllie ZirkleMitch SeaveyJeff KingJessie Royer
Caleb DalvetDallas SeaveyJeff KingMartin BuserDeedee JonroweAliy Zirkle
Jeff LewinDallas SeaveyJeff KingMitch SeaveyHugh NeffAliy Zirkle
ken frizzleDallas SeaveyJoar UlsomMitch SeaveyWade MarsPete Kaiser
John HabermehlDallas SeaveyMitch SeaveyAlly ZirkleWade MarrsPeter Kaiser
Gail PetittDallas SeaveyMitch SeaveyJeff KingPeter KaiserWade Marrs
matteo guerzoniDallas SeaveyMitch SeaveyJoar Leifseth UlsomAliy ZirkleWade Marrs
Matt PolcaroDallas SeaveyMitch SeaveyJoar Leifseth UlsomPeter KaiserNic Petit
matteo guerzoniDallas SeaveyMitch SeaveyJoar Leifseth UlsomWade MarrsAliy Zirkle
Matt PolcaroDallas SeaveyPete Kaiser Joar UlsomMitch SeaveyWade Marrs
Serena DeCastroDallas SeaveyPete KaiserMitch SeaveyWade MarrsJoar Leifseth Ulsom
Olivier LemireDallas SeaveyPeter KaiserAliy ZirkleMitch SeaveyJeff King
Steve BergemannDallas SeaveyPeter KaiserNicolas PettitAliy ZirkleHugh Neff
Erin BeckerDallas SeaveyWade MarrsMitch SeaveyJoar Leifseth UlsomNic Petit
Linnaea SchmidDalles SeaveyMitch SeaveyAliy ZirkleWade MarrsPeter Kaiser
Ryan CoolingJeff KingDallas SeaveyMitch SeaveyAlly ZirklePete Kaiser
Heather DorseyJeff KingDallas SeaveyWade MarrsNic PetitMitch Seavey
Fran PolcaroJeff KingMitch SeaveyDallas SeaveyAliy ZirkleWade Mars
bob allenjoar leifsethnicholas petitpete kieseraliy zirklewade marrs
Scott HuffJoar Leifseth UlsomPeter KaiserAliy ZirkleDallas SeaveyNicholas Petit
Scott HuffJoar Leifseth UlsomPeter KaiserAliy ZirkleDallas SeaveyNicholas Petit
Benoit LefebvreMitch SeaveyDallas SeaveyAliy ZirkleJoar Leifseth UlsomNicolas Petit
Brady RichardsonMitch SeaveyDallas SeaveyJoar Leifseth UlsomPeter KaiserNic Petit
Matteo RollaMitch SeaveyJeff KingDallas SeaveyAliy ZirkleJoar Leifseth Ulsom
Chris FieldsMitch SeaveyPeter KaiserAily ZirkleDallas SeaveyAllen Moore
Rosie WardNic PMitch SJoar LUDallas SAily Z
Jason YoungRalph JohannessenDallas SeaveyWade MarrsJessie RoyerMitch Seavey
Ben KellerWade MarrsDallas SeaveyJeff KingMitch SeaveyJesse Royer