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Farwell's Far from Nome Sled Dog Event
Farwell, Michigan, USA

February 26-27, 2011

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Results provided by Don Minzey, Mid Union Sled Haulers

Sat temps in the mid 30's.
Sun temps in the mid 30's, w/ 5" of fresh snow.


Adult Sleeping Bag | Junior | Relay Race5 Dog | 7 Dog | 1 Dog

Both sleeping bag races were mass start. Each Participant had to zip themselves in their sleeping bag. The adult class drivers were given a paper that had 2 items every musher should have access to. They needed to take these 2 items AND their sleeping bag with them in their dog bag. Only one handler was allowed per driver, and they had to harness the dogs once told to "GO". Each 3-dog team had to get on the trail as fast as possible, and from there it was up to the dog team.

Place Name
Mass Start, Adult Sleeping Bag start (4 miles)
1 Abby Leatherman
2 Amber Eagling
3 Jill Miller
4 Ken Frizzle
5 Don Minzey
6 Ann Nelson
7 Ted Nelson
8 Jeremy Specht
9 Kari Jepsen
10 Donnetta Franklin

Special race was open to any kid who could handle a sled....regardless of age (our juniors are supposed to be 10-15 years old).

Junior (2.1 miles)
  Sat. Sleeping Bag start Sun. Special Race
1 Anissa Eagling Anissa Eagling
2 Ellen Person Natalie Minzey
3 Natalie Minzey Alex Fritzler
4 Eric Person Sydney Specht
5   Lydia Minzey

Relay Race:
Each team consisted of two 3-dog teams, and one team with up to 5 dogs. Only the 3 drivers from each team were allowed to handle their perspective teams dogs. It too, was a mass start. At the mandatory drivers meeting the drivers were told about the rules and unknowingly told to GO!! It was great! 33 drivers scrambling to get out of this basement of the Lodge where the mtg. was held. Everyone sprinted out to the dog yard to harness the first team. The 1st team ran the 3-dog trail as normal, the 2nd ran it backwards, and the 3rd ran it normal again. Their bib was the baton to be transferred from driver to driver. It was chaos, and SO MUCH FUN!! As you can tell from the video it was a close finish. The winner came across the finish line being held by his own daughter, with 3rd place right behind them. There wasn't one person not smiling.....even the last place team had a grin from all the fun.

Saturday Relay Race (4 miles each) (12 miles total)
Place  Team Name Drivers Drivers Drivers
1 Northern Lights Nightmares Brad Love Stu Stirrett Mike Fortino
2 team AWESOME! Tatom Love Sarah Pratt Jarred Pratt
3 Lightning Leathermans Alden Leatherman Marietta Leatherman Abby Leatherman
4 2 Hotties & a Nottie Curt Tucker Mandy Palmer Gina Fortino
5 Misfits Bob Packard Melanie Packard Jill Miller
6 Sepala Streaks Ted Nelson Ann Nelson Martha Conway
7 Catch us if you can Anissa Eagling Natalie Minzey Amber Eagling
8 Mad Michigan Mushers Jeremy Specht Dave Friend Ken Frizzle
9 team Aspen Jon Franklin Donnetta Franklin Ashley Chandler
10 Snow Bunnies Density Kiel Kari Jepsen JoAnn Jepsen
11 3-Sibes Ed Roth Larry Krot Troy Edick
Place Name Day 1 Day 2 Total Time
5 Dog (12 miles)
1 Stu Stirrett 38:56.00 50:58.16 1:29:54.16
2 Doug Jones 1:02:10.00 1:15:22.56 2:17:32.56
3 Larry Krot 1:25:18.00 1:45:45.45 3:11:03.45
7 Dog (17 miles)
1 Al Fritzler 1:19:35.00 1:31:18.88 2:50:53.88
2 Gary Loebrich 1:28:32.00 1:51:20.09 3:19:52.09
1 Dog (100 yard dash)
1 Lydia Minzey :14.49 :14.97 :29.46
2 Alex Fritzler :14.97 :37.32 :52.29
3 Sydney Specht :15.77 :20.02 :35.79
4 Levi :16.69 :24.00 :40.69
5 Emma :20.88 DNR  
6 Trent Edick :24.81 :35.07 :59.88
7 Tristen Edick :41.45 :17.25 :58.70

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