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Danny Beck
Danny Beck's dogs run down 4th Avenue. Twenty-six mushers began three days of racing in Fur Rendezvous Open World Championship Sled Dog Race in Anchorage on Friday, February 28, 2020. (Marc Lester / ADN) - Anchorage, Alaska
Flying slobber and snow as Rondy World Championship sprint mushers hit Anchorage streets

A seven-time champion finished at the front of the pack and a pair of four-time champions finished near the back of the pack Friday on the first day of the Fur Rendezvous Open World Championship sled dog race.

Buddy Streeper, who is chasing his eighth victory in the historic sprint race, forged a lead of more than two minutes on the 25-mile dash across Anchorage.

Driving a team of 18 huskies, Streeper made the trip from 4th Avenue to Bicentennial Park and back again in 1 hour, 26 minutes, 18 seconds.

Amy Dunlap of Salcha had the second fastest time (1:28:27) and Kourosh Partow of Chugiak was the third fastest (1:29:22).

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