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Dog Driver Photo Caption Contest

Voting has closed & the results are in!

Samdrivers3.jpg (22421 bytes)
Photo provided by Darlu Littledeer

The winner is:

  1st place: Lead dog my butt!!  You're lost again, aren't you Sam??
Submitted by Ken Castaldi

Runners Up

These two captions actually tied for second place!!

2nd place:  Imagine Egil's surprise, when 2 Samoyeds called trail on him.
Submitted by Karl R. Semoneit

  2nd place: I wish the Siberians would learn to drive so we would not always have to go to their place.
Submitted by Neil Rasmussen

Congratulations to the winners!

Thanks to everyone who played along by submitting captions and by voting.

Special thanks to Darlu Littledeer of ABAKAN Samoyeds who submitted the photo.

Winners receive a free Sled Dog Central ad.

  1.   The only team that truly knows how to drive.
  2.   Riding along in my automobile, my baby beside me at the wheel!
  3.   I think I liked the red one better, George.
  4.   Merle, cow in the road!  Haw! Haw!
  5.   We're on the road again!
  6.   Driving Miss Daisy.
  7.   Lead dog my butt!!  You're lost again, aren't you Sam??
  8.   Just a little while longer Dear, the next town has lot's of fire hydrants!
  9.   I am the "original" dog driver.
  10.   Samoyeds in the fast lane.
  11.   OH Honey Hurry - We'll miss winter!
  12.   Those damn crosses aren't this fast!
  13.   Step on it Fred, There right on our tails!
  14.   I've heard those pointer crosses are really something but can they drive a car, Honey?
  15.   We've got them licked, Honey! Ain't no catching us now!
  16.   Hurry - if you drive faster we just might make it for our start time!
  17.   Imagine Egil's surprise, when 2 Samoyeds called trail on him.
  18.   I told you I could get this old truck lets go into town and raise hell!
  19.   Thelma and Louise are heading NORTH...
  20.   Look Dad, there's another rabbit!" I see it, son! I see it!
  21.   I don't know, Sam, when we open the trunk our owner is going to come out of there MAD!
  22.   You were right honey. This will make an excellent training trail!
  23.   Hey look so handsome behind that wheel.
  24.   I wish the Siberians would learn to drive so we would not always have to go to their place.
  25.   Hey Charlie, how many mushers do you wanna hook-up to the truck for a run tonight?
  26.   Ah-h, fresh air, a new car and we're on our way to get a team of humans! Life is good!
  27.   It's about time we get a chance to do the driving, now where is that two legged who is suppose to be pulling this thing?
  28.   Boy Francine, sure beats pulling a sled...
  29.   Gee, Daddy! Gee!
  30.   It's a dog's right to must be a dog's right to drive!
  31.   When the Mr. and Mrs. are away, the dogs come out to play.
  32.   Wow...this is the best run we've had yet!!
  33.   That was the best nightout in a while! Next week lets hit the next kennel over yes.. yes..yes... even the handler is still out!

Thanks to everyone who voted!!

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