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Jor of Anchorage
Anchorage, Alaska

February 23, 2002

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Results provided by Kirsten Ballard

The 4th annual Jor of Anchorage was held on February 23, 2002. The 40K racers who started first tried to clear moose from the trail around APU, but they slowed many a racer this day. Partly sunny skies made for beautiful views along the trail from Service High to Kincaid Park. Cool temperatures helped the dogs run smoothly as their skiers skied on hard fast trails that were well marked by the volunteer crew. The overall fastest time for the 40K was 1:36:35 and is credited to Mark Doner in spite of the moose. Fastest overall for the 25K was Kris Rasey at 48:34, who didn’t have any moose troubles.

40 K - 25K

40K – Service to Kincaid
Men’s 1-Dog
1 Mark Doner 1:36:35
2 Jon McCaskey 1:47:49
Women’s 1-Dog
1 Donna Ford 1:43:49
2 Deon Herman 2:01:18
Men’s 2-Dog
1 Don Ford 2:06:07
2 John Amore 2:22:04
Women’s 2-Dog
1 Sue Temple 1:38:27
DNF Char Keehn  


25K – Service to Westchester Lagoon
Men’s 1-Dog
1 Bruce Talbot 49:31
2 Jason Grey 1:07:25
Women’s 1-Dog
1 Kris Rasey 48:34
2 Jennifer Talbot 50:32
3 Lisa Keller 56:08
4 Julie Morse 56:22
Men’s 2-Dog
1 Jeff Denoncour 55:08
2 Michael Grady 57:33
3 Greg Smith 58:09
4 Doug Koch 1:13:40
DNS Darian Atkinson  
Women’s 2-Dog
1 Cathy Faryniarz 1:00:38
2 Carol Montgomery 1:08:11
3 Kiersten Lippman 1:10:53
4 Pam Dunlap-Shohl 1:13:29

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