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Iditarod Prior Years' Links

Updated: 27 February 2015

2014 | 2013 | 2012 | 2011 | 2010

2014 Iditarod

Dallas Seavey wins in an unbelievable come-from-behind victory!
Aliy Zirkle second by 2 minutes.
Mitch Seavey third.
Joar Leifseth Ulsom fourth.

2014 Iditarod Top Five Contest
Contest is closed - winners are posted.

Musher Web Sites & Blogs

2014 News Articles

03/17/14: Buser wins Iditarod dog care award; Seavey's Beatle is top dog »
03/16/14: Despite rough trail, dogs fared well in 2014 Iditarod »
03/16/14: Speed, sleep deprivation and safety: Time to make today's Iditarod a stage race »
03/15/14: Red lantern arrives in Nome, ending Iditarod 2014 »
03/15/14: Fressineau takes Red Lantern by 35 seconds »
03/15/14: Julia O'Malley: A Q&A with Aliy Zirkle »
03/14/14: Iditarod musher: 'It really felt like I was abandoned,' but race official says SOS signal never activated »
03/14/14: Nicole Faille says Hugh Neff nearly died waiting for Iditarod rescue »
03/13/14: Iditarod teams slowly make their way along windy, icy trail to Nome »
03/12/14: Minnesotan, Alaskan duel for Iditarod rookie-of-year honors »
03/12/14: Despite head injury scares, Alaska mushers resist requiring helmets »
03/12/14: How fierce, bitter winds ended Jeff King's Iditarod »
03/12/14: Brutal Iditarod inspires bravery in dogs, drivers »
03/12/14: Battered and bruised Iditarod mushers stagger into Nome »
03/11/14: After brutally long day, Buser reaches Nome in 6th place »
03/11/14: More than howling winds, bad trail made this a nightmare Iditarod for Zirkle, other mushers »
03/11/14: When nature was at its worst, Dallas Seavey was at his best »
03/11/14: VIDEO: Musher Aliy Zirkle explains why she stopped in Safety during Iditarod 2014 »
03/11/14: After hours on the glare ice of Golovin Bay, Neff scratches »
03/11/14: In a finish for the ages, Dallas Seavey claims glory in Iditarod 2014 »
03/11/14: Dallas Seavey - 2014 Iditarod winner »
03/11/14: Dallas Seavey wins Iditarod by minutes over Zirkle in windstorm; King scratches in homestretch »
03/11/14: King scratches outside of Safety as Zirkle, Dallas Seavey duel for first »
03/10/14: Jeff King nears 5th Iditarod title. 'I'm going to try to catch him,' Zirkle says. »
03/10/14: Would fifth victory crown Jeff King as greatest Iditarod musher ever? »
03/10/14: King leaves White Mountain for push toward Iditarod finish line -- and new race records »
03/10/14: Forget trail, strategy, weather -- the best dogs win Iditarods »
03/10/14: Dallas Seavey talks Iditarod strategy at Kaltag checkpoint (VIDEO) »
03/10/14: Iditablog: King, Zirkle lead pack out of Elim »
03/09/14: King, Zirkle on record pace heading into homestretch »
03/09/14: If times hold, Iditarod on pace to shatter previous speed record »
03/09/14: Roaring from behind, King seizes Iditarod lead from Zirkle »
03/09/14: One minute separates Zirkle, King at Koyuk »
03/09/14: Race for Iditarod finish line is a tight one »
03/09/14: Behind superstar lead dog Quito, Zirkle working to protect her slim Iditarod lead »
03/09/14: Iditarod update: Zirkle, King lead the way out of Shaktoolik »
03/09/14: Iditarod leaders on blistering pace into Unalakleet »
03/08/14: Petit Scratches Just Outside of Unalakleet »
03/08/14: Record Iditarod pace has mushers on course to shatter John Baker’s 2011 time »
03/08/14: At Norton Sound coast, leaders prepare for Iditarod's last long push »
03/07/14: Like it or not, SOS button gives Iditarod mushers a safety net »
03/07/14: Zirkle passes Buser, leads the way to the Bering Sea coast »
03/07/14: Dawdling dog mushers; when is it time to send slowest mushers home? »
03/07/14: Iditarod brings touch of normalcy to flood-ravaged Galena »
03/07/14: Yukon Quest can learn from Iditarod, say mushers »
03/07/14: Lindner's plan: Mush to Nome, retire from Iditarod »
03/07/14: Ramey Smyth scratches in Ruby, citing illness on his team »
03/07/14: Iditablog: Zirkle first into Galena, earning $1,000 and a load of salmon »
03/06/14: Buser? Zirkle? Baker? Sorlie? Nearly a dozen mushers with a shot at victory »
03/06/14: Quest champ wonders if Iditarod lead dogs can sustain pace »
03/06/14: Buser arrives on Yukon River poised to regain Iditarod lead »
03/06/14: Iditarod leaders in Ruby and Cripple size up the competition »
03/06/14: Taking layover late in race is part of Jeff King's Iditarod plan »
03/06/14: Rare race tactic puts King in front »
03/06/14: In tiny Takotna, the pause that refreshes is an elixir for battered dog mushers »
03/06/14: Iditablog: King reaches Yukon River first, but his lead is an illusion »
