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Links to USA Sled Dog Kennels

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  • 7-Oaks Seppalas, Winterport, Maine, USA - 7-Oaks is a racing Seppala Siberian Kennel in mid-coastal Maine with AKC Reg. Seppala Siberian Huskies.
  • Abenaki Alaskan Malamutes, Mannsville, New York, USA - Home of working and show malamutes.
  • Adirondack Kennel Scandinavian Hounds, Boylston, New York, USA - Rides, tours, presentations, sprint and short mid racing.
  • Alaskan Tails of the Trail with Mary Shields, Fairbanks, Alaska, USA - share a personal home visit with Mary Shields, celebrated Alaskan musher and author, and her sled dogs.
  • Amarok Kennel, Grand Marais, Minnesota, USA - Greg & Robin Beall's kennel of racing Alaskan Huskies
  • Anduril Kennels, Bozeman, Montana, USA - Musher Jenny Greger and her distance/stage Alaskan and Belgian Huskies.
  • Arctic Wind Racing Sled Dogs, Newberry, Michigan, USA - Bob & Jan Shaw's Alaskan based kennel in Deer Park, Michigan
  • George Attla - Making of a Champion - Comprehensive new website covering George's mushing career with lots of historical photos and articles plus video interviews with George.
  • Black Willow Kennels, Southeastern Idaho, USA - visit Curt Anderson's mid-distance kennel
  • Boreayl Kennels, Lebanon, Ohio, USA - Breeder and exhibitor of dual purpose Siberian Huskies and Chinook dogs
  • Broken Runner Sled Dog Kennel, Willow, Alaska, USA - "recreational" mid-distance kennel operated by Paul & Erin McLarnon
  • ByDog, Corvallis, Montana, USA - Working Siberian Huskies in Western Montana.
  • Crazy Dog Kennels, Paxson, Alaska, USA - Professional racing kennel. Our canine athletes race mid-distance, Yukon Quest & Iditarod. Unique to other competitive racing kennels in Alaska, we work with the animal shelter in rescue & rehabilitation.
  • Dashing Kennel, Athol, Idaho, USA - AKC Racing Siberian Huskies
  • Deer Creek Sleddogs, Glenrock, Wyoming, USA - Central Wyoming's best Seppala Siberian Sleddogs & Alaskan Huskies. Specializing in mid-distance racing.
  • Destiny Siberians, Ohio, USA - A small Siberian kennel located in central Ohio.
  • DogDaze Kennels, Neillsville, Wisconsin, USA - Mike & Kim Marsch, winning sprint racing dogs!
  • Domino Kennels, Estell Manor, New Jersey, USA - A small recreational kennel in southern NJ.
  • Dream a Dream Dog Farm, Willow, Alaska, USA - Introduction to Vern Halter and his wife, Susan Whiton, and their kennel of Alaskan Huskies
  • Eagle Sled Dogs, Osborn, Maine, USA - Mid-distance & sprint racing kennel of Alaskan Husky, Seppala & Anadyr line Siberians. Family run with lots of focus on family & pack socialization.
  • Endurance Kennels, Duluth, Minnesota, USA - Small sprint team from Duluth, MN
  • Firestar Kennel, Ashland, Wisconsin, USA - A small kennel of working and racing Siberians in northern Wisconsin.
  • Flat Creek Kennel, Two Rivers, Alaska, USA - Kevin Lupo & Val Mackler (a 76 year old female dog musher) started Flat Creek Kennels in the spring of 2000
  • Fort Illio Kennels, New Portland, Maine, USA - Home of working Siberian Huskies doing Mid-Distance racing and dog sled rides
  • Gealach Mor Siberians, Willow, Alaska, USA - Small working kennel running Seppala and UK line Siberians.
  • Goose Lake Kennels, Visit Alaska Iditarod champion Jeff King and Alaska wildlife artist Donna Gates King
  • Happy Trails Kennel, Big Lake, Alaska, USA - Meet Champion Iditarod musher, Martin Buser and his dogs
  • Harvest Moon Malamutes, Le Roy, New York, USA - A family run business with the best bloodlines around. We are striving to produce big, beautiful, healthy and strong dogs. We are a working kennel & our dogs are in top shape.
  • Heritage Siberian Huskies, Hannibal, New York USA - Small Siberian Husky kennel located in Central New York.
