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Wonalancet Fun Run - In Memory Of Will Cowie
Wonalancet, New Hampshire, USA

February 27, 2011

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Results provided by Corina Alexander

Scott Alexander

The snow conditions were great!
The trail received a foot of fresh snow on Friday, the snow mobile club had it well groomed, and it set up perfectly for the race.
When we started the race there was about 4" of fresh snow that continued to fall through the race, it was a nice light snow.

4-6 Dog | 8 Dog

Place Name Total Time
4-6 Dog (15 miles)
1 Peter Franke 1:30:15
2 Scott Alexander 1:32:34
3 Sue Bain 1:40:41
4 Kat Marcoux 1:41:10
5 Corina Alexander 1:46:50
6 Ali Nixon 2:03:13
7 Marsha Colcord 2:48:06
  Rich Block was not timed
8 Dog (15 miles)
1 Heather Darcy 1:36:59
2 Ingrid Bower 1:57:27

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