03/04/14: Aussie musher chipper despite raucous trip across Farewell Burn »
03/05/14: Aaron Burmeister, Sonny Lindner, Jeff King plan next steps from Cripple checkpoint »
03/05/14: Jamaican musher helps Mushin' Mortician after accident »
03/05/14: Kotzebue's Keith takes on Iditarod, Ironman »
03/05/14: Mackey's missing, but not his dogs »
03/05/14: Burmeister in lead for midway gold; Buser back on the trail »
03/05/14: Zirkle aims for Iditarod title after narrow misses »
03/05/14: Iditablog: Linder leading charge to Cripple, Zirkle to layover in Takotna »
03/05/14: Iditarod musher flown to hospital after harrowing ordeal »
03/05/14: 11 mushers scratch, 1 withdrawn from Iditarod »
03/04/14: Petit pushes past Takotna to take Iditarod lead »
03/04/14: Toll climbs in Iditarod -- 10 knocked out of race on Tuesday »
03/04/14: Sonny Lindner leads Iditarod out of Ophir, toward halfway mark »
03/04/14: Buser's lead not as big as it appears in bruising I-dirt-arod »
03/04/14: Photos: Mushers navigate Dalzell Gorge on way to Rohn »
03/04/14: Gnarly trail brings top Iditarod mushers like Sorlie, Jonrowe to their knees »
03/04/14: Bruised Jonrowe scratches in Rohn; Buser limping in Nikolai after snowless trail »
03/04/14: Iditablog: Buser into Nikolai well head of pack »
03/03/14: Trail tough on Iditarod veterans and newcomers alike »
03/03/14: Will the early speed of Buser, Sorlie pay off -- or backfire later on? »
03/03/14: Iditarod mushers get into the nitty-gritty of 2014's rough trail »
03/03/14: Tales of trouble on the Iditarod "Steps" »
03/03/14: Zirkle joins Iditarod leader Buser on journey across Farewell Burn »
03/03/14: Mushing family a strong presence in Iditarod »
03/02/14: 3 key questions for race fans as Iditarod gets under way »
03/02/14: At usually snowy Finger Lake, ice prevails »
03/02/14: Ashes of Calif. man are with Jason Mackey on Iditarod Trail »
03/02/14: With new sled 'caboose,' a place for Iditarod dogs to take a break »
03/01/14: Take a ride on defending champ Mitch Seavey's sled »
03/01/14: Now the real race begins: Iditarod heads to Willow after sunny Anchorage preview »
03/01/14: Mushers build high-tech sleds for Iditarod edge »
03/01/14: Party atmosphere marks Iditarod's ceremonial start »
02/28/14: Determined musher DeeDee Jonrowe won't give in »
02/28/14: Iditarod® Launches The Official Iditarod Mobile App »
02/28/14: Iditarod sled dog race kicks off this weekend »
02/28/14: Where to watch Iditarod start »
02/27/14: Iditarod Willow Restart »
02/27/14: Mushers draw bibs, perform standup at annual iditarod »
02/27/14: New Zealand musher draws top starting position »
02/27/14: Anchorage heats up Thursday, hits record temperature »
02/27/14: Rough Iditarod Trail will dish out rocks, roots, trees, ice, and fragile ice bridges »
02/27/14: Aliy Zirkle dogs, doing what they do best »
02/26/14: Are Martin Buser's 'designer dogs' bred for a championship? »
02/26/14: Mushing pioneers' granddaughter, an Iditarod rookie, is ready to race »
02/25/14: Mike Williams Jr. carries on family dynasty of Iditarod racers »
02/25/14: Jeff King says he'll wear a helmet during part of Iditarod »
02/25/14: Love keeps Iditarod mushers connected to their Siberian huskies »
02/25/14: At 73, Jim Lanier is the oldest musher on the trail -- and among the toughest »
02/25/14: Iditarod comes to Huffman Elementary »
02/24/14: Iditarod musher DeeDee Jonrowe's unbridled determination »
02/24/14: Iditarod musher traded figure skates for dog-sled, kibble plates »
02/24/14: Snow said to have improved first sections of Iditarod Trail »
02/23/14: Alaska Dispatch Musher Profiles »
02/23/14: Conway Seavey wins Jr. Iditarod »
02/22/14: Bad weather in Southwest means training woes for Alaska's toughest mushers »
By crunching icy trail with groomers, Iditarod able to start in Willow »
Iditarod restart to stay in Willow »
Lack of snow and lots of ice cause concern among Iditarod mushers »
Musher Brent Sass bows out of Iditarod after head injury in Quest »
Ice, lack of snow along trail may mean misery for Iditarod, Iron Dog racers »
Mushers ponder Fairbanks Iditarod start »
Poor trail conditions could reroute Iditarod restart to Fairbanks »
Iditarod signs deal with Sportsman Channel »
Iditarod field mostly set, but notable names missing from 42nd race »
Kotzebue's Baker signs on for Last Great Race »
07/30/13: 2014 Iditarod mushers already signed up! »
Ex-Iditarod president pens a tell-all memoir »
4-time champ Lance Mackey will sit out next Iditarod, to rekindle passion »
Norway's Sorlie enters 2014 Iditarod »

