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Skijor USA announces the National Skijoring Championship winners

2/15/2011 | Contact: Kevin Murphy |

John Thompson, Becky Voris and Kate Tesch win National Skijoring Championship Titles.

Dallas Johnson Photo : 14K One Dog Champions
Photo by Dallas Johnson
14K One Dog National Skijoring Champions: John Thompson of Shoreview, MN and Kate Tesch of Superior, WI

Skijor USA is proud to announce the first annual National Skijoring Championship winners.
John Thompson of Shoreview, MN and Becky Voris of Anchorage, AK won the 7K Two Dog National Skijoring Championship Title. John Thompson of Shoreview, MN and Kate Tesch of Superior, WI won the 14K One Dog National Skijoring Championship Title.

The first National Skijoring Championship stage was set. A record-braking snowfall in the Twin Cities guaranteed superb trail conditions which only increased interest and registrations in the weeks leading up to this race. The Twin Cities and The City of Lakes Loppet has been host to the world’s largest Skijoring events for the past five years. What better place to host the first National Skijoring Championship.

Registrations for all Loppet events exceeded 50% of last year’s numbers finally pushing registrations to make this the largest Nordic Ski festival in history. The Skijoring event also saw registration pushing well past last year’s record with the two day total exceeding 200 teams.

7K 2 Dog National Skijoring Championship, Feb 5, 2011
Saturday’s 2 Dog Championship was set on Lake of the Isles drawing thousands of spectators on a mild winter day. 140 recreational Skijorers also joined the event which uses the spectator favorite mass start format. An estimated 4,000 spectators encircled the trail and cheered the teams to the finish.

Forty teams competed in the first ever 2 Dog National Skijoring Championship. This sprint event began with drama right at the start. John Thompson’s start was delayed due to a last second tangle. Once underway his ski pole became entangled in a line and he crashed. Meanwhile the field advanced down the trail. John regained the proper upright position and made his way through the 40 teams ahead of him to catch the lead pack that included Josh and Kate Tesch from Superior, Wisconsin and Rebecca Voris from Anchorage, Alaska. The top 4 teams sprinted to the finish with John Thompson and Rebecca Voris taking the Championship Titles. The top 4 teams finished within 3 seconds of each other making it a very exciting finish.

14K 1 Dog National Skijoring Championship Feb 6, 2011
Sunday’s race was set on the challenging Theodore Wirth Junior Olympic trail. This 7K world class loop was also host to the 35K Freestyle Loppet earlier in the day. This trail has many challenging hills that require superb climbing skills and stamina. This trail has also has wooded sections, open areas and vistas that include nearby downtown Minneapolis. This endurance event is a total 14K taking 2 laps on the trail. Several dogs entered the Wirth Stadium after the first lap looking tentative about taking another 7K. Never-the-less all but one team persevered to complete the 14K with John Thompson of Shoreview, MN and Kate Tesch of Superior, WI capturing the One Dog National Skijoring Championship titles. This trail will also host the 2011 Junior Olympic Nordic Skiing Event in March.

Special recognition goes to John Thompson of Shoreview, MN, and Kate Tesch of Superior, WI for having the best combined time of both days. These 2 athletes are the 2011 National Skijoring Championship Omnium winners.

Complete results can be found at 

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