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Gin Gin 200
Paxson, Alaska, USA

December 28, 2011

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Results provided by John Schandelmeier,

15 minutes prior to race start, the weather was great; 5 above, cloudy and calm.
 When the flag dropped to signal the mass start of the Women's division, a breeze began to blow.
By the time the first teams reached Paxson Lake, 5 miles along, it was blowing 40.
In spite of very limited visibility, and deepening drifts, teams struggled across on their way to the Denali highway.
Windy sections plagued the entire race, but mushers managed and times were relatively fast.

Paul Gebhardt received the Veterinary award.

Women's | Men's

Women's Division (213 miles)
1 Kristy Berington 39:45:00
2 Emily Thiem 45:25:00
3 Stephanie Ehlenfedlt 46:44:00
4 Kyla Durham 47:06:00
  Christina Roalofs scratched
  Cindy Abbott scratched
  IIana Kingsley scratched
Men's Division (213 miles)
1 Brent Sass 36:15:00
2 Paul Gebhardt 39:55:00
3 Hugh Neff 40:16:00
4 Louie Ambrose 42:17:00
5 Jesse Holmes 42:48:00
6 Brian Wilmhurst 44:33:00
7 Jim Lanier 46:08:00
  Bruce Linton scratched
  Jake Berkowitz scratched
  Matt Giblin scratched
  Trent Herbst scratched
  Simon McLoughlin scratched
  Rob Cooke scratched


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