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Dog Truck Photos

Page 10

If you would like to share photos of your truck/dog box, email them here

~Click on any photo to see a larger view.~

Josep Domingo Beltran Truck Josep Domingo Beltran Truck
Barcelona, Spain, winner of the 2006 PIRENA race
Photo & info provided by Helmut Dietz

Mercedes Benz truck has boxes for 40 dogs and is equipped with anything you can imagine. The truck is almost 300 horsepower strong and is a four wheel drive of course. It doesn't look big, but it is a truck with lot of space.

Joy Green's Dog Car Joy Martinson's "dog truck"
Mt. Horeb, Wisconsin

2001 Saturn SW2, equipped with decals featuring Melissa Behm's leaders, Kyle Hudson, Lisa Chaplin's Howler, Jim Benson and his team, Peter Carlson and Kirk Feller's leaders.

Vehicle is shown hauling one awesome dog (Hooty), but he would gladly share his space with any number of playmates.

Daryl & Dori Hollingsworth's New Truck Daryl & Dori Hollingsworth's New Truck
Seward, Alaska

2006 Toyota Tundra Half Ton 4 X 4 Crew Cab
The box was built by Daryl Hollingsworth using MDO board and painted with automotive paint. The paint should last forever. There are 16 holes that can hold up to 28 dogs.

We extended the bumper a foot for extra storage space in the rear. There is peg board separating the dogs for socialization and air movement. We've added air springs for better weight distribution. It's trimmed with diamond plate and metal edges. There is a nice overhang to keep the rain out of the boxes.

The truck is extremely comfortable to drive & ride in even with a load of dogs. With the crew cab we have room to take our grandson & his mother to the races.

Gijs Wuyts Truck Gijs Wuyts
Haacht, Belgium

Nissan Navara (EU version of the Frontier) 4X4

Transport for 6 Alaskan Malamutes and 2 Siberian Huskies. Fully isolated, between the boxes fencing used, so the dogs are always together. Bed contains big drawer for materials.

Happy Dogs from Benny's Husky Kennel
Happy Dogs from Benny's Husky Kennel
Happy Dogs from Benny's Husky Kennel
Germany - Sweden - and in near future Canada

Dodge 3500 dually, heavy duty chassis, 5.9l Cummins diesel
(means to load up to 2,2 ton and able to hook up to 6 ton)

Room for up to 40 dogs and "sleeping-room" for the musher.

We have a passive ventilation, means two portholes in the roof and one very small door at the end of the truck bed, ventilation only by air-circulation from the back of the truck to the roof.

Additionally (for the autumn or warmer winters) one electrical fan under the roof and one heater/cooler in the truck bed.

Box skin is made of special isolation-material, 4cm thick, best isolation. Never saw that before. The graphics are prints from high quality. A photographer made these for me over the last two years during Europe's long-distance-races in Norway.

Ken Haggett's new truck
Ken Haggett's new box
Ken Haggett, Peacepups Dogsledding
Lake Elmore, Vermont
updated 7/20/09

It's the same base boxes as I had two trucks ago but since I have built them as modular units I have been able to expand and adjust them to fit various trucks. These started out as a 8 hole box and are now a 16 hole box.

They are now mounted on a Ford F250 4x4 Super Duty with steel flat bed. I've also bought a welder and was able to build a nice steel ladder and outriggers to add to the truck. We have a 22" x 48" x 8 foot storage bay in the center of the boxes now, tons of room for gear!

~Click on any photo to see a larger view.~

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