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Yukon Quest Links

Updated: 23 February 2015

2015 Yukon Quest

It's a wrap - Rob Cooke claims Red Lantern to bring 2015 Yukon Quest to a close

Congratulations Brent Sass on a great win!

Congrats Allen Moore for making it a great race!

February 7, 2015 start - Whitehorse, Yukon to Fairbanks, Alaska

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Official Yukon Quest Web Sites

Yukon Quest | Yukon Quest 300 | Current Standings | Live Tracking

2015 Quest Musher Profiles | 2015 YQ300 Musher Profiles

Yukon Quest's YouTube Channel
Quest Facebook Page
The Yukon Quest's photostream on flickr

Media Outlets | 2015 News Articles

News Recap 2014 | News Recap 2013

2015 News Articles

02/22/15: Mackey, Sass dominate Yukon Quest awards banquet in Fairbanks »
02/21/15: News-Miner photographer recaps her rookie adventure following Yukon Quest »
02/20/15: Cooke claims Red Lantern to bring 2015 Yukon Quest to a close »
02/20/15: 2015 Yukon Quest a New Experience for Mackey
02/19/15: Mackey exuberant after guiding young team to Quest finish »
02/19/15: Tedford Rookie of the Year as Eight More Finish
02/19/15: Fairbanks musher Mike Ellis leads top Siberian team in Quest »
02/18/15: British Columbia doctor top rookie in 2015 Yukon Quest »
02/18/15: Feelings differ on how the Yukon Quest played out this year »
02/18/15: Third Place Surprising for Hopkins
02/17/15: Yukon Quest veteran Hopkins claims third, his best finish »
02/17/15: 14 mushers remain on Yukon Quest trail »
02/17/15: Lonesome? No, not on the trail with your team »
02/17/15: YouTube Video of Brent Sass finishing »
02/17/15: Brent Sass overcomes missteps to win Yukon Quest »
02/17/15: Brent Sass Wins 2015 Yukon Quest
02/16/15: Sass captures Yukon Quest title with stirring come-from-behind stretch run »
02/16/15: Eureka musher Brent Sass wins 2015 Yukon Quest »
02/16/15: Is there a race for the red lantern at the back of the pack? »
02/16/15: Moore, Sass minutes apart on race to Yukon Quest finish line »
02/16/15: Moore claims lead in the Yukon Quest as top two head for Two Rivers »
02/16/15: Moore Overtakes Sass at Mile 101
02/15/15: Moore grabs lead over Sass at Mile 101 in Yukon Quest »
02/15/15: Expect a fast finish once racers pass Eagle Summit »
02/15/15: Mackey excited by young team’s progress during Quest »
02/15/15: Sass takes prolonged nap on Birch Creek, Moore closes gap »
02/15/15: Moore less than 2 hours behind Sass as front-runners tackle Eagle Summit »
02/15/15: Sass stalls on Birch Creek; Moore only miles behind »
02/15/15: Brent Sass has comfortable lead heading toward Fairbanks »
02/15/15: Two More Scratch as Sass, Moore Roll Through Circle
02/14/15: Yukon Quest middle-of-the-pack mushers getting strategic »
02/14/15: Two top ten teams are out after hard day on the trail »
02/14/15: Tired dogs, injuries lead to more Yukon Quest scratches »
02/14/15: Two more drop from Quest, another returns to checkpoint »
02/14/15: Cody Strathe scratches in Eagle
02/14/15: Joar Leifseth Ulsom scratches in Eagle
02/14/15: Brent Sass leading at Yukon Quest's Circle City checkpoint »
02/14/15: Yukon Quest's leaders head into jumbled Yukon River ice; Ulsom turns back »
02/14/15: Magnus Feren Kaltenborn scratches in Dawson City
02/13/15: Some Yukon Quest teams are surprised to find themselves among the top ten »
02/13/15: Even when mushing, you should have your passport at a border crossing »
02/13/15: Rural hospitality: Eagle’s retired postmaster will give you a lift »
02/13/15: Assessing the field as the race enters Alaska »
02/13/15: Sass maintains lead in Yukon Quest »
02/13/15: Front-runner Sass has harrowing moose encounter along Yukon Quest trail »
02/13/15: Jason Campeau’s penalty reduced
02/13/15: Sass, Moore Arrive in Eagle
02/12/15: Adventure, community keeps veterinarians on Yukon Quest trail »
02/12/15: Teen from Georgia following the Yukon Quest, visiting checkpoints »
02/12/15: On scratches, leaders and Quest picks »
02/12/15: Ray Redington Jr. Scratches in Dawson City
02/12/15: Sled dog team handlers play an important part in ensuring safety, comfort »
02/11/15: If you sign up for the Quest, stick with it »
02/11/15: Drug testing ensures dogs aren’t given performance-enhancing substances »