2013 Iditarod


Mitch Seavey wins 2013 Iditarod - oldest musher to win
(Last year son, Dallas, was the youngest musher to win.)

Aliy Zirkle 2nd, Jeff King 3rd, Dallas Seavey 4th, Ray Redington Jr 5th

Mitch Seavey: 9 days, 7 hours, 39 minutes, 56 seconds
Aily Zirkle: 9 days, 8 hours, 3 minutes, 35 seconds
Jeff King: 9 days, 9 hours, 21 minutes, 56 seconds
Dallas Seavey: 9 days, 10 hours, 20 minutes, 51 seconds
Ray Redington, Jr.: 9 days, 11 hours, 4 minutes, 54 seconds.

2013 Iditarod Top Five Contest has closed!
Winners are listed.

An old conversation between Joe May & Cowboy Smith:

Said I, “winning Iditarod is a fleeting thing—by the time the hang-over wears off, the euphoria fades, and the money is gone—


/J. May


2013 News Articles

03/25/13: After painful trip to Nome, Iditarod musher faces daunting medical bills
03/18/13: Big Lake musher Berkowitz wins coveted Seppala award for dog care
03/18/13: Berkowitz wins Iditarod dog care award
03/17/13: Iditarod officially ends with Roalofs taking Red Lantern
03/14/13: Iditablog: Smyth's fast closing speed to Nome doesn't wipe out disappointment
03/14/13: The long journey home for May, the missing Iditarod sled dog
An old Iditarod dog's big moment in close race for 15th
03/13/13: Thrilling Iditarod to remember rewards determined mushers with patience
03/13/13: Iditarod champ Seavey delivers a win for the aged
03/12/13: Seavey outpaces Zirkle in one of closest Iditarod finishes ever
03/12/13: Topkok Shelter Cabin, Mitch 1st, Aliy 2nd
03/12/13: 3:41 PM Nome waits for champ
03/12/13: Forget Seavey vs. Zirkle: Iditarod comes down to Quito vs. Tanner, lead dogs supreme
03/12/13: Seavey, Zirkle begin dash to Nome
03/12/13: Very level playing field
03/12/13: At Topkok Hills, waiting for the leaders
03/12/13: 1:56PM Update White Mtn
03/12/13: 13:11 PM Seavey and Aliy to Nome
03/12/13: 11AM, activity in the front, Zirkle and Mitch prepare for final push
03/12/13: Iditarod 2013: It's Aliy vs. Mitch, a duel in the sun to glory in Nome
03/12/13: Elim morning scenes
03/12/13: Joar maintains presence in top Ten
03/12/13: 8am King up to checkpoint for nap
03/12/13: 6:38AM, Scene in the White Mountain checkpoint
03/12/13: Mitch 1st to White Mountain at 05:11 AM
03/12/13: 5AM checkpoint watching for lights on bend of Fish River
03/11/13: Lots of teams coming into Koyuk
03/11/13: Jake Berkowitz 7th into Koyuk
03/11/13: Eye on the Trail – Monday, Severe Clear in Unalakleet by Terrie Hanke
03/11/13: Champions think outside the box
03/11/13: 8:15AM King creates uncertainty, Mushes thru Koyuk
Jeff King takes lead out of Koyuk
03/11/13: Best Iditarod 2013 photos and videos - updated
03/10/13: 7.42 a.m. Mitch Seavey is in Koyuk 1st
03/10/13: Shaktoolik and Koyuk run
03/10/13: Dallas Seavey on why he won't repeat as champ in 2013 - video
03/10/13: 11PM Seavey into Shaktoolik—Fans in Koyuk look for lights on Norton Bay
03/10/13: Willomitzer back in race after his dog is found
03/10/13: Thrilling Iditarod finish likely as 8 teams jostle for victory on home stretch
03/10/13: Iditablog: 57-year-old Jeff King surges from behind to press Seavey
03/10/13: The Challengers have piled into Unalakleet
03/10/13: Unk—The case of the dueling mushers
03/10/13: 2PM King, Zirkle, Redington, Joar the Norwegian, arrive UNK
03/10/13: Mitch Seavey, in 1st place, watches the the chase pack on GPS
03/10/13: Mitch Seavey is first to Bering Sea coast; Burmeister close behind
03/10/13: Iditablog: Mitch Seavey takes Unalakleet gold
03/10/13: Tough run to Unalakleet
03/10/13: Big Push for the Gold Coast award
03/10/13: 7 am dont forget DL saving time—Burmeister, Seavey in lead
03/09/13: Iditablog: Saturday night scrum as a half-dozen teams battle for lead
03/09/13: Updates on Team Baker during the 2013 Iditarod Sled Dog Race
03/09/13: Martin Buser: 'I got the perfect wrong timing there (on the Yukon)' - video
03/09/13: Kaltag checkpoint shots
03/09/13: The winning team is laying there!
03/09/13: 9PM Unalakleet —Zirkle leads , but with her own plan
Buser's lead down to 73 minutes as pursuers reach Kaltag
03/09/13: Five-hour Iditarod lead vanishes along soupy snow-trail to Kaltag, Alaska
03/09/13: France native Nick Petit racing with Iditarod top dogs in only third year of mushing
03/09/13: Aliy Zirkle camped 8 miles before Kaltag
03/09/13: Martin is getting reeled in
03/09/13: 3 PM martin into Kaltag, pack close behind
03/09/13: 11:30 am trail report from Kaltag—Overflow, warm temps, test teams
03/09/13: Race News roundup 8AM, Saturday, from Anvik
03/09/13: Pictures from Eagle Island
03/09/13: Update from Eagle Island
03/09/13: Buser maintains sizable lead over Zirkle
03/08/13: Baker departs Anvik with 14
03/08/13: A rookie way out front: Joar Leifseth Ulsom, in Anvik
03/08/13: Buser's starting dash worked, he says, but challenges remain
03/08/13: Here some Grayling Checkpoint Scenes
03/08/13: Rested, from Iditarod: Mackey & Lindner
03/08/13: Iditarod fatigue: Seeing elephants in the snow
03/08/13: A bit of number crunching
03/08/13: Buser's drive for five Iditarod titles still on track
03/08/13: Graphic: Iditarod on record pace
03/08/13: Jessie Royer, Jeff King, John Baker on the Yukon
03/08/13: Noon in Anvik with the Ultimate Optimist
03/08/13: Sonny Lindner and Ken Anderson into Anvik
03/08/13: Catch-me-if-you-can Buser on record pace heading up Yukon River
03/08/13: Iditablog: Will beaver fever slow Buser's speedy dogs?
03/08/13: Lance Mackey: 'This will be the team to beat. Next year.'
03/08/13: 2013 Iditarod Day 6 Photos
03/08/13: Zirkle first into Grayling, but Buser feels in control of Iditarod
