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PAYOUT FOR THE 2020 PEDIGREE STAGE STOP RACE January 31 – February 8, 2020
PAYOUT FOR THE 2020 PEDIGREE STAGE STOP RACE January 31 – February 8, 2020 - Jackson, Wyoming
January 31 - February 8, 2020.

Mushers earn money for top ten daily placements, overall finishing position, as well as a share of the $80,000 available through participation in the Musher Support Program offered by the title sponsor.


by Tom Coombe
by Tom Coombe - Ely, MNMild temperatures made for near-perfect conditions for spectators and did little to slow down the dogs at last weekend’s WolfTrack Classic.

The 12th running of the sled dog race was a hit - with hundreds of people turning out for Sunday’s races held under sunny skies and near 40-degree conditions.

While some dogs cooled down by rolling in the snow at the finish area near Ely’s softball complex, they set a blazing pace on the course with a team led by Michael Bestgen claiming the eight-dog, 50-mile race with a time of four hours, 36 minutes, 26 seconds.

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Examples of Phishing Links on Facebook, watch out especially for ones that end in *.xyz
Examples of Phishing Links on Facebook, watch out especially for ones that end in *.xyz - Sled Dog Central Facebook
ATTN: Phishing Links Appearing in Comments on Facebook

This is a warning to all users of Sled Dog Central and our Facebook Page concerning the phishing links that have been appearing recently.

We have been receiving an large amount of phishing links appearing in the comments section of our posts on Facebook that falsely link to live streaming races.

As soon as we see these links we are taking them down and reporting them to Facebook and wanted to warn everyone just in case you see one of these links in the comments we have not gotten to yet, and warn you to not click on these links.

Usually the links are in the format of the picture that we have attached with this story. The format of these posts follow similar patterns with the title of the live stream first with two links posted afterwards and details of the race. Especially look out for websites that end with xyz, using the phishing website in the picture linked.

We would recommend not clicking on any non-official links that are not placed through the Sled Dog Central facebook account, unless they have been verified. The Sled Dog Central page and Facebook will create a story for races coming up, or if there are any live events in Sled Dog Racing. If there are any events that you would like to share with us and on Facebook, please use our official Race Submission Form at:

Thank you very much, I hope everyone is having a nice day today!

Travis @ Sled Dog Central

From GoFundMe Page
From GoFundMe Page - Poland Spring, MaineLet's get Togo the recognition he deserves!

The town of Poland Spring, Maine, has initiated a GoFundMe campaign to erect a bronze statue of Togo. Poland Spring is the town where Togo spent his final years contributing to the sled dog gene pool.

Poland Spring, Maine is where he retired and passed at 16 years old! So it's only right to honor him and his spirit there! Togo retired in Poland Spring, Maine, where he was euthanized on December 5, 1929 at 16 years old. The headline in The New York Sun Times the next day was "Dog Hero Rides to...
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