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Great Slave 200
Yellowknife, NT, Canada

December 15-16, 2007

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Results provided by Warren & Kate Palfrey


Due to the storm that raged all day Saturday during the race, it was decided for safety and in consideration of the dogs to finish the race at the North Arm Park.

Special Awards
Furthest away team: Ken Anderson
Best Cared for Team: Warren Palfrey
Sportsmanship Award: Cindy Barrand
Best N.W.T Team: Warren Palfrey
First musher to the 150 mile mark: Warren Palfrey

Dog food sponsored by FirstMate dog food - one palette split among mushers

Special thanks to Dr. Richard Long and his assistant, daughter Elizabeth, for coming up from Edmonton to act as head veterinarian.
Thanks to Race Marshall Danny Beaulieu and our great volunteers and the town of Fort Providence for their welcome and support.

12 Dog (200 miles)
    CP 1 (44 miles) CP 2 (55 miles) Cp 3 (54 miles)
Place Name Start In Out In Out In Out
1 Warren Palfrey 9:04 am 12:43 pm 2:45 pm 8:10 pm 12:10 am 7:43 am  
2 Ken Anderson 9:02 am 1:01 pm 3:05 pm 9:04 pm 1:04 am 9:19 am  
3 Cindy Barrand 9:06 am 1:23 pm 3:23 pm 9:37 pm 1:37 am 10:06 am  
4 Kate Palfrey 9:00 am 1:12 pm 3:18 pm 9:50 pm 1:50 am 10:24 am  

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