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As a service to our visitors, Sled Dog Central, in association with, is providing a convenient way to buy books quickly and conveniently, online, in a secure environment.

Clicking on a listed title will take you directly to, where you can read more about the selected book. You can buy, browse, select a gift, read reviews or search their catalog.
You are not obligated to purchase anything.



Me-Now: The Adventures of Mickey the Mushing Cat
Leon Mensch / Paperback / 158 pages / Published February 2020

These are the memoirs of Mickey who was born a stray cat with no one to love or help him early in life. Alone and hungry, Mickey tries to brave the world in search of food and shelter but is thwarted at every turn. Mistreated by cruel people and attacked by other animals, angels find him starving and injured. They rescue Mickey from the rough streets and place him in an adopted home in Vermont. Mickey finds it easy to adjust to his new life with a loving family. Then after years of enjoying the Vermont countryside, he travels across country to move to Alaska. Once on the Kenai Peninsula, his owners start a dog sled kennel and begin learning the art of dog mushing. Mickey hates snow! He isn’t very fond of dogs either. And he’s determined after his childhood never to be left alone again. One day, Mickey's daring spirit causes him to sneak out of the house and into a sled loaded on top of the family truck. There he accidentally drifts off to sleep. Later, he wakes up on the Iditarod Sled Dog Race, a world-famous race from Anchorage to Nome. Can Mickey and his team survive the 900+ mile journey in bitter cold with many frozen rivers, deep gorges, and thin ice to cross, not to mention the other dog teams on the trail that want to eat him? Find out in Me-Now: The Adventures of Mickey the Mushing Cat, Book 1: by Leon Mencsh.


Alone Across the Arctic: One Woman's Epic Journey by Dog Team
Pam Flowers with Ann Dixon / Paperback / Published October 2001

Dog Team to Dawson: A Quest for the Cosmic Bannock and Other Yukon Stories Paperback
Bruce Batchelor / Paperback / 254 pages / Published January 2014

A journey filled with obstacles conquered through determination, innovation and brute strength, aided by the interesting folks encountered along the trail. The rag tag dog team assembled for the trip will leave you wondering whether or not they were really useful in this adventure. By the time Bruce and Jan reached Dawson, I was cold, tired, sore and jubilant in their success.
/Judy Bergemann

Qaqavii: A Novel
Miriam Körner / Paperback / 246pages / Published September 1, 2019

When 15-year-old Emmylou arrives in Churchill, Manitoba -- the Polar Bear Capital of the World -- all she can think about is getting out of town before she ends up on the wrong end of a polar bear dinner. But things are rarely what they seem in the North and Emmylou's outlook begins to change -- fast. First, she meets Barnabas, a young Inuk who is training dogs for the gruelling Arctic Quest -- a sled-dog race held at the edge of the Arctic. That's when she falls for the insatiable Qaqavii, an unruly puppy who doesn't quite fit into the dog team. But things really start to heat up when Emmylou gets a chance to race in the Arctic Quest herself, something that will surely turn her life upside down forever.

Malamute Man: Memoirs of an Arctic Traveler
Joe G. Henderson / Paperback: 150 pages / Published January 2012

Joe Henderson is an expert dog musher who has explored the most remote regions of Alaska for 30 years with his Alaskan malamute team. He has pioneered and perfected a method of travel that is unprecedented in modern times, being the only person in written history to ever have traveled solo with a dog team in the Arctic for up to five months at a time without resupply.
For more information or to contact Joe, please visit his website at 

Riding the Wild Side of Denali : Alaska Adventures With Horses and Huskies
Miki Collins, Julie Collins / Paperback: 192 pages / Published March 1998
Miki & Julie Collins' exciting adventures with sled dogs and Icelandic horses in wilderness Alaska.

Running North : A Yukon Adventure
Ann Mariah Cook / Hardcover: 324 pages / Published November 1998
An exciting chronicle of the Cook family preparation for the Yukon Quest...a page turner!

