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Rides & Tours: Scandinavia

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Active Carelia
Martin Tolotto, North Carelia, Finland - Suomi
Phone: +358 40 842 36 67

Enjoy a great Active-Holiday in finlands most beautyful Natureresort. Dogsledding in the Winter and Hiking, Canoeing, Fishing and Houseboating in the Summer.

Bernhard Klammer, Kurkkiomaa, 99300  Muonio, Lappland, Finland
Phone: +358405457556, Fax: +35816533078

Leading in dogcare and sleddogtours.

Valentijn Beets, Lieksa, Pohjois Karjala FI 81650, Finland

Sleddog tours in Lapland and Karelia.

Hetta Huskies
Pasi Ikonen, Hetantie 211, Enontekiö 99400, Finland
Phone: +358505772762

Hetta Huskies is part of CAPE Lapland, Finland's Centre for Arctic and Polar Exploration. Based 300km inside the Arctic Circle, we offer both short and multi-day husky mushing adventures and our kennel is known for driving improvements in dog health and welfare standards.

Markku Rauhala, PPA 1 Rauhala, 96300 Muonio, Lapland , Finland
Phone/Fax: +358 16 522302
Mobile phone: +358 49 295613

Sled Dog Adventure in Finnish Lapland.

Inari, Lapland, Finland
Daria & Krzysztof Nowakowscy

Welcome to unforgettable sled dog tours and expeditions in Finnish Lapland. Beautiful, arctic landscapes, friendly dogs and amazing experiences.

Northern Star Wilderness Ranch & Biker Lodge
Sandro Schwander, North Carelia, Finland
Phone: 0407362630

This is north Carelia, a piece of earth, where pure nature is still reality. For people who like to explore wilderness - on a horse's back, with the bike, in a canoe or by foot. We give you the opportunity to experience holidays on a special way, nature-loving, active and still relaxing.

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Alaskan Husky Tours
Ketil Reitan, Narjordet, 2550 Os in Osterdal, Norway
Phone: (+47) 62498766
Fax:  (+47) 62498765

Husky tours and activity programs for individuals and groups up to 300 persons near Roros. Also dog cart, canoeing and fishing combination programs in the summer/fall.

Mountain King's Sledehundkennel
Terje Bråten, 2420 Trysil, Norway
Phone: (+47) 91717813
Fax:  (+47) 62455014

We have activities both winter and summer.   Welcome to an amazing dogsledding vacation in Trysil and experience Jack London`s adventures in real life.

Pathbreaker Sleddogkennel
Vegard Whittington Tengelsen, Skillegrind, Steinkjaer, Norway
Phone: +47 741 64 64 3
Fax: +47 741 64 64 3

Trips and tours in one of Norway's most remote wilderness areas.

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Active Lapland
Kiruna & Jukkasjärvi, Lapland 981 92, Sweden

Book online your sled dog trip in Swedish Lapland. Situated near Ice Hotel.

Aurora Borealis Adventures
Donald Eriksson & Maria Gustafsson, Ekorrsele 35, 922 91 Vindeln, Sweden
Phone/Fax: +46-933-630 55
Mobile: 0730 -933 076

Come and join us on a mushing expedition in Swedish Lapland. Each dogsledding trip with Aurora Borealis Adventures is a scenic, warm ride in a modern sled. The trails are well-maintained and the scenery is stunning in a snow covered Lapland.

Axe Handle Mountain
Graham Kent, Yxskaftkalen 6367, Stromsund, Sweden
Phone: +46 644 70005
Fax: +46 644 70005

Here at Axe Handle Mountain we have been teaching people to drive their own dogsleds for over 10 years. It is our full time occupation so you will not find us dodging off to another job during your stay! Our experienced staff will teach and guide you throughout your stay with us and we are well equipped to teach children as young as 7 years to drive their own sled so this becomes a true family experience.

Burning Snow
Michael Jeckel & Heike Kontermann, Arvidsjaur, Lappland, Sweden
Phone: 0046730875601

Combine exciting sleddog-adventures with a comfortable stay in our cozy lodge. You are heartily welcome.

Explore The North
Johan Vaisanen, Box 98, Kangos, Norrbotten, Sweden
Phone: 0046706261909

Great Sleddog Adventures in a total wilderness area.

Huskyfarm Björkilsätern
Wolfgang Herwig, Sunnemo, Värmland, 68395 Sweden
Phone: +46 563 92438

Guided summer and winter wilderness activities in Värmland/Sweden.

Husky Holiday
Anita & Manuel Wetter, Föllinge, Sweden
Phone: 0046705956717

Summer and winter adventures with huskies, horses and canoes, good food and lots of fun. Sleddog adventures for families.

Husky Tours
Kiruna, Sweden

Come and enjoy the ride of your life driving your own team of dogs in Europe's last wilderness! We offer various types of tours for all levels of experience from absolute beginners to the more advanced!

Hundeschlittentouren mit Ihrem Schweden-Spezialist
Gunilla Sjöberg, München
Phone: +49. 89. 9101282, Fax: +49. 89. 91059254

Hundeschlitten-Touren in Schweden und Norwegen nördlich des Polarkreises von Ihrem Schweden-Spezialist Sjöberg. Erleben Sie die Faszination der Wildnis!

