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2010 Iditarod Top 10 Contest

Since so many of you are interested in picking the winning Iditarod teams,
we think you'll enjoy a chance to win a prize while you're at it!

List your top 10 teams below.
Winners will be determined by the closest picks to the finishing order.

1st Place:
SDC Logo Fleece Pullover
2nd Place:
SDC Logo Fleece Vest
3rd Place:
Choice of New Iditarod Fact Book, Ski Spot Run or Frank Hall Books

The winners are:
1st place: David Eggert - 5 of the top ten in correct order.
2nd place: Jacqueline LaFreniere - 3 of the top 4 in correct order.
John Dumire & Olivier Lemire - 3 of the top 4 in correct order.

Matteo Guerzoni, Richard Lurie, Blake Matray, Peter McClelland, Bryce Mumford,  & Steve Severson
2 of the top ten in correct order.

Special Award: Picking 9 of the top 10 - not in order.
Jenna Carlton, Grace Liu, Horace Pipe, Lev Shvarts, Mary Ellen Theriault

Name 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
Butch Austin Buser Baker Schnuelle Mackey Jonrowe D Seavey King Gatt Royer Gebhardt
Victoria Barber Mackey King Schnuelle Neff Gebhardt M Seavey Buser Barron Gatt D Seavey
Kathy Beaupre Gatt Mackey Schnuelle Buser Phillips King Palfrey Zirkle Jonrowe Lindner
Harley   Beechy Gatt Schnuelle Phillips King Neff Mackey Williams Jr. Debruin Freking Frederick
Kat Brandsey Mackey Neff Schnuelle D Seavey Buser Gebhardt Gatt Anderson King Jonrowe
Jon Brown Steer Mackey Gatt Schnuelle King Buser Neff Gebhardt Baker D Seavey
Jenna Carlton King Mackey Schnuelle Gatt Baker D Seavey M Seavey Anderson Gebhardt R Smyth
Jill Carter Mackey Baker Gatt Lindner King Steer Schnuelle Jonrowe Anderson Zirkle
Karrie Charest Mackey Schnuelle Baker Gatt King Royer Neff D Seavey Buser Gebhardt
Chantelle Chase Buser Neff Gatt Mackey Schnuelle Buser Anderson Steer Zirkle Jonrowe
Dan Condon Gatt King Mackey Buser D Seavey Neff Cim Smyth Baker M Seavey Jonrowe
Cathy Condon Mackey Schnuelle Baker Jonrowe Royer D Seavey Buser Gatt Gebhardt Cim Smyth
Anne Coy Gatt Mackey Cim Smyth D Seavey Anderson Baker Schnuelle King Barron Royer
Merlyn Coy Mackey Schnuelle Gatt Anderson King M Seavey Neff Buser Zirkle Royer
Bill Croke Mackey D Seavey Gatt Cim Smyth King M Seavey Schnuelle R Smyth Marshall Jonrowe
Joy Davis Schnuelle King Mackey Buser Baker Swenson Gatt D Seavey Jonrowe Haltmannn
Rob Dennis King Mackey Baker Gebhardt Cim Smyth Gatt Zirkle D Seavey Buser M Seavey
Paige Drobny King Mackey Schnuelle Baker Gatt Neff Cim Smyth Steer D Seavey Buser
John Dumire Mackey Gatt Schnuelle Anderson King Baker Cim Smyth Buser Marshall Jonrowe
David Eggert Mackey Gatt King Anderson Buser Neff Schnuelle Steer Willomitzer D Seavey
Matt Emery King Mackey Gebhardt Jonrowe Gatt Neff Currier Steer Zirkle Stewart
Doug Evans Mackey Gatt Schnuelle Baker D Seavey King Cim Smyth M Seavey Jonrowe Buser
Bryn Fadum R Smyth Neff Gatt Mackey Hayashida Zirkle Anderson Barron Cim Smyth Schnuelle
