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The Knik 200-Joe Redington Sr. Memorial Sled Dog Race
Knik, Alaska

January 3, 2004

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Results provided by Ryan Redington for Knik 200

The Knik 200 covers 200 miles and is an Iditarod sanctioned race

Place Name Total Time
1 Ryan Redington 22hrs 25mins
2 Aily Zirkle 22hrs 28mins
3 Ray Redington,Jr. 22hrs 40mins
4 Tyrell Seavy 22hrs 55mins
5 Randy Chappel 22hrs 57mins
6 Jason Mackey 23hrs 56mins
7 William Hanes 24hrs 35mins 16secs
8 Ken Anderson 24hrs 35mins 24secs
9 Kelley Griffin 25hrs 0mins
10 Jerome Longo 25hrs 2mins
11 Aaron Burmeister 25hrs 12mins
12 ReginaWycoff 26hrs 5mins
13 Allen Moore 26hrs 20mins
14 Kent Kaltenbacher 26hrs 29mins
15 Tollef Monson 26hrs 40mins
16 Hugh Neff 26hrs 45mins
17 Noah Burmeister 26hrs 46mins
18 Shannon Brockman 26hrs 50mins
19 Frank Sihler 27hrs 21mins
20 Sue Allen 28hrs 40mins
21 Trine Lyrek 29hrs 11mins
22 Thomas Knolmayer 29hrs 37mins
23 Debbie Moderow 29hrs 40mins
24 Allan Miller 29hrs 50mins
25 Heather Moore 30hrs 5mins
26 Rick Casillo 32hrs 5mins
27 Allen Davis 35hrs 5mins
28 Jeff Davis 35hrs 10mins
29 Tim Forbus 39hrs17mins
30 Mark Conrad 49hrs 0mins
  David Armstrong scratched
  Paul PettyJonn scratched
  Devan Currier scratched
  Judy Merritt scratched
  Adam Beebe scratched
  David Britz scratched

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