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SDC "Kiss" Photo Caption Contest

Kim Bertrand and her main leader, Galena
Photo by Michael Bertrand of Kim Bertrand and her main leader, Galena

ball1.gif (1653 bytes)The winners are:

These two captions tied for First place!!

Kiss you or tissue?
Submitted by Lindy Howe

Mushing......'snot for just anyone!
Submitted by Michael Bertrand

2nd Place:

Siberian Husky, Alaskan Husky and now French Husky!
Submitted by Ben Linstid

3rd Place:

A kiss after the run -- "priceless"
Submitted by Noah Pereira

Congratulations to the winners!

Thanks to everyone who submitted captions and voted!

  1. WOW! The green ones taste the best!"
  2. Hey who needs a kleenex?
  3. Why use tissues when Galena will do?
  4. Last Ride of the Holiday!
  5. Mmmmmmm--booger cookies are better than milk bones any day.
  6. Dogs are great when you don't have a hankie..
  7. I love my mom's snot-cicle's.
  8. I love French kisses even though I'm Siberian
  9. Didn't this kid's mother ever teach her to blow her nose?
  10. No tissue boss? Here let me get that for you!
  11. Mmmmm, human popsicles taste nice!
  12. Don't stick your tongue to a lamp post....what about a nose?
  13. Let me get that booger for you ma.
  14. Let me get that boogy for you.
  15. Kim is doing research on a new facemask.
  16. Here Momma let me get that for ya! I guess no one else told ya your nose was running...
  17. And that's all you get on the first date buddy!
  18. And they reckon Kleenex are the softest tissues?
  19. Thank you! Thank you! We did good, didn't we!?
  20. Proof that sled dogs love their mushers!
  21. H1N1 virus CLEAR. Next!
  22. You have a little poop right there.... here let me get it for you!
  23. Kiss you or tissue?
  24. Swine flu snot tastes like bacon!
  25. You have ketchup on your face again!!! Don't worry I'll get it.
  26. Mushing......'snot for just anyone!
  27. I need a Galenex !
  28. Your tongue smells like--like--dog crap--yuck!
  29. I love it when mom forgets her handkerchief.
  30. Siberian Husky, Alaskan Husky and now French Husky!
  31. The secret ingredient...
  32. You take care of me all the time so let me take care of THAT for you.
  33. Missed it by that much.
  34. I love you...yum, yum, yum!
  35. Musher's first kiss. One goes in for a Kunik and the other, all tongue.
  36. Mom no tongue! All the other dogs are watching!!!!!!
  37. Wait mom, you got a hanger! I got for ya no worries!
  38. Mmmmm....I love snotcilies.
  39. I see your nose is running. No problem, I got it.
  40. Let me get that for you!
  41. Here, lemme get that for ya!
  42. Here...let me take care of that for you...its the least I can do.
  43. I'm so hungry, I could eat your snot!
  44. Oh hey your nose is running let me get that for you.
  45. A kiss on the lips can be quite continental . . .
  46. Mid way through the kiss, Galena the dog suddenly realized that if he wasn't color blind before, that hat would have sure done it.
  47. Who needs a washcloth when you have a dog!
  48. I'll get that nose drool for you mom!
  49. Mmmm, I love the cold. Your nose tastes better.
  50. I lub you!
  51. Hey, I see your nose is running...let me get that for you!
  52. Here, just let me help you with that snotsicle there.
  53. Let me get that for you!
  54. Did someone just tell Kim, SHE needed to wipe her nose?
  55. Who needs tissues?!
  56. Mmmm---tastes like chicken!
  57. Who needs kleenex?
  58. It's so cold I think my tongue is stuck to your nose!!!
  59. Can I eat those funny looking things on your face Mom?
  60. The best kind of "nose job"!
  61. "WOOFS" Better than Puffs!
  62. Saves money on tissues, and doesn't add to the landfill, now there's a recycler (Oh, no)
  63. I think I got it!.. I love the green ones!
  64. I learned the hard way to never stick my tongue on metal when it's 10 below zero, but nobody warned me I'd get stuck to my musher at 10 below!
  65. A Kiss is Worth a Thousand Thank You's!
  66. Thanks for rescuing me and giving me purpose, Mom!
  67. This is SO much better than that puppy mill where my life started. One BIG kiss to say Thank You for adopting me!
  68. Mom, let me help you with that runny nose----the photographers are coming!
  69. I triple dog dare you!
  70. Let me get that for you.
  71. Thanks I couldn't find a kleenex!
  72. Best remedy against H1N1
  73. Did I have peanut butter on my nose again or are you just happy to see me?
  74. "I triple-dog dare ya!" (My sled dog version of A Christmas Story.)
  75. A kiss after the run -- "priceless"
  76. You might think its funny, but it snot!
  77. Doggie human wash.
  78. Ah, you had a little extra breakfast on your face.

Thanks to everyone who voted!!

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