03/08/13: Fancy 3 a.m. dinner in Anvik - video
03/08/13: Martin Buser first Iditarod musher to reach Yukon River - Photos
03/08/13: Martin on Record pace, in at 2:17 am with 14 dogs
03/08/13: 3:07 AM Martin sits at the front of Pack in Anvik
03/08/13: Iditablog: Bells welcome Buser to Yukon River firmly in control of race
03/08/13: Iditarod 2013 - Wet wakeup call along warm trail
03/07/13: Iditarod notebook: Buser in lead as pack heads to Yukon
03/07/13: Chase pack pursues Buser as race heads toward Yukon River
03/07/13: A look on the current Top 10
03/07/13: Aaron Burmeister has the fastest team on the trail
03/07/13: Iditablog: Martin Buser reclaims lead leaving Iditarod
03/07/13: For Iditarod rookies, some surprises and tough lessons
03/07/13: Best Iditarod 2013 photo galleries and videos
03/07/13: Iditablog: Plucky Takotna solves its missing-pie-filling crisis
03/07/13: Iditarod Photos: Pictures Of Dogs, Mushers From 'The Last Great Race' In Alaska
03/07/13: Buser on the move and a winter storm brewing
03/07/13: Their 24-hour rests done, frontrunners hit the Iditarod trail again in Takotna
03/06/13: Buser: Four-time Iditarod champ hopes early risk pays off in winner's circle
03/06/13: Four-time champion Mackey is first to reach race's halfway mark
03/06/13: Mackey strikes gold in Iditarod as first musher to reach halfway point
03/06/13: Iditarod notebook: How Kid Rock saved a rookie's race
03/06/13: Love of sport, not money, draws Iditarod mushers
03/06/13: Old Man Weather Enters Iditarod
03/06/13: Lindner passes Mackey, zeroes in on halfway prize of $3,000 in gold
03/06/13: Iditablog: Musher Smyth seething after rookie vet pulls his lead dog
03/06/13: Many unconventional strategies
03/06/13: Resting In Takotna - Strategies Continue
03/06/13: Mackey sets sights on midway Iditarod gold, 24-hour layover
03/06/13: Mackey leaves into dark night at 3AM, King ready to follow
03/05/13: Eye on the Trail: Mikhail Telpin on Through Skwentna by Terrie Hanke
03/05/13: Berkowitz steals lead from Burmeister in Takotna
03/05/13: Buser unleashes Iditarod strategy that was 8 months in the making
03/05/13: Who's the toughest Iditarod musher -- and why?
03/05/13: Above the trail, Iditarod Air Force manages unwieldy race to Nome
03/05/13: Iditablog: Mushers trying to throttle back blistering early pace
03/05/13: Iditarod live: Buser planned secret strategy for eight months
03/05/13: Burmeister clings to first, sprints toward McGrath with 15 dogs
03/05/13: Buser's bold Iditarod move may prove a stroke of genius
03/05/13: Iditablog: Population explosion in small Alaska village of Nikolai
03/05/13: Buser gives up lead, rests after blistering Iditarod run
03/05/13: Burmeister leads string of mushers across Burn
03/05/13: Iditablog: Mushing mortician scratches, again with serious dog woes
03/04/13: After speedy run to Rohn, Buser takes layover early
03/04/13: Iditarod notebook: Mushers test-drive 'pee pants'
03/04/13: Sled-dog dynasties, like all dynasties, are doomed to decline
03/04/13: Demoski back in Iditarod for first time since 1985
03/04/13: Gebhardt, Zirkle lead race out of Rohn; Janssen scratches
03/04/13: As Buser rests in Rohn, dozens of racers zip past the 4-time champ
03/04/13: Arduous Iditarod demands mushers' tactics, tricks
03/04/13: Big chase pack follows Buser toward Rohn
03/04/13: Dallas Seavey drops 2 dogs at Finger Lake
03/04/13: Is speedy Buser afflicted with Iditarod Amnesia? Or just cagey?
Fast-moving Martin Buser alone at Rainy Pass
03/04/13: Iditarod 2013 updates: Buser hours ahead at Puntilla
03/03/13: Mackey will be chased on the trail by a film crew
03/03/13: How's Alaska's Iditarod Trail this year? Call it a snowy superhighway to Nikolai
03/03/13: Iditarod mushers blast out of Willow
03/03/13: Iditarod Live: Restart in Willow
03/02/13: Let the real Iditarod begin, with champs, rookies, young and old competing
And they're off: 66 mushers begin trip to Nome
03/02/13: Ceremonial start kicks off Iditarod in Anchorage
03/02/13: Iditarod 2013 Musher Portraits
03/01/13: Channel 2 to Air In-Depth 2013 Iditarod Coverage
03/01/13: Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race: Mushers to watch
03/01/13: Mushers, dogs line up for Alaska's Iditarod race
03/01/13: What you need to know for viewing Iditarod start, restart
02/28/13: Banquet gives Iditarod hopefuls last chance to size up competition
02/28/13: Buser to lead Iditarod pack out of Anchorage
02/27/13: Armed with technology, Jonrowe bids for elusive Iditarod win
02/26/13: Petit's fuzzy pet doesn't hit the Iditarod Trail but he provides plenty of support
Handlers perform unglamorous tasks, but mushers would be lost without them on race day
02/26/13: Mushers learn quickly that they can't wait for an ideal winter day to run their dogs
02/25/13: Iditarod rookie runs city slickers
02/25/13: ADN Photos: Iditarod rookie Christine Roalofs
02/24/13: New Yorker takes Jr. Iditarod crown
02/24/13: New Yorker tops mob of mushing Alaska teens in Jr. Iditarod
Seavey, Seavey handler set pace in Junior Iditarod
02/21/13: Could Rohn Buser's Iditarod withdrawal change his father's chances?
Iditarod countdown: Rohn Buser withdraws from 2013 race
02/19/13: How science of Iditarod dogs saves soldiers' lives
02/14/13: Five-time champion Rick Swenson drops from 2013 Iditarod field
02/12/13: Interior Alaska mushers prepare for the Iditarod
ADN is looking for nominations for the Iditarod Hall of Fame
2013 Iditarod: straw ready for the trail
02/05/13: Weather isn't cooperating with mushers ahead of Iditarod
12/13/12: Mihkail Tel'pin is on the trails again: Iditarod-2013

