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Seeley-Lincoln 100/200 Race Results
Seeley Lake - Lincoln, Montana

January 27-28, 2001

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Results provided by Norman Lee, Director/producer/race marshall/janitor

This year's races started on Saturday, January 27.
The race started in downtown Seeley Lake and ran to Holland Lake for a four-hour mandatory campout. The 100-mile race finished at the Seeley Lake community center. No assistance was allowed at the campout.

The 200-mile race was a continuation of the 100-mile race and retraced the 100-mile course to Holland Lake and return.

The Sportsmanship Award went to Chris Adkins, along with a generous supply of dog food supplied by Rowdy and April Ogden.

There was a $5,000 total purse with the winner of the 100 taking home over $1,100.

Many thanks to the all the volunteers. This race could not be run without a dedicated core group and the people they convince that standing around in the cold is really fun. Special thanks to Charlie Ackley and the snowmobilers that marked the trail and Pam Barker, DVM for her work as the veterinarian. Ernie Fortman, Kathy Birdsall, Jack and Sue Novosel for doing the Holland Lake checkpoint.

Run times, including campout, for the 100-mile race

Driver Hours/Minutes
Mark Stamm, WA 12:29
Bob Jones, MT 13:21
Rob Greger, MT 13:23
Nancy Sweeney, MT 13:25
Bill Gallea, MT 13:25
Janet Whitesell, MT 13:33
Chris Adkins, MT 14:01
Charlie Sperry, ID 16:37
Ross Adams, Alberta 17:48
Clint Warnke, MT 18:17
Daniel Vetsch, Alberta 18:25
Margaret Black, WA 19:22
Steve Madsen, WA 26:49

Run times, including campouts, for the 200-mile race

Driver Hours/Minutes
Ross Adams, Alberta 44:43
Clint Warnke, MT 45:28
Daniel Vetsch, Alberta 45:43

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