Austin  Forney Mackey King Schnuelle M Seavey Neff Gatt Gebhardt Buser Baker Anderson
Ken Frizzle King Mackey Schnuelle Gatt Baker Buser Cim Smyth Neff Steer M Seavey
Cathleen Griffin Baker Gatt Neff Mackey Schnuelle Royer Gebhardt King M Seavey Ryan Redington
Matteo Guerzoni Mackey King M Seavey D Seavey Baker Schnuelle Gatt Anderson Gebhardt Steer
Joe Gutowski Buser Mackey King M Seavey Barron Jonrowe Gatt Steer Gebhardt Zirkle
Lacey Hart Mackey King Schnuelle Neff Steer M Seavey Jonrowe Gatt Buser Anderson
Aaron Harwood King Mackey Gatt Neff M Seavey Anderson Gebhardt D Seavey Buser Schnuelle
Brian Heath Mackey Baker Gatt King D Seavey R Smyth Gebhardt M Seavey Buser Kaduce
Barry Heath Mackey Buser King D Seavey Snodgrass Gebhardt Fiedler Barron Palfrey Jonrowe
Kristin Heath Buser Mackey King Jonrowe D Seavey Royer Gebhardt Steer Lindner Palfrey
Walter Herrmann King Mackey Gatt Buser Anderson Baker Schnuelle Neff M Seavey Steer
Frank Holmberg King Mackey Baker Steer Anderson Neff Gebhardt M Seavey Buser Cim Smyth
Ed Hopkins King Buser Mackey Cim Smyth Gatt Gebhardt Baker M Seavey Aily Zirkle Royer
Scott Huff King Mackey Gatt M Seavey Gebhardt Steer Schnuelle Neff Baker D Seavey
Carrie Hutchinson Gatt Schnuelle Mackey King Gebhardt Steer Buser Willomitzer Anderson DeCaro
lance Johnson Gatt Mackey Schnuelle King M Seavey D Seavey Baker Buser Neff Steer
Jacqueline LaFreniere Mackey Gatt King Steer Neff Gebhardt Cim Smyth Royer R Smyth Buser
Dillon Lauritzen Mackey D Seavey Barron Schnuelle King Buser Gatt Baker M Seavey Gebhardt
Jimmy Lebling Mackey Schnuelle Neff Cim Smyth M Seavey D Seavey Baker King Royer Lindner
Olivier Lemire Mackey Gatt Schnuelle R Smyth M Seavey King Anderson Zirkle Neff Gebhardt
Shawn Linendoll Schnuelle Mackey Anderson Gatt Gebhardt Neff King M Seavey Buser Steer
Grace Liu Gatt Mackey King Gebhardt M Seavey Neff Anderson Schnuelle Baker D Seavey
Brad Love Mackey Schnuelle Gatt Buser King Baker Jonrowe Fiedler M Seavey Steer
Richard Lurie Mackey Gatt Schnuelle King Cim Smyth M Seavey Steer Royer R Smyth Lindner
Stephanie Masters Johnson King Schnuelle Mackey Gatt D Seavey Buser M Seavey Baker Steer Neff
Blake Matray Mackey King Gatt Baker Schnuelle M Seavey Steer D Seavey Buser Neff
Mike Mayer Mackey King Steer Schnuelle Gatt Buser Gebhardt Swenson Neff Anderson
Jan McCannon Mackey Schnuelle King Buser M Seavey Gatt Anderson Swenson Steer Jonrowe
Peter McClelland Mackey Baker Gatt R Smyth D Seavey Schnuelle Neff Anderson Royer M Seavey
Tim McElravy Mackey Neff  M Seavey  Buser  Schnuelle  Baker  Gatt  Steer  Anderson  King
Gordon McLean Gatt Mackey King D Seavey Neff Baker Gebhardt Cim Smyth Anderson Schnuelle
Roy Mclellan Mackey King Neff Anderson Gatt Buser R Smyth Jonrowe Royer M. Seavey
John Miller Schnuelle Steer Mackey King Anderson Royer Buser Jonrowe Gatt Zirkle
Karen Miller Mackey Schnuelle King Anderson Gatt Royer Baker Steer M Seavey Buser
