1997 Rankin Inlet Christmas Race Results

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December 25, 1997

Here are the unofficial results of the 8 dog X-mas race sponsored by the Ranki Inlet Qimmuksiqtiit (dog mushers association).

It was -35 degrees Celsius, light wind, trail was from Rankin Inlet 1/3 over sea ice and 2/3 over the land, return to Rankin, about 25 miles total, kinda soft and rough trail, about 1 mile visibility at 1 p.m and by 2 p.m it was less than 1/4 mile visibility. Race started at 1 p.m. (after church!).

Christmas Race - approx. 25 miles
1st Remi Nokkitok
2nd Robert Tatty
3rd Eric Tatty
4th David Oolyook
5th Paul Kanayuk
6th Matiasie Koraq
7th Paul Pissuk
8th Jim Nuviak
9th Jack Kobvitok
10th Bernard Krako
11th Dyan Gray
12th Tuma Saumiq
DISQ Harry Towtongie - couldn't find checkpoint
DISQ Amarok - couldn't find checkpoint
DISQ John McCloud - couldn't find checkpoint

There was a husky class for this race also, and Jack Kabvitok won the husky class.

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