1998 Fairbanks/Two Rivers 50/20 Mile Skijor Race
Fairbanks, Alaska

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March 7, 1998

In spite of a three mile detour caused by a missing trail marker, Don Kelly handily won the 5th Annual Fairbanks/Two Rivers 50 mile race, improving his time some three hours over last years efforts. The missing trail marker also caused Rocky Demers to scratch from the 50 mile race; he went on to score a second in the 3-dog twenty mile class behind Steve Barrett who placed first in 1:53:28 behind Kodi, Rocky and Kobuk.

Jeffery Mann posted the fastest 20 mile time of the day, 1:42:35, to win the two dog class behind Cheddar and Marco. Slovenian skijoring champion Frenk Kavka, the race's first international entrant, won the one dog class behind his Siberian Aval, posting a time of 1:57:46.

50 Mile
Place Skier Hometown Dogs Time
1 Don Kelly Goldstream Valley Tazlina/Herman/Katie Mae 5:10:40
2 Jim Herriges Goldstream Valley Nikolai 5:29:56
3 Chris Terzi Ester Blue Eyes/Monkey/Shire 5:31:23
4 Ken Severin Goldstream Valley Larry/Sue/Zipper 5:35:18
5 Shannon Brockman Goldstream Valley Boom/Empire 5:40:52
  Rocky Demers Fairbanks Harper/Mohawk Scratch
  Nakita Russell Rosie Creek TieDown/Jo-Jo/Brownie DQ
20 Mile - 3dog
1 Steve Barrett Fairbanks Kodi/Rocky/Kobuk 1:53:28
2 Rocky Demers Fairbanks Mohawk/Harper/Trouble 1:54:41
3 Alan Peck Goldstream Valley Oopik/Coney/Tookik 2:01:03
4 Rebecca Chandler Fairbanks Homer/ Sage/Thea 2:34:30
20 Mile - 2 dog
1 Jeffery Mann Fairbanks Cheddar/Marco 1:42:35
2 Tonya Schletner Fairbanks Bergman/Champ 1:56:40
3 Maggie Hallam Goldstream Valley Manley/Gulliver 2:01:42
4 Iris Wood Goldstream Valley Ponder/Smokey 2:05:30
5 Michelle Coombs Goldstream Maggie/Badger 2:20:27
6 Fred Markoff Happy Charlotte/Jasmine 2:25:02
7 Ann Wood Goldstream Valley Petrie/Wolfie 2:27:22
8 Jeremy Crooks Fairbanks Luna/Elizabeth 2:27:47
  Kristan Kelley Two Rivers Tank/Nugget DQ
20 Mile - 1 dog
1 Frenk Kavka Ljubljana Slovenia Aval 1:57:46
2 Peggy Raybeck Goldstream Valley Boulie 3:05:29

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