Bryce Mumford Mackey Gatt Schnuelle Gebhardt M Seavey King Neff Moore Anderson Zirkle
Susan Murray Gatt Schnuelle Mackey R Smyth King Buser Anderson Gebhardt Kaduce Jonrowe
Dan Olanna Baker King Schnuelle Mackey Gatt Buser M Seavey Gebhardt Cim Smyth Zirkle
Mike Parker Baker Gatt Mackey D Seavey King Buser Schnuelle Cim Smyth Steer Jonrowe
Sandi Payne Mackey King Schnuelle D Seavey Steer M Seavey Jonrowe Anderson Gatt Zirkle
Horace Pipe Neff Mackey Gatt Baker Schnuelle M Seavey King D Seavey Anderson Buser
Matt Polcaro King M Seavey Mackey Gebhardt Schnuelle Neff Gatt D Seavey Buser Steer
Dieter Postel Gatt Mackey Schnuelle Gebhardt King Buser Jonrowe M Seavey Swenson Zirkle
Ryan Redington Mackey King Buser Baker Cim Smyth Gatt Ryan Redington M Seavey R Smyth Ray Redington Jr.
Susie Rogan Gatt King Mackey M Seavey Baker Neff Cim Smyth Schnuelle Buser Steer
Eric Rogers King Gatt Schnuelle Mackey Baker M Seavey Gebhardt Neff D Seavey Steer
Palmer Sagoonick Baker Schnuelle Mackey Gatt Buser M Seavey King R Smyth Gebhardt Cim Smyth
Jerry Scdoris Gatt King Mackey Cim Smyth Baker Anderson D Seavey  Seavey Gebhardt Royer
Chad Schouweiler King M Seavey Baker Schnuelle Buser Mackey Barron Steer Neff Anderson
Steve Severson Mackey Baker King Schnuelle Gatt D Seavey Buser Neff M Seavey Anderson
Lev Shvarts King Mackey M Seavey Gatt M Seavey Schnuelle Neff R Smyth Anderson Buser
Greg Simpson Mackey Schnuelle Baker Gatt Steer King D Seavey Gebhardt R Smyth Neff
Barry Siragusa Buser Mackey King Gatt Schnuelle Haltmann Steer Gebhardt M Seavey Barron
Peter Sohlberg Gatt Mackey Anderson King Willomitzer M Seavey Lindner Haltmann Buser Jonrowe
Stu Stirrett M Seavey Mackey Baker R Smyth Gatt Anderson King Gebhardt Royer Steer
Cody Strathe Mackey King Schnuelle Gatt Cim Smyth Neff Steer Lindner Dan Kaduce D Seavey
Bud Streeper King Mackey Baker M Seavey Gatt Schnuelle Buser Gebhardt Neff D Seavey
Sherry Sutherby Barron Baker Gatt Mackey Cim Smyth Anderson Ryan Redington King Jonrowe Schnuelle
Thom Swan Mackey Schnuelle Anderson Buser Zirkle Gatt King Steer Jonrowe Neff
Mary Ellen  Theriault King D Seavey Mackey Steer Neff Anderson Schnuelle Gatt M Seavey Baker
Taisto Thorneus King Gatt Mackey Neff Schnuelle Anderson Baker Buser M Seavey Gebhardt
Josi Thyr Mackey Neff King Gatt M Seavey Barron Schnuelle Buser Steer Zirkle
Caleb Tysver Mackey Schnuelle King Buser M Seavey Neff Baker Anderson Gatt Ryan Redington
Julie Verrette King Mackey Gatt  Zirkle Steer  Anderson  Neff  Buser  Royer  Baker 
Emily Wade Gatt Mackey King Neff Buser Schnuelle Jonrowe Gebhardt Zirkle Baker
Garrett Warren King Mackey Gatt Anderson Barron Jonrowe Buser Gebhardt M Seavey Zirkle
Mike Webber Buser King Mackey Schnuelle M Seavey Gatt D Seavey Cim Smyth Gebhardt R Smyth
Jason Young King Schnuelle Baker Mackey Gatt M Seavey Cim Smyth D Seavey Steer Gebhardt

Thanks for playing!!

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