02/11/15: Yukon Quest mushers struggling to keep up as Sass opens a big lead »
02/11/15: Media Advisory: Rolland Trowbridge
02/11/15: Sass points his dog team toward Fairbanks with big lead »
02/11/15: Insights from an Armchair Musher
02/11/15: Mushers receive Yukon Quest trail report warning of jumble ice »
02/11/15: Sass and Moore to face off on the Alaska side of the Yukon Quest Trail »
02/11/15: Sass First Musher Into Dawson City
02/10/15: Dawson City and rest - and many miles to go »
02/10/15: Extreme cold leads to King's decision to scratch from Yukon Quest »
02/10/15: Frost-coated Brent Sass is all smiles as he reaches Dawson »
02/10/15: Sass first Yukon Quest musher into Dawson; King scratches »
02/10/15: Jeff King Scratches in Pelly Crossing
02/10/15: Yukon Quest rookie musher is penalized »
02/10/15: Jason Campeau Penalty
02/10/15: Whether its long runs or longs rests, Yukon Quest mushers will find a way to Dawson City »
02/10/15: Why so many dropped dogs? Deep cold, risky strategy »
02/10/15: Mushers navigate highs and lows along the Yukon Quest trail »
02/10/15: Four Scratches as Race Nears Halfway Point
02/10/15: Phillips Back as Champion of YQ300
02/09/15: Four champions in top six after Day 3 of Yukon Quest »
02/09/15: For Mackey, this year's Quest is a race of personal peaks and valleys »
02/09/15: Four mushers scratch in first days of 2015 Yukon Quest »
02/09/15: Matt Hall Scratches in Pelly Crossing
02/09/15: Tony Angelo Scratches in Carmacks
02/09/15: Reynolds Scratches in Carmacks
02/09/15: Sass blows through Pelly Crossing to take Quest lead; Smith scratches »
02/09/15: Yukon's extreme cold takes toll on people, dogs »
02/09/15: Scott Smith Scratches in Carmacks
02/09/15: It's a fine line between rest and racing for Yukon Quest mushers »
02/09/15: Neff Leads Race to Pelly
02/08/15: A quarter-century after his last Quest, Jeff King has speed to burn »
02/08/15: Yukon Quest musher Neff first in, out of cold Carmacks »
02/08/15: Musher strategies and abilities — and the unknown »
02/08/15: Temperatures hover near 50 below on Yukon Quest trail »
02/08/15: Insights from an Armchair Musher - Decisions
02/08/15: King Leads Mushers into Braeburn, Sass Leads Them Out
02/08/15: Insights from an Armchair Musher - Day One
02/08/15: Extreme cold sets in on Yukon Quest Trail »
02/07/15: The race is on, and don't forget about those Sibes »
02/07/15: Facing 1,000 Miles Of Frigid Winds With Loyal Dogs And Willpower »
02/07/15: Champions, veterans, rookies start 1,000-mile Yukon Quest today in Whitehorse »
02/07/15: Olson ‘a force to be reckoned with in the future’
02/06/15: Long, short, fast, slow: Training is what’s key in mushing »
02/06/15: Phillips, Zirkle Will Start Back-to-Back
02/06/15: Quest notebook: 300 mile race to get underway Saturday afternoon »
02/06/15: Yukon Quest 300 start order »
02/06/15: Seeking a three-peat, musher Moore will be first on Yukon Quest Trail »
02/05/15: Moore To Lead the Pack Out of the Chute »
02/05/15: Can Moore Make it a Three-Peat? »
02/05/15: Climate change, annual weather variability challenge Yukon Quest personnel and mushers »
02/04/15: Yukon Quest rookies bring plenty knowledge and experience of champions to this year's race »
02/04/15: Mushers prepare for cold Yukon Quest start in Whitehorse »
02/04/15: Loaded lineup, new format highlight 2015 Yukon Quest »
02/04/15: Meet the 2015 Yukon Quest mushers »
02/04/15: Yukon Quest 300 attracts rookies, race veterans »
02/04/15: Yukon Quest founders recall origins of the race »
02/03/15: Yukon Quest honors sportsmanship, dog care, spirit of the north and more »
02/03/15: Roots of Yukon Quest grew from legendary Yukon gold rush, mail routes »
02/03/15: Yukon Quest champions: 1984-present »
02/03/15: Yukon Quest, Iditarod mushers find different paths »
02/03/15: SPOT trackers required gear in the Yukon Quest »
02/03/15: Local tea company caffeinates Yukon Quest mushers, handlers and race personnel »
02/03/15: Yukon Quest checkpoint descriptions »
02/03/15: Events of note in Yukon Quest history »
02/03/15: Canines cleared for journey »
02/03/15: Insights from an Armchair Musher John Schandelmeier
Vet check gives final clearance to Yukon Quest athletes »
02/26/14: 2015 Poster Artwork
01/26/15: Weather woes garner mixed reactions from mushers »