A Long Way To Nome, The Serum Run '25 Expedition
Von E Martin / Paperback: 132 pages / Published December 2009

The Chronicle of a Musher, His Adopted Sled Dogs, and Their Pursuit of an Alaskan Dream.
In 2009 the Serum Run '25 Expedition set out to retrace the original 1925 route across Alaska to deliver lifesaving antitoxin by dog teams to Diphtheria stricken Nome.


The Art of Raising a Puppy
New Skete Monks / Hardcover / Published 1991

Canine Reproduction: The Breeder's Guide (3rd Edition)
Phyllis Holst / Paperback: 272 pages / Published October 15, 2011

[Note: This is the most informative book on breeding and whelping that I've found.  No matter how long you've been breeding, it's almost guaranteed to teach you things you need to know! s/JB]

Successful Dog Breeding : The Complete Handbook of Canine Midwifery,
Chris Walkowicz, Bonnie Wilcox, D.V.M., Mary Jung (Illustrator) / Hardcover / Published 1994 

The Technique of Breeding Better Dogs
Dieter Fleig / Hardcover / Published 1996
This scientifically accurate, wonderfully detailed book, written by a veteran dog breeder, is enhanced by spectacular photos that take the reader through every step of the dog breeding experience.

Building Sled Dog Skills

Dog Driver: A Guide for the Serious Musher
Miki Collins, Julie Collins / Paperback / Revised October 1, 2013
Dog Driver is for anyone interested in sled dog training for recreational sledding, racing, or working. Based on personal sled dog experience in both racing and working sled dog teams, Miki and Julie Collins explain everything you need to know to select, raise, train and care for sled dogs, dog sledding equipment and even clothing.

Lead, Follow or Get Out of the Way
by Mitch Seavey / Paperback / 200 pages / Published January 2009

Mush! Revised: A Beginner's Manual of Sled Dog Training
by Charlene G. LaBelle / Paperback / 330 pages / 4th edition (March 2007)

Mushing: A beginners guide to the fascinating sport of mushing
Thomas Gut / Paperback / Translated November 9, 2017
This book was published many years ago in Germany. With more than 10000 sold copies it was unexpected succesful. Now for the first time in English. It is not only the novice musher, who wants to learn more, it is the sleddog tourist as well, who wants to know more about this complex sport with its canine athletes. Whirling snow between gliding runners, powered forward by a relentless urge. Panting they lope along the sinuous trail, the deeply snow-covered scenery passes by. A feeling like flying, ecstasy - the fascination of the sleddog sport!

The Speed Mushing Manual: How to Train Racing Sled Dogs
Jim Welch / Paperback / Published 1989


Alaska Dog Mushing Guide: Facts and Legends
Ron Wendt / Paperback / Published November 1994
Legends, facts, intriguing stories about mushing along Alaska's snowy trails.

Ballad of the Northland A novel by Jason Barron/Artwork by Harmony Barron
5.5"x8.5" trim, Soft Cover: 304 pages / Published by Kanabear Books October 2010
Ballad of the Northland is a story about a young boy who grows up poverty stricken in the bush country of South Central Alaska. One day, he learns of Alaska’s Last Great Race, a 1000 mile dog sled race from Anchorage to Nome, and his odyssey begins…

Cold Hands, Warm Heart by Jeff King Cold Hands, Warm Heart by Jeff King, art by Donna Gates King
Paperback / 272 pages / Published February 2008

Have you ever wanted to sit down with Jeff King and "talk dogs" over a cup of coffee? Here's your chance! Through a marvelous collection of stories Jeff shares his love of Alaska, his love of "the remarkable Alaskan huskies" and the thrill of racing. Includes sketches and beautiful watercolor prints as only Donna Gates King can render them.  Plus there's a bonus photo album.

It's a Dog's Life...but It's Your Carpet: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Your Four-Legged Friend
Justine A. Lee, DVM, DACVECC / Paperback: 272 pages / Published April 1, 2008
Dr. Lee, a contributing member of SDC Talk, offers factual and funny answers to some of the most common, offbeat questions about our beloved companions. Whether you’re looking for advice on pet rearing, solutions to your dog's most frustrating habits, explanations of his weirdest quirks, or simply a good laugh, this book is sure to inform–and entertain–dog lovers of every breed.

