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Northern Heritage Run
Brainerd, Minneosta

February 22, 2003

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Results provided by Helen Newman, Northern Heritage Run

We are proud to announce we were able to donate $1,000 to the HART Animal Shelter, and $300 to the Northland Arboretum.

A big THANK YOU to all the competitors that made this possible!!! And to the community for all of their support!!!

Also, a huge THANK YOU to Pam Landers, for all her time and energy in the organizing the event with the community.

Weight Pull | Cani-Cross

Northern Heritage Weight Pull

Weather: sunny and 15 degrees F. Weight pad became sticky towards the end of the pull.

Weight Pull Photos

The top weight pulled was 1,091 pounds!!!
Total entrants - 30 dogs

Regular classes

0 - 60 lbs Wt. Pulled
1. Goose Sibe Mark Pruka 371 lbs
2. Bucca Sam Barb Gage 251 lbs

61 - 80 lbs
1. Buddy Mal John Dean 491 lbs
2. Boomer Sam Pam Landers 491 lbs
3. Coal Bear Mal Kelly Pruka 491 lbs

81 - 100 lbs
1. Skye Mal John Dean 611 lbs (also Top percentage pulled by a veteran)

101 - 120 lbs 
1. Guinness Rottweiler Steve Benediuct 611 lbs
2. Freckles Saint Bernard Kelly Pruka 491 lbs
3. Autumn Saint Bernard Kelly Pruka 371 lbs

120 +
1. Dozer Saint Bernard Tim Hiltz 1091 lbs
2. Timber Mal Rhonda Schrader 1091 lbs (Top percentage pulled)
3. Mugs Saint Bernard Tim Hiltz 851 lbs.


0 - 60 lbs
1. Sky Sam Barb Gage 371
2. Skylark Sam Pam Landers 251
3. McKensie Sam Helen Newman 251
4. Gavin Sam Helen Newman 251

61 - 80 lbs
1. Naoisha Sam Helen Newman 491

Northern Heritage Cani-Cross
The first Cani-Cross in the Midwest!!

There was 6 entrants in the Cani-Cross. All the competitors said they had a wonderful time running with their canine friend and want to know when the next event will happen!! The conditions on the trail was icy in places and we did have a few spills taken but no one was injured and all came across the finish line with smiles on their faces.

The top 3 placement were:
1. Steve Benedict and Guinness
2. Bob Newman and Gavin
3. Rhonda Schrader and Aspen

Cani-Cross photos

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