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 Exclusive by Andrea Busfield
Exclusive by Andrea Busfield - Cyprus
It’s Snow Joke: Aussie Brings Sledding to Sunshine Island

An Australian woman has set up the first husky sledding business in Cyprus – and it’s proving to be a howling success.

After rescuing two huskies – one from a roadside kiosk and the other from a shelter – Ali Rhind discovered their true calling on a day trip to the Troodos Mountains.

She said: “There was a lot of snow that year and Dolce and Lulu were having a great time. A friend then hired a small sled and introduced it to the dogs who just knew what to do and loved it.

“After that I decided this was more than just fun; it was a great thing for the dogs to do because it was what they were bred and they could truly be themselves. So, I had a custom-built sled made, bought the proper harnesses, set up shop – and found myself blown away by the response.

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