2000 Knik 200 Results
Knik, Alaska

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January 1st & 2, 2000

16 mushers started the 2000 Knik 200 Sled Dog Race Jan. 1, 2000 at Knik Lake to Skwentna and return.
The total purse for the race was $5,500.00.

A sportsmanship award was given to Fedor Konukhov of Russia, he received 2 round-trip tickets from Era Aviation.
The sportsmanship award is voted by the mushers.

Finish Postion Driver Hometown Total Time  
1. Morten Fonseca (Denmark/Denali Park) 23hrs.33min.41sec. (R)
2. John Schandelmeier (Paxson, Ak) 25hrs.13min.35sec.  
3. Ray Redington, Jr. (Fairbanks, Ak) 25hrs.21min.00sec. (R)
4. Ryan Redington (Knik, Ak) 25hrs.40min.00sec. (R)
5. Dan Govoni (Houston, Ak) 28hrs.06min.47sec. (R)
6. Billy Kidd (Trapper Creek, Ak) 28hrs.16min.27sec. (R)
7. Blake Freking (Mn./Willow) 30hrs.24min.49sec. (R)
8. Kelley Griffin (Wasilla, Ak.) 33hrs.51min.00sec. (R)
9. Melanie Gould (Talkeetna, Ak) 33hrs.53min.00sec. (R)
10. Dave Tresino (Chugiak, Ak) 42hrs.46min.00sec. (R)
11. Lynda Plettner (Houston, Ak) 50hrs.01min.35sec.  
12. Trisha Kolegar (Houston, Ak) 50hrs.03min.20sec. (R)
13. Tim Olsen (Chugiak, Ak) 50hrs.54min.50sec. (R)
14. Fedor Konukhov (Russia) 50hrs.59min.00sec. (R)
15. Nelson Shughart (Pennsylvania) 55hrs.19min.30sec. (R)
  David Lichtenberg (Wasilla) DQ  

(R)= rookie

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