Huskyranch Rivendell
Stefan och Annika Kost, Hagfors, Värmland 68391, Sweden
Phone: +46 725878963

Husky Tours with Siberian Huskies, Alaskan Huskies and Greenland dogs in the beautiful landscape of Värmland. Wilderness experience, wildlife and more...come and enjoy...short to very long trips (1 week and more). Drive your own dog team in the wilderness of Sweden.

Jet Abbink, Föllinge, Jämtland, Sweden

Jet-Sleddogs offers exclusive and demanding tours with dog sledding in the Jämtland mountains.

Kiruna Sleddog Tours
Mats Pettersson, 98134, Kiruna, Sweden
Phone: +46-980-14375
Fax: +46-980-14375

Kiruna Sleddog Tour is a outdoor company which handles sleddog tours, fishing and hunting in Europe's last wildernesss.

Kim Jonsson, Ripkullevägen, Sweden
Phone: +46(0)705 63 6440

Laplandhusky is a small adventure company offering unique sleddog tours in "Europe's last wilderness". We look primarily to private individuals who do not want to be out in a larger group, but want to experience the whole activity of nature and dogs more private.

Laplands Wolftrail
Steven Lietaer, Västerbottens Län, Sweden

Sleddog tours in Swedish Lapland for very small groups up to 3 people. One of the few Alaskan malamute touring kennels in Europe.

Magic Lapland AB Sweden
Patrick Willems, Vilhelmina, Lapland, Sweden
Phone: +46 730 84 76 92

Dogsledding tours in the Swedish Lapland. Mountains and forests tours. Tours also for families with children.

Norrsjön Adventure Camp
78069 Sörsjön, Sweden

Being active in the fantastic nature of Dalarna, where holidays are still boundless. In this fantastic area lays the No.1 musher camp of Sweden.

Nymånen Kennel & Studio
Birgitta Sandin, Auktsjaur 107, Arvidsjaur, Lapland, Sweden

Glassart and paintings with Siberian Husky motif. Sleddog safaris in Swedish Lapland.

Peakpoints Sled Dog Adventure
Peter Karlsson, Akra 43, Lima, Sweden
Phone: +46 28031102
Fax: +46 280 31102

Welcome to Sweden's largest wintersport area, Sälen, were we have our kennel and company. We work with mid and long distance Alaskan Huskies.

Roland Haggstrom, pl 628, Jokkmokk, Lappland, Sweden
Phone: +46 (0)70-328 51 13

Swedish Adventure company with sled dogs.

Red Fox Holidays

Adventures in Sweden - sled dogging, cross country skiing, snowkiting...and more

Detlef Herche, 79090 Särna, Öjvallberget 48, Sweden
Tel. & Fax: 0046 (0)280 84084
Mobil: 0046 (0)730501255

Sleddog tours.

Siberian Adventure's Outdoorteam
Jämtland, Strömsund, Sweden
Phone: 0046 670 22001

We offer outdoor activity like sleddog trips. You can drive your own sled, snowmobile safari, ice fishing, reindeer safari on the border of Lappland. For mushers we have the possibility to rent cabins and use the training trails, you can make as much km. as you want. If you want something which is not on our site, please contact us. Together we can plan your adventure.

The Silent Way – Nordic Wilderness Adventures
Kenneth Gjemmestad, Umnäs 48, 923 97 Slussfors Sweden
Phone: +46 95152043

Experience the mountains The Silent Way. Come close to our beautiful nature with your own team of dogs. Our Alaskan Huskies are very social and happy dogs, let them pull you through your adventure with star bright nights when the Northern Light are dancing for you, the sun reflecting the snow like millions of stars in rainbow colour on bright cold winter days. We mush from lode to lodge in Europe’s biggest Nature Reserve, Vindelfjällen. Take home unforgettable memories. All tours are guided.

Uno's Huskies - Drive your own dogteam in Sweden's southernmost wilderness
Uno Stenmyren, Box 25, 79192 Idre, Sweden
Phone: +46.253.20715
Fax: +46.253.20888

Im nordischen Winter mit dem eigenen Hundegespann durch die schneebedeckte Wildnis Skandinaviens zu fahren, wird zum unbeschreiblichen Erlebnis. Mit sechs bis acht Alaskan oder Siberian Huskies, einem stabilen Schlitten und den notwendigen Instruktionen wirst Du ausgerüstet, und dann geht es los - das Fjäll im Winter mit einem Hundegespann zu durchqueren, wird zum unvergeßlichen Erlebnis. Der Kopf wird frei von allen Gedanken während der Schlitten gleichmäßig und beinahe lautlos über den unberührten Schnee gleitet. Nur das Hecheln der Hunde und das leise Knirschen der Kufen durchbricht die atemberaubende Stille der einsamen Winterlandschaft.

Wildact Adventure Tours
Juerg Eugster, Arvidsjaur, Norrbotten, Sweden
Phone: +46 960 160 52
Fax: +46 960 160 52

The Best Huskytours in Lapland!

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