Food drop tests Yukon Quest mushers' logistics »
Warmth, lack of snow in Yukon threatens winter events »
01/23/15: Updated Yukon Quest Trail Report

01/21/15: News-Miner is Official Alaska Newspaper of the Yukon Quest
Yukon Quest officials consider changing race route due to warm weather »
Redington joins Yukon Quest lineup »
Mackey joins three other champions in 2015 Yukon Quest field »
Four-time Iditarod winner Jeff King returning to Yukon Quest in 2015 »
Yukon Quest purse will be more than $127,000, up from 2014 »
New rest rules means major racing shake-up for Yukon Quest »
2015 Yukon Quest will include changes to mandatory stops »
Yukon Quest Boards Choose New President for Yukon, Elect Five New Board Members »

2014 News Articles

02/16/14: Two Rivers musher Matt Hall earns awards at Yukon Quest banquet »
02/13/14: Perano Lucky Number Seven
02/13/14: Anderson, Schandelmeier wrap up Quest runs »
02/12/14: News-Miner Finish Photos »
02/12/14: Whitehorse Welcomes Three
02/12/14: Hall wins rookie award, places third in Yukon Quest »
02/11/14: YQ 2014 - Matt Hall, 3rd Place »
02/11/14: Hall Clinches Rookie of the Year with Third-Place Finish
02/11/14: Injured musher Brent Sass says he'll still run Iditarod, with extra precautions »
02/11/14: Strathe and Team Healthy
02/11/14: Advisory Re: Cody Strathe
02/11/14: Dalton Scratches in Pelly Crossing
02/11/14: YouTube: YQ 2014 - Brent Sass challenges a moose head-on »
02/11/14: YQ 2014 - Brent Sass, Press Conference »

02/11/14: Sass recounts Yukon Quest injury, decision to withdraw »
02/10/14: Musher Brent Sass says fatigue led to accident on Yukon Quest trail »
02/10/14: Moore Wins Second Consecutive Yukon Quest
02/10/14: Allen Moore wins 2014 Yukon Quest »
02/10/14: Help on the trail: Neff first musher on scene of Sass injury »
02/09/14: Yukon Quest musher Sass injured, out of race »
02/08/14: Moore and Sass Setting Up Incredible Finish
Yukon Quest too close to call »
02/08/14: Tony Angelo Withdrawn from Race
02/08/14: Moore passes Sass, now leads Yukon Quest »
02/07/14: The Race is On!
02/07/14: Defending champ Moore regains Yukon Quest lead »
02/07/14: Joinson's Penalty Rescinded
02/07/14: Yukon Quest leaders on pace to set race record »
02/07/14: Lone Yukoner left in Yukon Quest reaches Dawson »
02/07/14: Fairbanks musher Anderson attributes seventh-place standing to young dog team »
02/06/14: Dawson City
02/06/14: Fairbanks musher Strathe: Yukon Quest a 3-horse race now »
02/06/14: Yukon Quest mushers face hard trail to the finish line »
02/05/14: Dawson City a Welcome Sight for Strathe
02/05/14: Eagle checkpoint a homecoming for rookie Quest musher Hall »
02/05/14: Sass Stakes His Claim on Dawson
02/04/14: YouTube: YQ 2014 - Brent Sass at Eagle »
02/04/14: Sass makes a move to get ahead of the Yukon Quest pack »
02/04/14: Joinson Receives Second Penalty