Dallas Seavey crowned youngest Iditarod champ in history »
Aliy Zirkle 2nd, Ramey Smyth 3rd

SDC Top 5 2012 Iditarod Teams Contest
Winners are listed.


2012 News Articles

3/20/12: NPR Interview: For Iditarod Winner, A Legacy Of Loving Dogs
3/20/12: An exorcism of dog-racing demons on Alaska's Iditarod Trail
3/20/12: Reader Submitted Photos: 2012 Iditarod
3/19/12: Evolution of the Iditarod
3/19/12: No dog deaths in 2012 Iditarod
3/19/12: Iditarod ends with Steves taking the Red Lantern

3/18/12: Iditarod to art: First Alaska Native woman to race, Rose Albert overcomes obstacles to succeed at both
3/18/12: Jonrowe wins dog care award; Mackey honored for sportsmanship
3/18/12: With closing kick, Dan Seavey joins son, Iditarod champ grandson in Nome
3/16/12: Armchair Musher: Sebastian Schnuelle - Patience is the name of the game
3/16/12: Third-place Ramey Smyth: 'I almost didn't get to the start line'
3/16/12: Iditarod turned disastrous for former champs like Swenson, Mackey, King
3/15/12: What makes Iditarod dogs perfect endurance athletes?
3/15/12: Mackey: 'It wasn't the stellar performance I was expecting'
3/15/12: WATCH: Father and son Busers stage a photo finish
3/15/12: Brent Sass wins Iditarod Rookie of the Year
3/14/12: Top rookie: Salmon-fueled Sass is a musher to watch
3/14/12: Iditarod's Top 12 represent a changing of the guard
3/14/12: Dallas Seavey claims victory in Iditarod 40
3/14/12: New dogs seize Iditarod's winner circle
3/13/12: Video: Aliy & Dallas catch up after a historic Iditarod
Dallas Seavey crowned youngest Iditarod champ in history
3/13/12: 5pm Tuesday Nome–Dallas widens gap on following Pack by Joe Runyan
3/13/12: Just one champion, but many victories in this Iditarod
3/13/12: You want to be a musher?

3/13/12: Iditarod musher from Illinois credited with saving child
3/13/12: Focused Smyth doesn't waste a second in pursuit of Zirkle
3/13/12: Grumpy mushers make for grumpy sled dogs
3/13/12: 8:22 a.m. Seavey out of White Mountain with Nine huskies, Guiness in lead by Joe Runyan
3/13/12: 7 a.m. Tuesday in White Mountain—Wake up call—-Stacked in Shak by Joe Runyan
3/12/12: Dallas Seavey Hanging On To Small Lead
3/12/12: Mitch Seavey: '(Dallas)' has it sewn up'
3/12/12: Out of nowhere, Ramey Smyth just 6 miles behind Iditarod leaders
3/12/12: Aliy Zirkle into Elim, parks team royally on bed of straw, at 3 51 PM by Joe Runyan
3/12/12: Armchair Musher: Sebastian Schnuelle -The push up the coast
3/12/12: Photos: Iditarod 2012 - The race comes to Koyuk
3/12/12: How the final miles to Nome should play out for Seavey, Zirkle, others
3/12/12: On the Iditarod Trail, recalling a mom named Susan Butcher
3/12/12: Day 9: Seavey's lead at 96 minutes in Koyuk
3/11/12: What's a 'tough trail' for Iditarod leaders?
3/12/12: 3Am Koyuk—-Unusually Calm, lights on the ice, Seavey the Younger approaches Koyuk by Joe Runyan
3/11/12: Armchair Musher: Sebastian Schnuelle - The race on the coast is on
3/11/12: Dallas Seavey appears in solid control of wild Iditarod race
3/11/12: Four-time champ Jeff King scratches after dog sitdown near Unalakleet
3/11/12: Day 8: Seavey leaves Shaktoolik in lead; nobody follows
3/11/12: Despite Zirkle's lead, Dallas Seavey controls Iditarod race
3/11/12: Trail takes toll: King, Berkowitz, Cadzow all gone from race
3/11/12: Iditarod contenders falling like flies as race nears Nome
3/11/12: Hot mushers of the cold 2012 Iditarod Trail
3/11/12: Day 8: With Seavey revving up, the end-game begins
3/11/12: 10AM UNK Sunday—Zirkle, Seavey the Younger, Burmeister, and Baker to Unk by Joe Runyan
3/11/12: Analyst: One tactic that could win the 2012 Iditarod
3/10/12: Lance Mackey Interview – March 10, 2012
3/10/12: In Kaltag: Zirkle and Baker Interviews
3/11/12: Day 8: Zirkle strikes gold in Unalakleet
3/10/12: Iditarod reign of Lance Mackey comes tumbling down
3/10/12: Armchair Musher: Sebastian Schnuelle - Nulato sees a blast of mushers midday
3/10/12: Chugiak man who ran 1973 Iditarod, writes book on race's history
3/10/12: Day 7: Baker, Mitch Seavey into Kaltag
3/10/12: Musher scratches / Gloria Gaynor fix on the trail
3/10/12: 6 AM Sat. March 10—Zirkle leads pack to Kaltag—controls race by Joe Runyan
3/10/12: Day 7: Zirkle in control but King on the move
3/09/12: Sorry, Mackey fans. Former champ says he can't win
3/09/12: Armchair Musher: Sebastian Schnuelle - Yukon thoughts
3/09/12: Noon in Ruby, King and Burmeister remain in the game by Joe Runyan
3/09/12: When puppy love goes wrong
3/09/12: Iditarod frontrunners test competing race strategies ahead of Yukon River
3/09/12: Zirkle passes Seaveys again, reclaims Iditarod lead
3/09/12: VIDEO: Dallas Seavey plans his big move
3/09/12: VIDEO: 'More power to women!' fan tells Zirkle
3/08/12: How Jim Lanier decided to go for the gold
3/09/12: Mitch Seavey first into Ruby, but plans a long rest
3/09/12: Day 6: Mitch Seavey first to Ruby, with son on his heels
3/08/12: 7pm Ruby–gateway to the Yukon—waiting for arrival of lead pack—Seavey holds court by Joe Runyan
3/08/12: AUDIO: Ryan Redington to scratch in Takotna. 'It's best if we go home now'
3/08/12: Father and son find golden silence at Iditarod's Ophir checkpoint
3/08/12: Photos: Iditarod 2012 -- Life in Ophir
3/08/12: 6am Cripple—Seavey leads pack to Cripple—Herbst and Lanier looking for gold by Joe Runyan
3/08/12: Iditarod leaders out of Takotna within minutes of each other
3/08/12: Another scratch? Ryan Redington says he may call it quits in Takotna
3/07/12: Leaders talk of smooth trail and warm days
3/07/12: Wed Taktona, then to Cripple by Joe Runyan
3/07/12: Armchair Musher: Sebastian Schnuelle - Dogs first
3/07/12: ADN Takotna Slideshow
3/07/12: 10 am Wed TAKOTNA —Mushers retire for a respite from the rigors of the trail - Joe Runyan
3/07/12: Day 4: Who will leave Takotna first?
3/07/12: 1AM Wed—Takotna—Mushers Rest in Takotna for 24 Hour Mandatory – By Joe Runyan
3/07/12: Iditarod front-runners put pedal to mettle
3/07/12: Day 4: While leaders pause in Takotna, Mackey stays in McGrath
3/07/12: 'Mushing Mortician' gives mouth-to-snout CPR after dog collapses
3/06/12: Three generations of Seaveys tackle Iditarod
3/06/12: A near-death experience for dog in runaway Iditarod Trail team
3/06/12: 'No longer the Lance show' as Zirkle, Baker bolt from Nikolai
3/06/12: Behind full strings of feisty dogs, Zirkle and Baker bolt for McGrath
3/06/12: Cagey musher race-rest Iditarod strategies revealed
3/05/12: Lightweight Iditarod teams rewarded in heavy snows
3/05/12: Feeding furry fuel tanks
3/05/12: Zirkle hangs on to Iditarod lead, Baker close behind
3/05/12: Day 2: Zirkle seizes lead at Rohn
3/05/12: Iditarod's notorious Happy River Steps more mild than mean
3/05/12: 74-year-old musher schools puppies on the Iditarod trail
3/05/12: 2011 Iditarod champ says he couldn't quit on Native people
3/05/12: Iditarod begins with Redington Jr. out front
3/04/12: Mush-a-holics: How to follow Iditarod 2012 without falling into trap
3/04/12: 2012 Iditarod under way from Willow
3/04/12: 40th Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race gets under way in Alaska
3/03/12: Iditarod officials change route, add infamous Happy River Steps
3/03/12: Mackey: 'People think that I'm on a downhill spiral'
3/03/12: Jonrowe understands her Idita-Rider's plight
3/03/12: ADN | Slideshow Ceremonial Start
3/03/12: Iditarod ceremonial start today in Anchorage
3/03/12: Iditarod 2012: The Last Great Race roars through streets of Anchorage
3/03/12: Things to know about this year's Iditarod sled dog race
3/02/12: Iditarod 2012: Meet the mushers
3/02/12: Iditarod's sister act: Twins to hit the trail
3/02/12: Showtime on Fourth Avenue
3/02/12: Mushers, dogs set for ceremonial Iditarod start
3/02/12: 12 Interior Alaska mushers to start Iditarod
3/02/12: Contenders set to run Alaska's 1,000-mile Iditarod

