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Blue Ridge Dryland Challenge
Damascus, Virginia, USA

January 16, 2011

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Results provided by Marcia Horne,

Snow greets mushers on final Virginia re-enactment of the Alaska Serum Run

Weather: cloudy, no rain.
Trail: Level with snow and some bare dirt trail spots due to melting of snow night before.

This was the first sled dog race in history on snow with snowsleds this far South in the United States.

Distance: 2.2 miles

Place Name Total Time
Junior (shorter distance run)
1 Alex Levy 12:35
1 Dog
1 Kelly Scudder 18:20
2 Dog
1 Will Henry 15:22
2 Sam Akers 18:18
3 Tina Gibson 23:51
4 Dog
1 Alice White 12:38
2 Jeff Blewett 14:30
3 JJ Levy 14:38
4 Rodney Whaley 14:39

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