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Shell Lake Classic
Ponsford, Minnesota

March 15, 2003

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Results provided by Ed Streeper

Shell Lake Classic 2003Shell Lake Classic 2003

Due to the weather we were only able to go on Saturday and were not able to even get the tandem passenger race in the afternoon. It was a beautiful day in general, but not for mushing the temperature reached 60 degrees. The trail was very slushy.

4 dog - 5 miles; 6 dog - 7 miles, 10 dog - 10 miles  - all mass starts.


1. Kelly Harris
2. Zack Dockter
3. Sean Diamond
4. Dennis Coan
5. Jeff Wells
6. Alexa Duval
7. Ryan Seeger
8. Tom Carlson
9. Jaci Forsberg
10. Larry Oswald


1. Amy Streeper
2. Hernan Maquiera
3. Sean Diamond
4. Ted Wallace
5. Jeff Wells
6. Dean Coan
7. Jason Ludke
8. Vanessa Quinkle
9. Neil Seeger


1. Amy Streeper
2. Steve Peterson
3. Kelly Harris
4. Matt Legal
5. Eric Tessmer

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