02/04/14: One Yukon Quest musher not necessarily in it to win it »
02/04/14: Quest rookie moves along steadily; Neff’s top dog is back »
02/04/14: Zirkle wins 2014 Yukon Quest 300 »
02/04/14: Zirkle Finds Redemption in YQ300
02/04/14: Sass leads Quest as race nears Eagle; Zirkle claims Quest 300 crown »
02/04/14: Sass extends lead in Yukon Quest marked by fast, icy trails »
02/03/14: Joinson Receives Penalty in Circle
02/03/14: Ellis Scratches in Circle
02/03/14: Zirkle leads Yukon Quest 300; 6 mushers scratch »
02/03/14: Once again, mushers Neff and Moore battling to become top dog of the Yukon Quest »
02/03/14: Normand Casavant Scratches
02/03/14: Yukon Quest teams reach Central early »
02/02/14: Yukon Quest mushers say training season was great »
02/02/14: Program lets spectators ride along for first mile of Yukon Quest »
02/02/14: Britten First Scratch of 2014 Yukon Quest
02/01/14: Yukon Quest 2014 | Dog Mushing Photos »
02/01/14: Yukon Quest mushers hit trail for Whitehorse »
02/01/14: Yukon Quest mushers have speedy first day »
02/01/14: Sass Pulls Into Lead, But Kohnert Close Behind
02/01/14: On down the trail: Yukon Quest reminds us of all that is the great north we call home »
02/01/14: Taking a peek inside the 2014 Yukon Quest »
02/01/14: Reflection by Dr. Kathleen McGill
01/31/14: 2014 Yukon Quest start order »
01/31/14: Casavant claims first position in start of Yukon Quest »
01/30/14: Yukon Quest mushers ready for a blazing race »
Start & Finish Lines Moved for 2014 Yukon Quest »
01/28/14: Yukon Quest reroutes trail between Eagle, Dawson »
01/27/14: Officials say despite warm weather, Saturday Yukon Quest start is solid »
01/26/14: Warm weather could bring changes to Yukon Quest »
01/26/14: Ready to run: Dogs get final physicals before Yukon Quest »
01/23/14: Yukon Quest events lead up to the big race »
John Schandelmeier: Yukon Quest demands the best in preparation »
01/22/14: Yukon Quest to feature smallest field ever »
01/22/14: Yukon Quest preparation continues with food drop »
21 mushers signed up for 2014 Yukon Quest »
Schandelmeier: A lonesome trail on the Yukon Quest »

2013 News Articles

02/17/13: Yukon Quest mushers recount trail's highs, lows »
02/16/13: Casavant and Quito among award winners »
02/15/13: Yellowknife musher expected to claim Yukon Quest red lantern today »
02/14/13: Dalton says he'll be back to set Yukon Quest record »
02/13/13: Scott Smith claims Yukon Quest rookie title »
02/12/13: Sass, Berkowitz finish Yukon Quest in third, fourth »
02/11/13: Allen Moore wins 2013 Yukon Quest »
02/10/13: Neff, Moore continue to lead Yukon Quest pack; Berkowitz, Sass coming up »
02/10/13: Berkowitz stays in the race after death of dog during Quest »
Neff, Moore neck-and-neck in Quest »
02/09/13: On the Quest trail, some mushers turning away from bunny boots »
02/09/13: Rookie Traverse falls ill, withdrawn from race »
02/08/13: Neff and Moore again neck-in-neck into Alaska »
02/08/13: Yukon Quest mushers Smith, Sass talk second-half strategies »
02/08/13: N.C. woman runs Yukon Quest 300 with team of rescue dogs »
02/07/13: Yukon Quest leaders reach Eagle; gap tightens »
02/07/13: Yukon Quest musher Berkowitz confident about teams’ future »
02/07/13: Bleak report for upcoming Yukon Quest trail »
02/06/13: Dismal Yukon Quest for Mackey shows how fast the mighty fall »
Quest leaders on pause in Dawson City »
02/05/13: Tagish musher wins photo finish at Pelly Crossing in Quest 300 »
02/05/13: First Yukon Quest musher arrives at Dawson City »
02/05/13: Neff is first Quest musher to Dawson City »
02/05/13: Mackey’s dogs struggle along Yukon Quest trail »
Phillips nips Zirkle in Yukon Quest 300 »
02/04/13: Mackey falters badly as Yukon Quest leaders near halfway »
02/03/13: Mackey hopes all-male team brings success in Yukon Quest »
02/03/13: Yukon Quest officials reroute section of race trail »
02/02/13: 30th Yukon Quest off to a warm start »
02/01/13: Neff leads strong field of Yukon Quest mushers »
02/01/13: With mushers on a mission, Yukon Quest revs up in Canada »
02/01/13: Yukon musher to kick off 1,600km dog sled race »
02/01/13: Conversation with Frank Turner and author, John Firth | CBC »
02/01/13: 2013 Yukon Quest start order »
02/01/13: Wilmshurst draws No. 1 bib for Saturday’s Quest »
02/01/13: Yukon Quest official confident about trails »
01/28/13: A Final Check-Up | KUAC »
01/28/13: Yukon Quest race manager was raised with annual sled dog event »
01/24/13: Seconds matter as Moore tries again for Yukon Quest title »

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