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Season Finale 50 Mile Sled Dog Race Results
Season Finale 50 Mile Sled Dog Race Results - Fairbanks, Alaska
Larson takes lead in final stretch of season finale 50-mile race

Greg Larson of Napaskiak drove his 8-dog team to victory this Saturday, winning first place by 8 seconds over Akiak musher Mike Williams Jr. Larson, driving his Larson Kennel Team, finished with an elapsed time of 5 hours 10 mins and 34 seconds.

Williams was in the front coming out of the Gweek and reports on the trail said he had a substantial lead. Larson steadily gained on Williams and passed him in Straight Slough. Both mushers were kicking hard and for a while their teams were running side by side. It was a clean smooth pass.

Race fans at the finish were cheering on the two mushers. It was an exciting finish.

“I haven’t raced that hard in a long time,” said race champion Larson at the finish line. The two friends snacked their dogs and posed for photos after the race.

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