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"Dancing Dogs"
SDC Photo Caption Contest

Linda Herdering's Blackie & Buzz
Photo by Linda Herdering

ball1.gif (1653 bytes)The winner is:

Husky Kung Fu Theater:
I will get you with my wheel dog kung fu grip…
Ha! I will counter will my deadly fish & kibble breath…
Submitted by Gwen Almeida

2nd Place:

Chain Dancing- Not at all like Line Dancing
Submitted by Don Rice

Three way tie for 3rd Place:

Are you sure we're supposed to be doing MATRIX training this season?
Submitted by Kimberley Wagner-Fewson

"Blackie, You dance like you have 2 left feet!" "Duh, Buzz! I do!"
Submitted by Mary Lou Mercier

The song changed, it's your turn to lead & my turn to dip!
Submitted by Karen Adams

Congratulations to the winners!

Thanks to everyone who played along by submitting captions and by voting.

Special thanks to Linda Herdering of Mountain Maryland Kennels, LLC who submitted the photo.

  1. Are you sure we're supposed to be doing MATRIX training this season?
  2. Are you sure this is how the dance is suppose to go?
  3. Double downward facing dog????
  4. In doggie yoga this position is called "mushers viewpoint"
  5. No, in this dance you dip me!!
  6. Hmmm, what did you have for lunch?
  7. Say AHHHHHH!
  8. What do you mean I stood on your foot!
  9. "Here's the way I see it.." "Yeah, me too."
  10. Husky Kung Fu Theater I will get you with my wheel dog kung fu grip… Ha I will counter will my deadly fish & kibble breath….
  11. Hairball Waltz
  12. Chain Dancing- Not at all like Line Dancing
  13. Is there something in my teeth?
  14. You put your left ear in, you pull your left ear out, you do the hokey-pokey, and you shake it all about!
  15. I told you that playing with our Musher's crazy glue was a bad idea!
  16. See! I told you the world looks different upside down.
  17. I'm gonna be lead dog...No I'm gonna be lead dog...
  18. Mildred, this snow ballet would be SO much easier in the water, but I DO despise those pink bathing caps!
  19. Synchronized Cavorting
  20. Are you sure this is how you do the Macarena?
  21. No, you fool! It's supposed to be right foot on red!
  22. Yeah it sure is an upside down world!!
  23. "YING- YING"
  24. And this is the stage in the Hokey-Pokey where you turn upside down... and that's what its all about, "YEAH" !!!!!!!
  25. See, I told you ,everything looks better upside down!
  26. Is so..
  27. Hold still will you.....yeah there it is. That chicken bone is lodged right at the back!
  28. Do you REALLY think this will get us into the Olympics?
  29. I told you GEE not HAW !!!
  30. Now if Australia had snow the view would look something like this!
  31. "If you run with your head like this they won't put you on lead." "Okay,like this?"
  32. Anything you can do I can do better!
  33. Dance with me!!!!
  34. No, dammit Sparky! It's my turn to be lead dog!
  35. Your right, we still look alike this way.
  36. Let's tango!
  37. "Blackie, You dance like you have 2 left feet!" "Duh, Buzz! I do!"
  38. Hey Eddy! Even upside look just like me!
  39. I keep telling you..... this yoga position is with your head this way!!!
  40. "Y M C A"
  41. Maybe if we fight, they'll let us make up!!
  42. Whud you eat? What's in there? Spit it out!
  43. I'm sorry mom but she took my cell phone.
  44. Turning Heads, Siberian wrestle
  45. Siberian macarana
  46. put your right foot in, you put your right foot out, you put your right foot in and you shake it all do the HOKEY POKEY and you turn yourself about....that's what its all about!!!
  47. Let's dance, shall we?
  48. Jake and Homer realized that sledding was just not going to make it into the Olympics in their lifetime, so they embarked on a plan to qualify as wrestlers.
  49. The song changed, it's your turn to lead & my turn to dip!
  50. aaahh...lets see now....nope....nope....I don't see any cavities in there!
  51. hey your breath stinks OUT LOUD--woof, woof--brush your teeth!!!!?!!!! You're my best friend.
  52. I said: "I lead, YOU follow."
  53. Shall we DANCE?
  54. Dogs in Limbo
  55. Heads or Tails?
  56. Are you sure tantric yoga really works when breeding dogs?
  57. Lets Rock and Roll!
  58. You know, I'm not convinced that this dog-chain-yoga is all it's cracked up to be...
  59. Can you hear me now?
  60. "Sibertalk" [cybertalk]

Thanks to everyone who voted!!

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