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 Morphed names
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Susie Rogan

1001 Posts

Posted - 10/21/2011 :  8:06:03 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Okay, just for fun, what names did you carefully pick for your dogs, and what did they morph into?

I'll start:

Sherpa - Chirps
Goose - Little Bug (where did that come from?)
Scout - Schnautze (means 'shut up' in German)
Skunk - Munka Man
Tushai (pr. 'too shy', the name of a local lake) - Touche Pas (pr. 'toosh paw', do not touch in French)

Edited by - Susie Rogan on 10/21/2011 8:06:53 PM


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Posted - 10/21/2011 :  8:34:10 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Jason...Brown Trout (his appearance- he never quite filled out) or Gomer (his personality), or, sung to the tune of Davey Crockett: "Jasey ...Jasey Jumbuck...king of the wild frontier!"

Gyphon...Needle-Nose, Pin-Head (her appearance) or Scamp (her personality)

Meg....Magoo (as in Mr. Magoo, quiet and never moving too fast)

Not really 'morphs' but nick-names.
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Posted - 10/21/2011 :  9:10:56 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Albert: Fuzzbomb
Prince: Mr. Princely
Duchess: Ridiculous (her personality)
Keeper: Peeps
Whiz: Wizbang
Willow: Cranberry (from Willow to Willowbush to Bush, then whenever I greeted her "Hi Bush" inevitably to Cranberry)
Roo: BooBoo
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546 Posts

Posted - 10/22/2011 :  07:07:56 AM  Show Profile  Visit hnewman's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Cooper to Cooper-man and now "the man"
Gavin to "mouthy"--yes he barks a lot
Ruby to Rubster
Whitney to Whit to Princess and at 13 yrs she is called Princess most of time
Callie to Callie-wog to Wog (she is 12 yrs old now)


Prairie Isle
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59 Posts

Posted - 10/22/2011 :  08:40:24 AM  Show Profile  Visit MusherChic's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Ellie: Boo Boo
Jazz: Jazzer
Jacob: Jakey (sometimes I just call him boy. lol)
Salsa: Beaner
Cougar: Lady
Dixie: Diz Dog
Ruby: Scooby
Maggie: Moo Moo
Char: Cha Cha, Baby

Small 'N' Mighty Racing Sled Dogs
Find out what this teen and her dogs are up to @
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Posted - 10/22/2011 :  08:46:04 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Olive to Miss V
Sinatra to Pinny - (don't ask as I don't know why)
Firepit to Miss Pit - has to do with her beauty
Guiness - Ginny
Thor to Thorence - he is the accountant type
Rusty to Russy Russ - again - don't know
Meika to Ickles - (I think we are just losing it)

Ralph Schade
Jenn Gastmeier
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194 Posts

Posted - 10/22/2011 :  09:56:08 AM  Show Profile  Visit Abenakimals's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Oh boy -

Keannu - Puff A Lump, Joy Boy
Laika - Wooster, Woosta Bitch, Laika Woo,
Fiacc (pronounced Fee ak) - Poopy
Takoma - Fuzzy Butt, Dufus
Mackenzie - Kenzie Boo
Naya - Nibbles
Yuki - Bubba, Bubba Yuke
Holley - Monster
Buster - Buster Brown, Buster Brown upside down (b/c he's always laying on his back)
Aspen - Ass pain, pain pain, Aspenator
Faith - Fay Fay, Face
PJ - Big Dummy, Dum Dum
Indy - Indiana
Icee - Icicle
Corky - Dorky
Maximus - Mooshy, Mooshka, Moosh A Moosh, Crackhead, Cracky, Crackimus & Crackapotamus!
Eska - Eskavator
Jetta - J-Lo, Badunkadunk

Lizzy - Lizzy Bit
Becky - Becky Lynn
Homer - Homey

Regina Caldwell
Abenaki Malamutes
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94 Posts

Posted - 10/22/2011 :  10:46:01 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Not many but.
Diesel - to dtard, DD, and dz
Harley - fluffaluffagus
Sequoia - crazy, coy coy
Raven - devil, demon, and pretty much that would imply a dog from satan
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Susie Rogan

1001 Posts

Posted - 10/22/2011 :  1:52:14 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Ha ha! You people are worse than I suspected! I kinda wondered if other people had the same experience of agonizing over picking dog names, only to have them end up with names like 'Wog' 'Dtard' 'Peeps' 'Fuzzy Butt' and 'Pinny'.

