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Pigeon Lake Sled Dog Race
Mulhurst Bay, Alberta, Canada

March 15-16, 2008

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Results provided Mary Lou Tizzard

Conditions: n/a

Place Name Total Time
Skijoring (4 miles)
1st Detlef Onderka   40:51
2nd Branson Dombroski   67:25
3rd Hans Appleman   67:42
4 Dog (4 miles)
1st Helen Onderka   30:09
2nd Dena Wannamaker   30:53
3rd Caleb Bernadet   31:05
4th Hans Appleman   31:48
5th Rachel Wannamaker   32:14
6th Mallory Krocker   33:43
7th Mark Bernadet   34:25
8th Gabriele Schwanke   37:47
9th Heidi Heinz   40:08
10th Monique Heinz   44:07
11th Cody Lee Cameron   51:06
12th Jamie Slatter   51:41
13th Jesse Byeirs   55:19
14th Cedar maurice   60:50
15th Sheri Dalton   66:06
16th Karla Fehr   DNF/22:50
17th Linda Fair   DNF/42:48
6 Dog (6 miles)
1st Dena Wannamaker   45:39
2nd Mark Bernadet   49:16
3rd Karla Fehr   50:06
4th Rick Wannamaker   56:10
5th Monique Heinz   57:51
6th Rachel Wannamaker   78:43

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