  • High Country Kennels, Willow, Alaska, USA - Robert Sexton & Christina Rose racing and dog sled rides kennel.
  • Highlander Siberians, Dexter, Michigan, USA - Top Quality AKC & CKC Registered Siberian Huskies for Show, Sledding, and Family
  • Howling Spirit Racing Siberian Huskies, Bryant, Wisconsin, USA - Racing Siberian Husky Kennel located in northeast Wisconsin
  • Intervale Chinook Dogs, Lebanon, Connecticut, USA - Intervale Chinooks, breeders of Chinook Dogs competing in show, trial and trail. First and foremost, our Chinooks are our family and our best friends.
  • Kaylenberg Siberian Huskies, Coalville, Utah, USA - Purebred Racing Siberian Huskies, Tours, Rescue
  • KCM Kennel, Northeast Wisconsin, USA - Two young mushers living their dreams and trying to accomplish more!!
  • Kiana Siberians, Sanbornton, New Hampshire, USA - Dedicated to the dual purpose Siberian Husky
  • Krystal Kennels, Grand Rapids, Minnesota, USA - Family owned kennel featuring AKC Siberian Huskies, historical and educational presentations for schools, county fairs, & other corporate groups. 
  • Kwest Alaskan Malamutes, Quartz Hill, California, USA - Small working kennel where health, temperament, working drive and soundness are our priorities.
  • Lady Luck Kennels, Fowler, Michigan, USA - A small competitive sprint kennel located in the Southern part of Michigan. We offer dog training, rides & are part of Mid Michigan Search & Recovery.
  • Laughing Dog Express, Washington, USA - Small Alaskan Husky racing kennel out of Washington
  • Light Foot Kennel, Buffalo, Minnesota, USA - Sledding/Skijoring kennel of Siberian Huskies
  • Lance Mackey's Comeback Kennel, Fairbanks, Alaska, USA - Four time Iditarod Champion, Four time Yukon Quest Champion kennel. Tours, boarding and training.
  • Manitou Crossing Kennels, Finland, Minnesota, USA - Owned by Blake & Jennifer Freking, the fastest purebred Siberian Husky Iditarod team, setting the record in 2009 & 2010.  2004 Beargrease Champions & Yukon Quest veteran Siberian Huskies.
  • Midnight Moon Kennel, Madison, Wisconsin, USA - The journey continues...more puppies - still hopeful.
  • Mishawum Kennel, Sandown, New Hampshire, USA - AKC reg. Siberian Huskies. Husband & wife mid-distance racing team. Our breeding program is primarily built around dogs or stud service acquired from LouFranc, Howling Spirits and Jedeye.
  • Mountain Home Alaskan Malamutes, Twisp, Washington, USA - Quality Alaskan Malamutes that exemplify versatility and excel at many activities.
  • Mountain Life Malamutes, Teller County, Colorado, USA - A family team who is committed to the quality, health and happiness of all our dogs. We have beautiful healthy puppies available on occasion, and pride ourselves on our ethical approach in raising, handling and working our Mals.
  • Mountain Mals, Libby, Montana - A small Malamute kennel, with information for the user and to share.
  • Nature's Kennel, McMillan, Michigan, USA - Ed & Tasha Stielstra's distance racing kennel
  • NeverSummer Sled Dogs, Loveland, Colorado, USA - In addition to rugged equipment, NeverSummer now offers private and group lessons. All experience levels welcome, lease opportunities are available for dogs.
  • Norse Winds Kennel, Lawton, Michigan, USA - new kennel aspiring to go the "distance"
  • Northern Blast Sled Dogs, Estacada, Oregon, USA - Mid-distance Siberian Husky team. Website and blog.
  • Outlaw Ridge, Dorchester, New Hampshire, USA - Mid-Distance race team.
  • Phoenix Siberian Husky Refuge and Rescue, Berrien Springs, Michigan, USA - We have built a working kennel from rescued & adopted Siberian's and hope to educate others about the breed's working origins. If you are wanting to adopt a husky we have access to several sled dog rescue groups.
  • Points Unknown, Hovland , Minnesota, USA - A kennel of traditional Alaskan Huskies such as the Hedlund Husky. Our dogs are members of our family & work for a living providing adventure trips & educational demonstrations for our guests
  • Poland Spring Seppala Kennels, Belfast, Maine USA - Seppala Siberian Sled dogs! These are the original Siberian Huskies!
