2000 Millennial Centennial Nome Council 200 Race Results
Nome, Alaska

March 26 & 27, 2000

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Results provided by Libby Riddles
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This year the Nome Council 200 was postponed for the first time in its history due to threats of severe weather, winds and subzero temperatures with wind chills to -70F. Mushers met on Friday at 5:00 p.m. prior to the race start and opted to reschedule the race to noon Sunday the 26th. Saturday dawned calm and sunny with minimal winds in the Topkok - Solomon - Safety blowhole extending through the rest of the weekend.

Trail conditions were hard and fast with no overflow. Congratulations to the following tough drivers and dogteams!



Total Time

1 Nils Hahn 19:09
2 Aaron Burmeister 19:38
3 Jeff Darling (rookie) 20:43
4 Joe Garnie 20:44
5 Kirsten Bey 28:50
  Joran Freeman DNF
  Matt Desalernos Withdrew
  Mike Webber Withdrew

A big thank you to Patricia Rae of Rae's Harness Shop for being our official Race Marshal. Thank you to Mike Owens for offering his snowmachine to the race marshal for her use. Connor Thomas, our NKC checker, race official and trail escort with his partner, Brian Timbers receive our thanks for being there and doing a tough job very well.

Thanks to David Holly for staking a great trail for us!

Pat Hahn, Todd Lovell, and Michael Warren provided wonderful ham support and continuous KNOM coverage kept us updated and prepared for the early Monday morning finish. We are very grateful for their time, talent and efforts. Another big thanks to Nome's own veterinarian, Derreck Leedy for supporting the teams and going to Council to keep our dogteams healthy.

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