2004 Iditarod Sketch Pad

Jon & Jona Van Zyle's exclusive sketches, stories from the trail

Artist Jon Van Zyle is inducted into the 2004 Anchorage Daily News Iditarod Hall of Fame....
Lighting the way
2004 Iditarod Poster
Jon Jona Van Zyle
Jon & Jona Van Zyle
Sneaking Out
2004 Mush Poster

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Main Page Meet Jon & Jona Introduction Bootie Call Drop Bag Delivery Day Vet Check Jr. Iditarod
3/7 Iditarod Restart 3/8 Trail Notes 3/9 Rohn to Takotna 3/10 Takotna a.m. 3/10 Takotna p.m.
3/11 Takotna 3/14 Unalakleet 3/15-16 Unalakleet 3/16 Unalakleet
3/17 Unalakleet to Nome 3/19 Nome 3/20 Nome Finish Line Group Photo
Jona's Reflections

Sled Dog Central Exclusive!!

Jon & Jona Van Zyle's 2004 Iditarod Sketch Pad

We are proud to announce that Sled Dog Central has been selected to bring you exclusive coverage of the 2004 Iditarod through the eyes of Jon and Jona Van Zyle.

Live your Iditarod Dream through authentic art and stories from the 2004 Iditarod trail.

As the official artist of Iditarod, Jon's posters have introduced millions to this epic Alaskan adventure!
You're invited to travel the 2004 trail through Jon's sketches and Jona's words...

Get ready for the trip of a lifetime....as Jon and Jona bring the trail to life!

Artist Jon Van Zyle inducted to Anchorage Daily News Iditarod Hall of Fame

Meet Jon & Jona | Introduction to the 2004 Iditarod Sketch Pad

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2004 Jon & Jona Van Zyle
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