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Photo by John Tonin  MAKING SURE THEY
Photo by John Tonin MAKING SURE THEY'RE READY TO RUN – Dr. Helen Eddy inspects one of musher Rob Cooke's dogs during the Yukon Quest vet check on Saturday at Northerm Windows and Doors. - Fairbanks, Alaska
Preparing to run, vets check Quest dogs

The 37th running of the Yukon Quest is less than a week away. The race begins on Feb. 1 in Fairbanks, Alaska. On Saturday, mushers on both sides of the border took one step closer to the start chute, as they brought their dogs in for the mandatory vet check.

On the Yukon side, the vet check was held at Northerm Windows and Doors. Three mushers, Rob Cooke, Denis Trembly, and Michelle Phillips, brought their dogs to be inspected in the Yukon.

The vets were volunteers; not all were going to be on the Quest trail. Dr. Jessica Heath has experienced following the Quest but will not be on the trail in 2020. She detailed what the vets are looking for at the vet check.

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