3/02/12: Iditarod co-founder's grandsons pull first, final starting spots in race
3/01/12: Can Lance Mackey win a fifth title or is the Iditarod dynasty over?
3/01/12: Musha Rhymes: Team Mackey moves to conquer sled dog hip-hop
2/29/12: Photos: 2012 Idiarod vet checks
2/28/12: How do mushers decide which 16 dogs make the cut?
2/28/12: No kennel cough shot? No race.
2/27/12: It takes a leader
2/27/12: Born to run in front
2/27/12: Dogs you know by 1st name
2/27/12: ADN Photo Gallery - Historic Iditarod: pre-1990

2/23/12: How Iditarod dogs outrun Grim Reaper
2/10/12: A son replaces his father on the Iditarod trail

2011 Iditarod


John Baker wins 2011 Iditarod in record time!
8 days, 18 hours, 46 minutes
Ramey Smyth 2nd | Hans Gatt 3rd | Dallas Seavey 4th | Hugh Neff 5th

2011 News Articles

John Gomes Photos of the Ceremonial Start »

2011 Start Order
2 Jonrowe DeeDee Veteran 
3 Redington Jr Ray  Veteran 
4 Herbst Trent  Veteran 
5 Moore Allen  Veteran 
6 Marshall Newton  Veteran 
7 Berington Kristy  Veteran 
8 Hoffman Kris  Rookie 
9 DeNure Zoya  Veteran 
10 Bundtzen Robert  Veteran 
11 Buser Martin  Veteran 
12 Owens Melissa  Veteran 
13 Linton Bruce  Veteran 
14 Petit Nicolas  Rookie 
15 Storey Bob  Rookie 
16 Bailey Jodi  Rookie 
17 Mackey Lance  Veteran 
18 Zirkle Aliy  Veteran 
19 Taggart Angie  Rookie 
20 Griffin Kelley Veteran 
21 Seavey Dallas  Veteran 
22 Kaltenborn Magnus  Rookie 
23 Gatt Hans  Veteran 
24 Snodgrass Billy  Veteran 
25 Thurston Tom  Veteran 
26 Halverson Ellen  Veteran 
27 Santos Mike  Rookie 
28 Seavey Mitch  Veteran 
29 Currier Judy  Veteran 
30 Smyth Ramey  Veteran 
31 Schnuelle Sebastian  Veteran 
32 Janssen Scott  Rookie 
33 Willomitzer Gerry  Veteran 
34 Gebhardt Paul  Veteran 
35 Neff Hugh  Veteran 
36 Hendricks Jessica  Veteran 
37 Hendrickson Karin  Veteran 
38 McDonald Wattie  Veteran 
39 Phillips Michelle  Veteran 
40 Jones G.B.  Veteran 
41 Williams, Jr. Michael Veteran 
42 Clarke Lachlan  Veteran 
43 Anderson Ken  Veteran 
44 Norden Brennan  Rookie 
45 Haltmann Sven  Veteran 
46 Johnson Paul  Veteran 
47 Barnum Kirk  Veteran 
48 Carter Cain  Rookie 
49 Swenson Rick  Veteran 
50 Siirtola Heather  Veteran 
51 Nelson Robert Veteran 
52 Lindner Sonny  Veteran 
53 Baker John  Veteran 
54 Kaiser Peter  Veteran 
55 Maixner Kelly  Rookie 
56 Stielstra Ed  Veteran 
57 Bardoner James  Rookie 
58 Royer Jessie  Veteran 
59 Smyth Cim  Veteran 
60 Giblin Matt  Veteran 
61 Hayashida Matt  Veteran 
62 Sousa Gerald  Veteran 
63 Savidis Justin  Rookie 