Here are a few more:

Honky... Honka Tonk (white dog)
Double Shot... Dub-O
Montego... Teges
Mint... Minty Fresh (sh!t eater)
Felix... Flixy (only Hans calls him that)
Yogi.. the Evil Yogini... Geenie
Sassy... Ta-Tay
Eagle... Ego
Jinx... Jinxa Pup
Big Girl... Biggie.. Little Big

Edited by - Susie Rogan on 10/22/2011 1:56:13 PM
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Posted - 10/22/2011 :  4:05:46 PM  Show Profile  Visit Cac's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Chipmunk-Chipper, Chip or Chippy Dippy (my brother calls her that)

A musher pursuing her dreams of owning her own with sled dog kennel and running the Iditarod!
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830 Posts

Posted - 10/22/2011 :  5:20:23 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Just-in-case: Justie, Bozo, dumb-s@#t!

Butt-head: Butskey

Wiggles: Wiggie

Bimbi: Bimbo-brains

Sally J. Dawson and the Mushing'dales
N1BCF; "RED HAT" Musher
Live each day as if it is your last
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401 Posts

Posted - 10/22/2011 :  6:20:48 PM  Show Profile  Visit Gail's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Noah - Snoah (when he's covered in snow), Furball
Lightning - frightning Lightning (just cause it rhymes), though he is very vocal and growly
Thunder - Thundie, ThunderDunder, Thunderhead, Stinky (when he rolls in something), Thunderpants, Smiley, Goofball
Flash - Flashy, Flashy McTashy
Rain - Rainy Girl, Baby Girl, Miss Rain, Little Miss Rain
Storm - Stormy Boy, Mister Storm, used to also call him Fluffybutt when he had a very fluffy puppy coat
Flurry - Flur, FlurryBurry
Dru - DruDru, baby Dru, Druie-Pooie
Blaze - Crazy Blazey, Stinky-face Pup

If your dog thinks you're the best, don't seek a second opinion.


Edited by - Gail on 10/22/2011 8:57:58 PM
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869 Posts

Posted - 10/22/2011 :  7:48:50 PM  Show Profile  Visit swanny's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Seamus = Shameless - 'cause he is.

A good dog is so much a nobler beast than an indifferent man that one sometimes gladly exchanges the society of one for that of the other. William Francis Butler
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Posted - 10/23/2011 :  07:25:46 AM  Show Profile  Visit Elizrankin's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Dubs to Mr. Bear ( ulta Cuddily)
Ellie to Belly ( super submissive)
Munchkin to Town (she is big girl)
Carmine to Dodo ( he does silly things)
Suzie to Pants ( as in She wears the pants)
Henry to HENary
Eli to Guy (such a nice guy)
Deklyn to Mr.Lyn

Elizabeth Rankin
Ta Dog Kennel
"It may take a little courage but everything worthwhile usually does."
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211 Posts

Posted - 10/23/2011 :  07:42:35 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Franconia Notch: Frankie, Spanky
Tenas Y.T. Kootchman: Tenny, Number Ten, Aunt Stinky
Baboosic Brown: Baboo, Boo-Boo, Bamboozler
Hawkeye LaRoo: The Hawk Guy
Dozer: He came with the name, but to make him feel special, I call him Men-DOH-za! He loves it.
Sandee (pit rescue): Gargoyle Girl, Gargirl (She's much cuter than the nicknames imply.)


"There are some simple truths...and the dogs know what they are." Joseph Duemer
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Dennis Waite

153 Posts

Posted - 10/24/2011 :  07:22:01 AM  Show Profile  Visit Dennis Waite's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Shuyak - Footsack, Obe-to-no-Be (this dog had one undecended testicle and after neutering this morph occured; "one ball to no ball")
Zeus - Zu-Zu
Denali - Ollie
Mollie - Bollie Girl
Joe - Joboy
Zurich - Zurk

Other morphs are not to be repeated in polite company!

Dennis Waite
Phoenix Consultation

Edited by - Dennis Waite on 10/24/2011 07:25:01 AM
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