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Great North Woods Sleddog Challenge - 1 Day Fun Run - Final Results
Pittsburg, New Hampshire

March 10, 2019

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Results provided by Jaye Foucher,
North Country Mushers

6 Dog Sprint

Place Name Total Time
6 Dog (16 miles)
1 Kelly Berg 1h 35m 35s
2 Kim Berg 1h 42m 15s
3 Rachel Arnold 1h 50m 58s
4 Scott Alexander 1h 51m 54s
5 Scott Isabelle 1h 54m 8s
6 Ruby Rothenberg 1h 55m 45s
7 Corina Alexander 1h 55m 59s
8 Heather D’Arcy 1h 56m 30s
9 Christina Morin 2h 3m 53s
10 Aislyn Jewett 2h 8m 36s

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