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Will you take the time to help a new musher?

Someone probably helped you along in your early development as a musher
...actually probably several someone's along the way.  Here's your opportunity to help another new musher learn the ropes.

The Internet offers a unique opportunity to work with a new musher
through e-mail correspondence on your schedule, at your convenience.  The more traditional methods of mentoring by phone or in person are also an option if you're comfortable with that.

If you are an experienced musher who would like to share what you've learned, you're in the right place!

Only the type of mentoring you choose to do will be included in your listing
If you only wish to mentor by e-mail, only your e-mail address will be included in your listing, along with your hometown (if you grant permission in the form) and your experience summary.

Feel free to include your suggestions for improving the SDC Mentor Program in the Suggestions Section at the bottom of the form.

Thanks for your help!
The best way to grow our sport is by helping individuals find good information and learn what to expect from the mushing life we all love.

Note: this form is only for mushers volunteering as mentors.
If you are looking for a mentor, please start at the Beginners Page.

Contact Information

Required fields are listed in red.

First Name:
Last Name:
Postal Code:
E-mail Address:

The following information will be included in your Mentor Listing.  How much of your contact information is included will be determined by which mentoring option you select from the following list.

I am willing to mentor new mushers by the following method:
[Check all that apply. ]

May we include your hometown on the Mentor List?

I am primarily interested in mentoring in the following mushing discipline(s): [Check all that apply.]

In order to help beginning mushers select an appropriate mentor, we would like to include a brief one or two line summary of your experience.   Please include number of years mushing, your main area of interest and the breed(s) you work with.

Example: I have 10 years experience in sprint racing, primarily in 6 and 10 dog classes with Alaskan Huskies.

Suggestions or ideas on how the Mentor Program can best serve new mushers.


When you have completed this form, press the Submitt button.
please press the "Submit" button only once!

You will receive a confirmation of the information you have provided in a couple of moments in your email.