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European Sprint Championship - Skijoring/Pulk Combine
Fusine / Tarvisio ( Italy )

3-4-5 February 2006

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Results provided by Ararad Khatchikian,

Amazing 3 days of great show, wonderful weather and snow conditions

The " Combine " is the combination of two 6Km. races (Pulk and Skijoring) one after the other done by the same skier with the same dog! The change is done in the Race Start and Arrival Area. It is very spectacular indeed because the skiers with their dogs start in a Mass Start.

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Photos provided by Hela Levickova,  and Ararad Khatchikian

Mens Combine mass start
Man Combine
Mass Start
Man Combine Andreas Fossnes (NOR)
Man Combine
Andreas Fossnes (NOR)
Woman Combine Mass Start
Woman Combine
Mass Start

Man Combine Junior | Woman Combine | Man Combine

Place Name Country Total Time
Man Combine Junior
1 Eirik Ofstad Amundsen Norway 31:35
2 Sigbj°rn K. Nµss Norway 31:36
3 Jon Lundholm Sweden 31:39
Woman Combine
1 Sona Klikarova Czech Republic 40:20
2 Agneta Lantto-Forsgren Sweden 41:27
3 Ann-Charlotte Carlsson Sweden 42:02
4 Ann-Karin Huseby Norway 42:45
5 Rikke Murtnes Norway 44:54
6 Solveig K. Aaseby Norway 44:56
7 Randi E. Lutnaes Norway 45:49
8 +sa Nordgren Sweden 45:52
9 Morgane Payen France 48:17
10 Ane Morisbak Skj°nsberg Norway 49:29
  Marianne Krakk Norway N.P.
Man Combine
1 Andreas Fossnes Norway 39:47
2 Timo Silvola Sweden 39:53
3 J°rgen Mµland Norway 39:54
4 Thomas Henriksson Sweden 40:29
5 Magnus Westerlund Sweden 42:05
6 Magnus Sj÷berg Sweden 42:10
7 Thomas Sparr Sweden 42:43
8 Joni Oilinki Finland 44:12
9 Leonid Levinski Russia 44:33
10 Andrey Kanin Russia 47:52
11 Andrey Mikheev Russia 49:03
12 Christian Vontobel Switzerland 51:12
  Yngve Hoel Norway N.P.

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