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Martina Delp

Martina Delp of Salcha, Alaska was accidentally electrocuted at her home,
Long Haul Kennel, on Friday, May 18, 2007.

Birthplace: Vienna, Austria
Hometown: Salcha, Alaska
Occupation: Heavy Equipment Operator & Veterinary Technician

Martina & her road graderMartina and big pike

Martina operated Long Haul Kennel as a no-kill shelter with a goal of educating people about northern breed dogs as working dogs and pets, offering programs and resources to strengthen the bond and enhance the relationship between animal and owner, promoting responsible pet ownership, retention, population control.

6/11/07: A message from the Brown Family

Once upon a time we met a beautiful young girl. Her name is Martina Delp. From the moment you met her or spoke with her you would get a feeling of overwhelming happiness. She was always happy. Martina possessed so many positive qualities and traits.

There aren't very many people in the world like Martina. Any one of us would only hope to be a tenth of the person she was. Martina marched to the beat of her own drum. She truly embodied individualism. When she set her mind to do something she did it; regardless of what anyone thought. A truly unique quality in this day and age.

Her passing is a very tragic event for those of us who knew her and loved her. She will be sorely missed. Until we meet again in Heaven, rest Martina, we love you.

The Brown Family ~ Ralph, Paula, Joey and Family, Becky and Family and Heather

6/8/07: A message from Grazia Ghiraldo, Padova, Italy:

I'm an Italian fiend of Martina's family. I was completely upset when Alice (Martina's sister) called me to say what happened. I couldn't believe her... I've not known so much about Martina during these last years and I'm sorry for this. I met her for the first time many years ago here in Italy. She was a little girl. I liked her immediately, she was so sensitive, kind, pleasant, intelligent and very patient (because of my terrible English). She was a real artist, she adored to draw in ink, especially caricatures. I remember one of them she made of an Austrian bus driver... I felt immediately a special connection with her because she WAS special. I imagined for her a life rich in happiness and satisfactions. When her mother informed me about her decision to live in Alaska with many dogs (I like them so much too, but I have only three) I wasn't amazed at all. When someone dies it's always hard, but when someone young dies such as Martina, it's more painful. There's a particular sadness. We wonder why. We think of all things incomplete, not done, not said, not lived and it's excruciating.

5/28/07: A message from Martina's brother, Bill:

My name is William W. Hayes ( DELP), Martina was my sister and I was totally shocked when my dad told me what happened. I remember when Martina was about 4-5 yrs old, how she would talk and talk both in German and English. I went down to visit my Dad. Bob and Inga in Ridgecrest CA when Martina was 12 or 13, the wonderful memory's that I have is how Martina and Inga would talk in German and laugh and carry on. Martina would talk and talk and she was very intelligent to boot. We would sit and discuss many things together as brother and sister. Another memory is when she came up here to Michigan to visit when she was driving semi-long haul. Me and my wife visited her at a local truck stop and had lunch, I remember her beautiful dogs she had with her. Even though it was a short visit, I will always remember that day. She was a wonderful, beautiful young woman. Sis, I will miss you and I will always have the fond memories in my heart until we meet on that final day, in heaven for the family reunion.

Love you Martina


Her first husky, Nosha, traveled all over the US and Canada with Martina in a tractor trailer, and was the dog that originally got her into husky rescue and mushing.

Martina and her animals had a great sense of humor and regularly contributed to the Sled Dog Central Fun Photo Album.  Here are a couple of our favorites.

RescuesDelp Lizard

You can learn more about Martina's life in her May 2006 SDC Interview

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