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2015-2016 Russia Race Calendar

Please confirm all details with the race giving organization.

X International North Hope Stage Sled Dog Race 2016

Type Russia Skijoring Schedule Russia Stage Schedule
Date February 20-26, 2016
Race X International North Hope Stage Sled Dog Race 2016 for the benefit of children (in the memory of Terry Hinesly)
Location Neya, Kostroma region, Russia
Organizers North Hope Sled Dog Center
Contact Anna Odintsova
Phone +79038816443
Skijor 1-dog class (170km); 2-dog class (170km); 2-dog class (350km)
Stage 8-10 dog class (350km); 6-8 dog class (350km); 8-dog class (170km); 6-dog class (170km)
Other 2-dog pulka (350km)
Notes The race is a part of the Sled Dogs Helping Children project.

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