1999 Gold Rush Trail Sled Dog Race Results
Quesnel, British Columbia

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January 22 thru 24, 1999

Race conditions, weather, camraderie and venues were generally excellent.

Quest Qualifier Division, 200 miles.... continuous..... 14 dog limit

Teams left Quesnel B.C. on Friday evening beginning at 10:00 p.m. The first teams were in to Wells B.C. for a mandatory 2 hour layover by 5:00 a.m. This was a very demanding trail with significant elevation changes. The route had been well cleared and packed but fresh snow with minus 30C temps. at night slowed the teams and caused some ice balling. It became clear that it would be very difficult for the teams to complete the 200 mile route in the allotted time frame....all finishers had to complete the trail by 6:00 p.m. on Sunday. The decision was made not to risk the dog's well-being in any way. It should be noted that all awards were for participating, not for winning.

Craig Houghton Fort St. James B.C. 12 dogs Withdrew at 125 mile point
Peter Voegler Lac La Hache B.C. 12 dogs Withdrew at 125 mile point
John Douglas Fort Fraser B.C. 12 dogs Withdrew at 85 mile point
Jeff Dinsdale Quesnel B.C. 10 dogs Withdrew at 70 mile point

"B" Division, 22 miles per day over two days

This race was a 6- 8 dog class. Race organizers allowed some competitors to start with fewer than 6 dogs with prior permission. This was at the request of some competitors who were anxious to run their small teams over a longer distance. The Gold Rush Trail Sled Dog Race philosophy was to share all awards equally amongst all participants in all race divisions and so prize money for "winning" was not at stake. Some DNF teams took a wrong turn on the first day and did not finish the required course. Other DNF teams were unable to complete the whole trail on the first day due to fatique. All DNF teams from the first day were offered the opportunity to run again on the second day, only one of the DNF teams from day one, Anne Douglas, competed on the second day. What is recorded below, therefore, is the team's best time from either day one or day two......organizers can make decisions like this when all of the awards are for participating rather than for winning.

1 Anne Douglas Fraser Lake B.C. 8 dogs 3:32:04
2 Lisa Martin Quesnel B.C. 6 dogs 3:32:05
3 Jamie Ross 100 Mile House 8 dogs 4:37:17
4 Simon Zurak Williams Lake B.C. 8 dogs 4:39:13
5 George Grieb Germany 8 dogs 4:52:32
6 Lynne Pommer Quesnel, B.C. 7 dogs 5:10:58
7 Darren Ferris Williams Lake B.C. 8 dogs 6:09:50
8 Larry Naciuk Williams Lake B.C. 8 dogs 6:18:26
9 Sylvia Feder Seattle WA 3 dogs 7:48:09
10 Dina Lund Renton WA 5 dogs DNF
11 Denise Linley Farmington B.C. 8 dogs DNF
12 Gayle Cyra Renton WA 4 dogs DNF
13 Marcel Erzinger Lac La Hache B.C 8 dogs DNF
14 Daniel Brown Seattle WA 8 dogs DNF

"C" Division 6 dogs, 6 miles per day....2 day combined times listed below

1 Robyn Clausen Smithers B.C. 45:06
2 Laurie Bryce Prince George B.C. 48:30
3 Glenn Sorenson Quesnel, B.C. 49:35
4 Ron White Hinton, Alberta 52:09
5 Craig Johnson Hinton, Alberta 57:42
6 Mark Miller Prince George B.C. 58:51

"D" Division 4 dogs, 4 miles per day...2 day combined times listed below

1 Robyn Clausen Smithers B.C. 34:45
2 Carol Juba Valemount B.C. 36:37
3 Ron Whyte Hinton, Alberta 42:39
4 Chad Ortloff Hington, Alberta 43:22
5 Michael Naseth Lac La Hache B.C. 49:24
6 Heather Davis Prince George B.C. 51:05
7 Mark Miller Prince George B.C. 1:04:08
8 Shandra Miller Prince Geroge B.C. 1:07:26

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