03/28/11: Baker's Iditarod run a win for villages »
03/22/11: Iditarod champ returns home to Kotzebue parade »
03/22/11: Mushing couple wins sportsmanship, humanitarian awards »
03/20/11: Last 2011 Iditarod musher reaches finish line »
03/19/11: Young musher reflects on winning Junior Iditarod »

03/18/11: Welcome Home to Kotzebue's Conquering Hero! »
03/18/11: Cain Carter, stepson of Lance Mackey, calls Iditarod the ‘experience of a lifetime’ »
03/18/11: Two Rivers musher helps fellow Iditarod racer in need »
03/18/11: Village mushers and women finished strong this year »
03/17/11: Chatanika rookie finishes back-to-back mushing marathons »
03/16/11: Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race Index »
03/16/11: Lance Mackey: 'I'll be back.' But will Baker? »
03/16/11: Iditarod speed demons by design? »
03/15/11: John Baker wins Iditarod in record time »
Video: John Baker on his team's speed & Ramey Smyth »
03/15/11: Last leg to Nome: 'It's definitely a dog race!' »
03/14/11: Iditarod 2011 too close to call »
03/14/11: Baker could be first Native Iditarod champ in decades »
03/14/11: Baker, Smyth gearing up for last Iditarod push »
03/14/11: Baker on pace to scorch Iditarod record »
03/14/11: Baker clings to Iditarod lead »
03/13/11: Iditarod: 45 minutes separate top 3 teams »
03/13/11: Veteran John Baker maintains Iditarod lead »
03/13/11: No sleep, long run, take toll on mushers »
03/13/11: Iditarod's Baker glides to the coast »
03/13/11: Day 8: Baker keeps driving, heads to Koyuk »
03/13/11: Baker's tough coast dogs lead out of Kaltag »
03/12/11: Defending Iditarod champion Lance Mackey concedes 2011 race »
03/12/11: Iditarod racers headed to Bering Sea coast with Baker commanding lead »
03/12/11: Iditarod musher John Baker grabs nearly two-hour lead; Jamaican musher scratches »
03/12/11: Day 7: Smyth in second, slices into Baker's lead »
03/12/11: Baker seizes control; Smyth makes a move »
03:12/11: Short on leaders, Judy Currier says she'll scratch »
03:12:11: Neff and Mackey - friendly rivalry »
03/11/11: Sometime triathlete DeeDee Jonrowe survives Idit-a-swim »
03/11/11: John Baker moves to the Iditarod front »
03/11/11: Mackey in Anvik: "In my opinion Martin's out" »
03/11/11: Is there is a new Hugh Neff on the trail? »
03/11/11: Sled bobblehead: Buser fights to stay awake »
03/11/11: Schnuelle in Iditarod lead, Gatt close behind »
03/11/11: Hugh Neff first to the Yukon River »
03/11/11: Buser slips to 5th place »
03/11/11: Four-time Iditarod champ Buser slowing »
03/10/11: Schnuelle scoots through Iditarod to grab lead »
03/10/11: Schnuelle takes slim lead as fast trail gives way to slow snow »
03/10/11: Mushin' mortician hits Takotna »
03/10/11: Jodi Bailey: Don't worry mom! »
03/10/11: Buser seizes control of the Iditarod »
03/10/11: Injury fells Iditarod contender Mitch Seavey »
03/10/11: Rough trail lies in wait past Iditarod »
03/09/11: As layovers end, the big dogs are ready to race »
03/09/11: Another Iditarod surprise emerges »
03/09/11: Video: Sebastian Schnuelle on kennel cough »
03/09/11: Musher scratches after resuscitating dog on the trail »
03/09/11: Which team will try a 12-hour Iditarod sprint? »
03/09/11: USA Today asks: Is the Iditarod sport or torture? »
03/09/11: Day 4: Four reach Ophir; top teams still in Takotna »
03/08/11: Pivotal moment dead ahead in Iditarod 2011 »
03/08/11: Buser leads Iditarod to Takotna »
03/08/11: Warmth, pace, illness slow some top teams »
03/08/11: Mackey down to 12 dogs: 'It doesn’t look too promising at this time.' »
03/08/11: 2011 Iditarod Day 3: Nikolai: ADN Iditarod photos »
03/08/11: Mushers suspect kennel cough on the trail »
03/08/11: Iditarod 2011: Top five to the front across Nikolai Burn »
03/08/11: Trail is 'one of the best ever," Buser says »
03/08/11: Iditarod leaders beating record pace over first 200 miles »
03/07/11: Big-name mushers suffer crazy day on the trail »
03/07/11: Iditarod 2011: Convergence in Rohn »
03/07/11: 'Mayor of Rohn' missing this Last Great Race »
03/07/11: Bumpy ride bruises veteran Iditarod musher »
03/07/11: Day One: Top mushers flying after wild day »
03/07/11: Fast trails reported to Rainy Pass »
03/06/11: Famed sled dog race gets under way in Alaska - »
03/05/11: 2011 Iditarod ceremonial start video »
03/05/11: 'Mushin' Mortician' believes mental toughness gives him an edge »
03/05/11: Lance Mackey wants to add another win to his resume »
03/04/11: Most of the pack Iditatough in the Lance Mackey mold »
03/04/11: Interior Alaska sends 16 mushers to the Iditarod »
03/04/11: Can Lance Mackey make it 5 Iditarod championships in a row? »
03/04/11: The Sled Blog : Meet the Sled Dogs: Zoya & Sebe »
03/04/11: Jonrowe, Redington Jr. draw first official spots »
03/04/11: Racing longer, dogs stronger »
03/04/11: Mackey's healthy and optimistic »
03/03/11: The Sled Blog : Meet the Sled Dogs: General Thelma »
03/03/11: Aging racers: Five decades and still going »
03/02/11: Will a rookie make mushing history? »
03/02/11: The Sled Blog : Notebook: The rookie retiree »
03/02/11: Iditarod 2011: Doggie doctors get down to business »
03/02/11: Meet the sled dogs: Sebastian & Skunk »
03/01/11: Lance Mackey’s tough old gal »
03/01/11: The Sled Blog : Iditarod keeps $75,000 of TSA money »
03/01/11: Iditarod coverage switches to GCI »
03/01/11: Drug testing returns ... with a twist »
02/28/11: Young guns ready to challenge their elders on race to Nome »
02/28/11: King and the Iditarod: View from the sidelines »
02/27/11: Lance Mackey, the musher with all the magic »
02/23/11: CKRW Hans Gatt Interview »
02/23/11: Despite frostbite, Gatt says he's in the Iditarod to win »
02/17/11: Iditarod mushers to be allowed GPS »
02/16/11: Iditarod drop bags sorted for shipping »

