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Ⓒ Branden Griffis #YQ2020
Ⓒ Branden Griffis #YQ2020 - Whitehorse, YT, Canada
The Yukon Quest Finish Line is in Sight for Reigning Champ Brent Sass

BARRING CATASTROPHE, Brent Sass will repeat as champion in this year’s Yukon Quest International Sled Dog Race, making this his second Quest win in-a-row.

The mushing legend struck out from Braeburn at 10:37 AKST last night and hasn’t looked back. At the time of this update, Sass is less than eleven miles from the finish line in Whitehorse (via the Quest’s unofficial live tracker). Michelle Phillips is a little over twenty miles behind him and will almost certainly finish in second place.

This year’s trail, portions of which have featured blowing snow and plenty of precipitation, has proved challenging for the sport’s top mushers. However, race officials noted a late snowfall between Braeburn and Whitehorse hasn’t slowed Sass or Phillips much.

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