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Mush in Mush out 50
Maclaren River Lodge on the Denali Highway, Alaska, USA

December 15, 2007

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Results provided by Sebastian Schnuelle
from Jeffs blog,

Conditions: n/a

As of 7:00pm on Saturday night, the results of the race were as follows:

Place Name Total Time
1 Dave DeCaro 4:38:00
2 Sebastian Schnuelle 4:39:47
3 Jason Reppert 4:45:45
4 Debbie Moderow 4:52:20
5 Mike Santos 4:54:00
6 Rudy Niggemeier 5:19:00
7 Rich Corcoran 5:27:00
8 Laird Crow 6:17:00
9 Dave Treasure 6:24:00
10 Gaetan Pirrad 6:26:00

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