  • Prairie Winds Racing, St. Cloud, Minnesota, USA - Mid-Distance Racing kennel in Central MN.
  • Quinault Alaskan Malamutes, Vancouver, Washington, USA - Mals that REALLY work! A select kennel in the Pacific Northwest-we produce beautiful, sound Alaskan Malamutes of excellent temperament & superior work drive.
  • R & R Huskies, Adin, California, USA - Racing kennel consisting of mostly rescued & re-homed dogs (R & R) huskies  
  • Rainy Day Kennels, Council, Idaho, USA - I'm a Junior musher, who runs and races Alaskans and Seppalas.
  • Ray Redington, Two Rivers, Alaska, USA - Ray Redington's official website.
  • Seavey's Iditarod Racing Team, Sterling, Alaska- Mushing is a family affair for the Seaveys
  • Seawolf Racing Sled Dogs, Truckee, California, USA - A small private kennel of working AKC Siberian Huskies & Alaskan Huskies in the Sierra Nevada mountains in the north Tahoe/Truckee area of California.
  • Siberians of Ravenwood, Garrett, Pennsylvania, USA - Outstanding Sibes with a sound mind in a sound body.
  • Sibersong Sleddogs, Ashland, New Hampshire, USA - Mid-distance racing kennel of Siberian Huskies. Primarily NorthWapiti, Northome, Anadyr  lines.
  • Sixth Day Sled Dogs, Caldwell, Montana, USA - A small kennel run by a Junior musher.
  • Skunk’s Place (SP) Kennel, Two Rivers, Alaska, USA  - Premier racing kennel of Aliy Zirkle and Allen Moore
  • Small 'N' Mighty Racing Sled Dogs, Cheboygan, Michigan, USA - We're a small sprint racing kennel located in the beautiful state of Michigan. Come see what this teen & her dogs are up to...
  • Smyth Irish Setters, Lakewood, Wisconsin, USA - See our sledding Irish Setters and puppies
  • Snowhook Kennel, Willow, Alaska, USA - Follow the mushing life and times of two Iditarod hopefuls, Justin & Rebecca Savidis.
  • Snowdancer Kennels, Westfield, Vermont USA - Quality AKC show dogs that enjoy running in harness or being your couch potato.
  • Snowlion Racing Kennels, Lake Tahoe, Nevada, USA - Mid-distance racing kennel with excellent blood lines primarily J. King & M. Seavey
  • SnoZilla Siberians, River Falls, Wisconsin, USA - Small Siberian kennel in Western Wisconsin
  • Stardancer Historical Freight Dogs, Two Rivers, Alaska - Historical reenactment using many 18th and 19th century mushing techniques with a limited number of large, historically authentic freight dogs
  • Stari Nite Farm, Theresa, Wisconsin, USA - A small private farm with AKC racing Siberians and NAVHDA Large Munsterlanders.
  • Stump Jumpin' Kennel, Knik, Alaska, USA - Iditarod racing kennel owned by Wade Marrs.
  • Sundog Racing Kennel, Chugiak, Alaska, USA - Jennifer & Nathan Sterling; sprint racing kennel. 2009 Limited North American 8 Dog Champion.
  • Team Galloway, Makinen, Minnesota, USA - A small mid-distance kennel
  • The Wolf's Den Kennel, Cantwell, Alaska, USA - Kennel of Mike Santos and Caitlin Brady. Distance racing sled dogs. Fantastic electronic kennel newsletter, The Howler.
  • Trailbound Siberians, Pelican Lake,Wisconsin, USA - Racing Siberian Huskies
  • Tumnatki Siberian Sled Dogs, Prineville, Oregon, USA - AKC Racing Siberian Huskies
  • Uktousa Traditional Alaskan Huskies, Campton, New Hampshire, USA - New Hampshire based kennel of traditional Alaskan Huskies, hard working, intelligent & versatile. We do tours & mid-distance racing. Our lines are old school but mostly Hedlund Huskies originating from Alaska.
  • Windward Kennels, Trapper Creek, Alaska, USA - Iditarod Racing Teams
  • WoodsRunner Chinooks, Portland, Maine, USA - Chinooks - Dogs for Work and Companionship.

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