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Dog Truck Photos

Page 8

If you would like to share photos of your truck/dog box, email them here

Click on any photo to see a larger view.

Melanie Desotelle's Truck Melanie Desotelle, Winona, Minnesota
Toyota Tacoma

I can transport 6 dogs without doubling up. The box is made from a fiber glass truck topper. We took the windows out of the topper and covered the open space with MDO plywood. The doors were also cut out of MDO plywood. The dog boxes closest to the truck cab drop about 6 inches into the bed of the truck. This really helps keep straw in the boxes. It also makes me feel a little safer. The last two boxes are level with the truck rail, which gives me storage for taller equipment like water coolers. I put my short haired dogs in these shorter boxes to keep them warm. There is also a sliding glass door between the dog box closest to the cab, so I can open that up and talk to the dogs while I'm driving, or use it for extra ventilation in summer. I also had Plexiglas windows made for the doors, which can be screwed in with wing nuts if it's really cold outside. The sled is attached to the roof of the cab by a ski rack. I love this box!

Bob And Faith Anderson's Truck Bob & Faith Anderson, Gee-Paks Kennel, Michigan
International Diesel Semi 30 foot.

Heated and furnished living accommodations, sleeps 5. Separate dog room with built-in box's to hold 18 dogs. Dog area is not heated, has adjustable intake vents for fresh area and air conditioning if required. Plenty of storage areas, never have to worry about being overloading. Cruise at up to 70 mph, fuel tank capacity of 90 gallons at a rate of 10-12 MPG. Able to eat, sleep, watch TV, and pet or feed the dogs all under one roof, no matter if stationary or traveling down the road.

Gavin Baker Truck Gavin Baker, Trail Dancer Kennels, Lanark, Ontario

Newly constructed box that was built by us this summer. Made out of PVC coated plywood with aluminum trim. The inside of the boxes are completely wet proof as they are coated with roll on box liner.

Michelle & Matt Cusick Truck Michelle & Matt Cusick, Bayfield, Colorado
Ford 250 – V-10 – 4 WD

20-hole frame mounted box, air suspension. Custom bumper with storage.

Hawkins Family Trailer Ed Hawkins Family, Auroralight Kennel

With 4 kids (all under 5) and 12 dogs, I had to look for comfort for the family and dogs.

Sierra Kennels Truck Steve & Vicky, Sierra Kennels, Spirit Lake, Idaho

Dog truck holds 12 dogs doubled up, has ventilation fans for summer cooling, Sleeps 2 people. Has plenty of storage. Trailer holds 12 dogs with lots of storage also, has straw rack on top.

Rex Jones Truck & Trailer Rex Jones, Arctic Paws Kennel, Chugiak, Alaska
1996 Ford F350 Crew Cab, Long Bed, V8 7.3L Turbo Diesel, 4WD

20-hole box, holds 40 Dogs, and 40 bags of dog food, with window covers.
16-hole trailer holds 32 dogs, and 1 four-wheeler or snow machine plus sleds and extra equipment.

MartinaDelp Summer Dog Box Martina A. Delp, Long Haul Kennel, Salcha, Alaska
1986 Toyota 4x4, extra cab, with 220,000 miles on it.

This is a "summer dog box" I built this year. It's screened in on all 4 sides with hardware cloth, for maximum ventilation. The plywood top provides a nice area of shade. It sits on the wooden deck of my flatbed and has two compartments, which can hold 2 or 4 dogs comfortably. It functions great as a mobile kennel, or isolation kennel.

Click on any photo to see a larger view.

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