The Body Language and Emotion of Dogs: A Practical Guide to the Physical and Behavioral Displays Owners and Dogs Exchange and How to Use...
Myrna M. Milani, D.V.M. / Paperback / Published 1993
In explaining the complexities of canine psychology and human interaction, Milani provides excellent information on special problems, such as depression, fear, aggression, boredom, and isolation.

Back in Print : Born to Pull: The Glory of Sled Dogs
Bob Cary, illustrated by Gail De Marcken / Paperback: 96 pages / Published October 2009

"Stunningly illustrated and beautifully written, this book combines great information with a love of dogs that glows off every page."-Patricia McConnell, co-host of Wisconsin Public Radio's Calling All Pets

Blue Wisdom Blue Wisdom: A Dog Named Blue shares daily, simple wisdom
Tim Velner / Paperback: 370 pages / Published August 1, 2005

Blue Wisdom is written from a dog's point of view. And it is through this unique perspective that we are invited to recall life's simple beauty, too often overlooked in the busy human world.

The Culture Clash
Jean Donaldson / Paperback / Published 1997
Whether you are a seasoned dog trainer or a new dog owner, you will benefit from reading this book.

Dog's Best Friend : Annals of the Dog-Human Relationship
Mark Derr / Hardcover: 400 pages / Published 1997
Out of Print--Limited Availability

How Dogs Work
Raymond Coppinger / Hardcover- October 2015
How well do we really know dogs? People may enjoy thinking about them as “man’s best friend,” but what actually drives the things they do? What is going on in their fur-covered heads as they look at us with their big, expressive eyes? Raymond Coppinger and Mark Feinstein know something about these questions, and with How Dogs Work, they’re ready to share; this is their guide to understanding your dog and its behavior.

My Dog Likes to Run. I Like to Ride...
Daphne Lewis / Paperback / Published 1997
How to Train Your Dog to Pull You on a Scooter on City Sidewalks & Country Paths

Rivers: Diary of a Blind Alaska Racing Sled Dog
Mike Dillingham / Paperback: 160 pages / Published 2001
A tale of the bond between a dog and a man, of courage, friendship, loyalty and adventure. It is full of positive messages for both young and old.

Spirit of the Wind: The Story of George Attla, Alaska's Legendary Sled Dog Sprint Champ
Lew Freedman / Paperbook / Published February 2001
(new edition of the book originally published as "George Attla: Legend of the Sled Dog Trail")
This interesting book explores George's life in great detail, including the long struggle to become a living legend in the mushing world.

Stubborn Gal: The True Story of an Undefeated Sled Dog Racer
Dan O'Neill (Author) Klara Maisch (Illustrator) / Hardcover- November 2015
Stubborn Gal is the true story of a sixty-mile sled dog race and a young woman determined, if not exactly qualified, to run it. A grandfather tells his granddaughter about the tenacious Sarah and her adventure with sled dogs. The older Sarah, bored and alone one winter long ago, decides to enter her first sled dog race.

The Universe of Sled Dogs
By Andre Pilon / Paperback / 304 pages / 1st edition (1999)
Canadian book and video of sled dogs

A Winter Way of Life
Thomas DiMaggio / Paperbook / Published January 2024
A Winter Way of Life is the true story of our family spending forty-five-plus winters racing and training sled dogs. These are some of the true stories and problems that are part of the sport of running sled dogs.


Soldiers & Sled Dogs Soldiers & Sled Dogs: A History Of Military Dog Mushing
Charles L. Dean / Hardcover: 129 pages / Published April 2005

By way of original army documents, interviews with the last living dog drivers, and never before published photographs, Dean's book tells a story that begins in Alaska, traverses two world wars and the Cold War era, and ends in the present-day Danish sledge patrol in Greenland.


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