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Carpe Diem - Final Results
Milan, New Hampshire

December 16, 2018

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Results provided by George Cook,
North Country Mushers

8 Dog | 6 Dog | Skijor

Place Name Total Time
8 Dog Class
1 Ed Clifford 30:23:00
2 Christine Richardson 33:16:00
3 Becki Tucker 35:03:00
4 Scott Alexander 36:15:00
5 Kaitlyn Sutherland 38:37:00
6 Rachel Arnold 42:15:00
7 Nova Clifford 46:42:00
8 Joy Cacoulidis 53:27:00
6 Dog Class
1 Kelly McGrath 37:27:00
2 Christina Morin 44:07:00
3 Kate Homan 45:46:00
1 Fran Plaisted 38:03:00
2 Sean DeWolski 41:59:00
3 Any DeWolski 50:43:00

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