2010 Iditarod


Mackey wins 4th straight
Hans Gatt 2nd


2010 News Articles

3/24/10: Iditarod mushers test negative for illegal drugs »
3/21/10: Schnuelle wins humanitarian award for dog care »
3/20/10: Sometimes even the fit fail on the Iditarod Trail »
3/18/10: More Interior mushers cross Iditarod finish line »
Trail has tales beyond winner hitting Nome »
3/17/10: Iditarod history repeats itself: Mackey wins 4th straight »
3/17/10: Gatt’s speed closes gap, earns second place »
3/16/10: Mackey out of Safety — next stop, Nome »

3/16/10: Mackey hours from record 4th straight win »
3/16/10: Gatt and King at the dinner table »
3/16/10: Leaders arrive in White Mountain »
3/15/10: Races within the race heat up »
3/15/10: Behind Mackey, surgers and strugglers »
3/15/10: Mackey extends Iditarod lead; Gatt moves into second place »
3/15/10: Gatt will leave Elim ahead of King »
3/15/10: Mackey rushes in, out of Elim »
3/15/10: Do we turn out the lights? Is the party over? »
3/15/10: Expect finish by midday Tuesday »
3/15/10: Into the homestretch, odds favor Mackey »
3/14/10: Missing dog finally shows up in McGrath »
3/14/10: Unalakleet's mushing mayor on trail »
3/14/10: Four-way hunt for first at Unalakleet »
3/14/10: Mackey's gamble (Updated with Mackey, King leaving Unalakleet) »
3/14/10: Race heats up as Mackey passes King »
3/14/10: Analysis: Mackey doing what he does best »
3/13/10: Jamaican having hoot on the Iditarod Trail »
3/13/10: Chest cold, cold temps dog Kasilof musher »
3/13/10: Deja vu as Mackey passes King at Kaltag »
3/13/10: Love for sport, not money, drives Alaska mushers »
3/13/10: Mackey skips resting, passes King at Kaltag »
3/13/10: Rookie's dog goes missing near McGrath »
3/12/10: Anchorage rookie yearns for Nome »
3/12/10: Iditarod laggers have dreams, too »
3/12/10: Jon Little: 'Huge pack of talent' not far behind King »

3/12/10: King in command, but the pack is close behind »
3/12/10: Young Seavey has drive - and sweet dogs »
3/11/10: From Thai to Twinkies: Iditarod racers go gourmet on trail »
3/11/10: King, Mackey lead pack out of Cripple »
3/11/10: Sportsmanship alive and well on the trail »
3/11/10: Pack of icons bears down on leaders »
3/10/10: Battered but not beaten, mushers and dogs rest »
3/10/10: Baker delays 24-hour rest, eyes halfway prize »
3/10/10: Sixth musher scratches in Rohn »
3/10/10: Yukon Quest champion Gatt is first to Ophir »
3/09/10: Crash ends Iditarod dream for ailing rookie »
3/09/10: Farewell Burn rough, but better than expected »
3/09/10: Four mushers put Nikolai in rear-view mirror »
3/09/10: Four mushers drop out of Iditarod »
3/08/10: Mackey out to prove the naysayers wrong »
3/08/10: Gebhardt leads the pack out of Rohn »
3/08/10: Mushers face big challenges on way to McGrath »
3/08/10: Gebhardt first into Rainy Pass checkpoint »
3/08/10: 29-pound lead dog has right stuff »
3/08/10: Fiedler leads into Finger Lake »
3/07/10: First racers reach Skwentna »
3/07/10: Hoopla ends, and race to Nome begins »
3/06/10: Thousands view ceremonial Iditarod start » (lots of photos)
3/06/10: Iditarod race festivities begin in Anchorage »

3/06/10: The Iditarod is on, mon! » (featured on the CNN homepage)
3/06/10: Iditarod champs face talented rookies »
3/05/10: 'Last Great Race' casts its spell »

3/05/10: 2010 Iditarod begins amid money woes »
3/05/10: Mushers expect rough ride along Farewell Burn »
3/05/10: Linwood Fiedler will lead pack out of Anchorage »
3/05/10: Iditarod 38 start list »
3/05/10: Jonrowe's mother to undergo cancer surgery »
3/04/10: Iditarod winner's take slashed nearly 20 000 »
3/04/10: Dick Mackey Rick Swenson share memories of 1978 »
3/03/10: Jamaica? Iditarod? Mush mon! »
3/02/10: Iditarod champ Mackey looks to other mushing circuits in 2011 »
3/02/10: From fashion runways to Alaska trails: Ex-model returns to Iditarod »
3/01/10: Lost dog returned to Mackey »
2/27/10: Like father, like son »
2/27/10: Champions race champions »
2/25/10: Lance Mackey: 'This is the last year I’m doing Quest and the Iditarod in the same year.' »

Iditarod Books

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